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Pointer for Polar Alignment
Toby Young (Warsaw, PL)
Polarscope adds more flexibility

MSMs polarscope is a very nice addition to my portable grab-and-go astrophotography collection. Finally, a chance to experiment with a longer lens! Do a quick alignment with the lazer, and then tune that alignment with the polarscope. With care and patience, it is very quick to polar align and start capturing light. My first light test on Sadr in Cygnus with one minute subs at 135mm show no sign of trailing. (Bortle 4, Nikon d5500, Samyang 135mm, 64 lights and 24 darks, stacked in Siril). Very happy with the results from the addition of MSMs polarscope. Using the universal bracket for lazer and polarscope also makes things tidy, lightweight, and easy to setup.

Pointer for Polar Alignment
Lee Zheng (Lowell, US)

Love the laser pointer and the brackets. Fit perfectly. It gets the alignment done in seconds. I could track 2 min exposure with my 50mm lens and get pinpoint stars. Highly recommend it!

ฺBest value for money for a star tracker.

MSM is a lightweight star tracker for travel and is easy to use.

Pointer for Polar Alignment
Rafa (Portland, US)
Polar scope laser

I still have the first version of the laser and got this one as it is adjustable. The laser seems well made but I still need to play with it a bit more as I’m getting 2 different alignments using the same bracket between version 1 and version 2.

Star Focus Filter - New Release
Martin Brennan (Redditch, GB)
Star Focus Filter - looks the business!

This looks so much better than those 3d printed options available on "the bay". The finer lines should (hopefully) help to get a more precise focus. Can't wait to test this on a W/A lens - just need some clear nights.

Wedge for precise polar alignment
Martin Brennan (Redditch, GB)
polar alignment wedge

solid, steady wedge, fitted to existing tripod without need for any additional bits. really nice bit of kit!

Great camera accessory - I love it!

Does exactly what it claims, and my setup was really easy. The tripod makes a huge difference to my photography. I definitely recommend this tripod and attachments. Fabulous.

ZV mounts

Ordered them both and they both are very good guality products. Use them with msm startracker to level camera.

Nice first telescope

A solid construction and a great first telescope to start astronomy. Easy to set up and offering a nice image.
If it would have been delivered with a bag to transport it, it would have got 5 stars.


I just experienced my first night shooting trip with the Move shoot move tracker and had been amazed by the device considering the light weight of it. Very easy to setup and handle. I would recommend it 100% especially for those who want to reduce backpack weight content.

Great product for Milky Way

Great product for Milky Way. I would buy again.

MSM lens warmer

Awesome product. A must have for astrophotography.

Polar Scope and Accessories
Terry Robinson (Adelaide, AU)
cloudy skies

havent seen a blue or black sky since i purchased the polarscope, its our winter here in south australia at the moment. this year i thought id get into astro alittle more seriously and why i bought the MSM tracker. cant wait for the weather to clear in the coming month or so to get out and get some great shots. thanks, terry

Excellent product

MSM is so convenient. Easy to use and to carry. So happy with my purchase. I also use z platform.

Nikon Z5 Samyang 14mm
sky: 4*180", f:2.8, ISO:2500
foreground: 1*420, f:2.8, ISO:800


This msm is awesome thank you

Feedback on rotator

Pretty lightweight rotator to carry around while hiking. If you get it, you have to get the z platform - just makes your photo framing much easier.

Hab es noch nicht ausprobieren können

Funktioniert im Versuch aber ich hatte noch keine Zeit es in Natura auszutesten

Quick Polar Finder (iOptron Skyguider Pro/Skywatcher Star Adventurer/Skywatcher Star Adventurer2i )

Good results if used properly

I have had good results since the first photo. But it's not the case for other users as I read in MSM group in Facebook. I think the key is being conscious that it's a very portable tracker but also the less powerful one so you have to ensure everything is inside range of operation: wide focal, no torque because of long lenses or accessories, keep weight as low as possible, avoid strong wind, carefully align using the laser pointer, and do not exposure during excessive time (avoid accumulating tracking error).

V Mount Plate as a ballhead replacement

I use it as a base for my MSM Rotator to keep it small an travel friendly. Works like a charm for LASER alignment polaris since the two axis are seperated. Very sturdy. I just need to mount the msm in standing position or upside down (controls facing down towards the ground) if I mount it on the back because the V Mount screw is blocked by the rotator to turn freely if I mount it on the back.
Still no biggie. Great work and very high quality.

Pointer for Polar Alignment
José Antonio Loras García (Zaragoza, ES)
Es una reposición por rotura del rpimero

El primero que compré estaba roto por lo que me puse en contacto con MSM y rápidamente me repusieron por uno nuevo que va perfectamente.

MSM system

This system is very reliable, very lightweight, and easy to set up and using.
Will be recommend to buy this system with my friends.

Small good thing

After a few months of waiting for a good sky, I tried my MSM yesterday. I didn't expect miracles at that price. But I was damn surprised and definitely satisfied. Good work.

3-Way Pan Tilt Head and Tripods
Moshe Cohen (Tel Aviv, IL)
Very good

I use it to create Startrail image
It very stable

If I can Master This tracker, Anyone Can

I am a 71yo man who has been bitten hard by the atrophotography bug in the past 2 years. Unfortunately I live in a Bortle 7 subburb. That menas if I want to do any sort of serious astrophotography, I have to be willing to travle. That is where the Move-Shoot-Move System comes in. I use a combination of my Canon Eos T7i and a 18-250 zoom lens , my Askar FMA180 lens or my Astrotech AT60ED, all of which works wondefully with my MSM tracker. I have the entire MSM system and use various components on various shoots. It all fits well in a Pelican 1510 carryon that I can fly with or toss in the back of the pickup to go to a dark sky spot nearer to my home. Set up is a breeze and the quality of the build is outstanding. It is hands down the best tracker for the money and size consideration.