Behind the scenes, we are a team of the enthusiastic astrophotographers.

This led to the birth of the MSM Rotator, which we internally tested with many friends in the astrophotography community. Now, it's time to share it with the world.

We would love to be your friends. If you have any ideas, please tell us. We would love to help and share our insight on photography.

Let's share the joy.

One more thing: 

Now, more users are asking what's the relationship between Move Shoot Move, SiFo, Gauda is?

As a startup company, we made a mistake in our branding, Let's explain it here:


Move Shoot Move is the manufacturer of the SiFo and Gauda Rotator.

Move Shoot Move comes from the mechanism of our Rotator's working manner for timelapse. We wanted to make it straightforward to understand, so we named our company 'Move Shoot Move'

SiFo (April 2017 - August 2019)

This is the original brand we used from the first unit of our release. But we later realized there was a patent risk in using it as our brand.

Gauda (Starts from August 2019)

This is our new brand from August 2019. After we were exposed to patent risk, we registered this new brand. From now on, we will be branding under Gauda.
Move Shoot Move (from December 2019)
In order to avoid confusion to our users,  we chose to use our domain name as our final brand.

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