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Multiple Uses Z/V Platform

Very good quality, strong and tight, can hold a relatively heavy camera and lens. I really liked it. And also great delivery time!

Z Mount for night photography

I use the Z mount on a sky tracker for night photography. It is important to keep the camera and lens centre balanced and the ability to rotate the mount solves that issue (a ball head can't do that). I was surprised at how small and light the Z mount is but it is rock solid and performs extremely well.

Wedge for precise polar alignment
Juan Antonio Rebollo (Lázaro Cárdenas, MX)
Hiking mate

I am glad to get a new mate for hiking, at last I can mix my 2 passions. So portable for timelapses and MW pics.


I have only had the chance to try it out to make sure it works. So far so good now all I need is an opportunity to shoot some night sky. There is a lot of inspiration in the group. There are some great images with the set up used being posted to help us newbies.

Startracker and z wedge

+ compact and easy to use, easy allignment with laser pointer.
- I attached a arca swiss plate on the bottom side, which tends to get loose

Good small tracker but the pointer could be more precise

Didn’t have that much time to try the tracker but I found it a bit hit and miss to use the pointer to star align. I have to admit that the process of pointing at the North Star is so much more fun than using a polar scope, especially that I have some strong public light in my garden that makes it nearly impossible to use a polar scope.
I like the fact that I can take it in my bag for any trip and it does not make space, I would love to see a version where I can easily use my 100:400mm.

it's very light and of good quality after using 2 months.

Lens heater

Looking forward to using this winter milkyway season!

Multiple Uses Z/V Platform, designed with Professional Photographer Alyn Wallace

Very Sturdy Products

If someone showed me an MSM V or Z platform, I would have to assume it cost a lot because it is so well machined. But it does not cost much at all.


Great product

Alyn Wallace Z Platform

Solid and well built with great adjustability. Reasonably priced and better quality than other manufacturer's offerings of similar design.


Muy buena herramienta para fotografos nocturnos

Very Impressed so Far!

I've been using the MSM with the Laser Alignment for about 2 months now and all I can say is wow! This little device is a must have for astrophotography! I've taken it out on multiple occasions and no longer have to struggle with technical rules or the stacking post-processing technique. It's extremely easy to set up, there are plenty of tutorials out there, and the community is welcoming and willing to assist. Definitely glad I purchased and I cannot wait to see what other incredible add-ons MSM comes out with!

Sample photo is compressed, but was taken in Teton National Forest. Sky Photo is ISO 1000, f/4.5, 240 seconds using RF 50mm .

Aún no lo he usado haciendo fotos, pero lo he probado solo con la cámara y este parece que va bien

Very happy to buy this

I was searching for something that is travel friendly and also be able to track night skies perfectly with no issues. This does for me and its very easy to set up and operate. Does the job. Thank you MSM.

Powerful for mobility and wide angle

My photography gear has been always small, light yet powerful with height quality results. The MSM completed it. The results are stunning with very small and light rotator which gives me the flexibility and portability I exactly need. Highly recommended for hicker nightscapers.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Does exactly what it says on the tin without complication. At my latitude star trackers can be tricky, but the z-mount makes life so much easier.

Great Addition!

I was feeling quite frustrated using a couple of ball heads to get my camera aimed at the right part of the sky. I came across the Z/V platform and thought I’d give it a shot for $50 (Cdn). It has made my life at night so much easier. The construction is as good as they claim and when you tighten up the screws, they stay tightened. It is easy to set the angle you need, even in the dark. The levels work well and are well balanced. I can’t recommend the Z/V platform highly enough - it is money very well spent.

Z Platform

Solid and versatile. However I think I will get a Benro gear head for more precision.

Head Torches with red light for Astrophotography/Red LED Headlamp

Pocket sized perfection

Having had a couple of months using my MSM now, I can safely say it's great. I'm sure there are limitations if you want to use heavy kit or go for very deep space objects. But for regular wide angle astro stuff it's ideal. Simple to set up, easy to carry in your bag. Highly recommended

Multiple Uses Z/V Platform, designed with Professional Photographer Alyn Wallace

Phone Mount Works Very Well

Phone Mount is very easy and quickly to set up, which I then aligned using Polar Scope Align Pro app. Tracking 30 seconds images to stack at 20mm becomes very easy.

Great device but need more instructions

I tried this out for the first time this week. Once I had worked everything out, it was a cinch to use. However there are a few things that are tricky to get to grips with/ First of all, the setup. I had to watch a number of videos by others to work out how to combine everything on a tripod, and I still didn’t get it quite right. There are a number of ways that can be used and it would be helpful to have better descriptions and photos on the website. Secondly, it wasn’t immediately obvious what all the option are that can light up on the device - again I had to watch another photographer’s video to work out that I didn’t need the various functions. Is there a manual somewhere? I look forward to a second try with it in a few weeks.