Standing with Our Community

Hi Friends, 

John is here, I wish you all and your family stays well and healthy!

The year 2020 is an unusual year for our world. COVID-19 has put our world in such an uncertain situation. 

After discussing with boss, we decide to do something for our community from March.2020. 

Then we reach out to our ambassador team for help, we want to donate some mask to the frontline warriors. They need PPE urgently. 

  • Thanks to Mr. Alyn Wallacewith his great help, we could make this donation happen.
200pcs 3M facemasks, Donation to Royal Glamorgan Hospital, Wales, UK

  • We also thank you our Ambassador Beth Ruggiero, She is so kind to help us find the local hospital who need face mask. Thank you Beth, we owe you. 
1000pcs facemasks, Donation to Wilson Medical Center, Kansas, US
move shoot move donation Covid-19Stand with our community


 Check the original post here

  • Our Next Move, In the following months, we will keep working closely with our users to support our community, do hope our world resume to normal soon. 
  • Looking forward to the next travel✈!! We human will win, definitely!🎉

If you need any help from us, please don't hesitate to contact us at

We fight together, side by side!

John Chen

❤Move Shoot Move Team

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