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We proudly introduce our team of international Ambassadors, composed of the most notable imaging professionals, who inspire our community to Imagine More.


Name: Alyn Wallace (in Memoriam)
Country: United Kingdom     

Alyn Wallace is an astro, landscape, and timelapse photographer based near the Brecon Beacons National Park in South Wales.

"I'm often found enjoying the incredible views atop the Welsh mountains and my photography aims to capture the landscape looking its most scenic and stunning. I'm fortunate to live in the country with the highest percentage area of its land protected against light pollution and I'll jump on any opportunity to enjoy a night under the stars."

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Royce Bair's review on Move Shoot Move Star Tracker

Name: Royce Bair
Country: United States

Royce Bair has been a professional magazine and illustrative advertising photographer for three decades. He also finds satisfaction helping other photographers achieve their vision through his writings, international lectures, and workshops. Royce was one the early innovators to focus on a new style of night photography some call “nightscapes,” or starry night skies with a foreground landscape feature. His unique astro-landscapes have received worldwide syndication through The Huffington Post, and he is the author of the book, “Milky Way NightScapes.”



Name:  Alex McGregor
Country: United States

Alex is an astrophotographer and time-lapse artist based out of Breckenridge, Colorado. He found photography in high school and started working for the local newspaper at the age of 16. He loves being outdoors, skiing, backpacking... etc.

 "My favorite thing about the MSM rotator is how portable it is. Now I never have to wonder 'do I bring my tracker with me?' This thing is a must have for every night time adventure" - Alex
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Name:  Richard Tatti

Country: Australia 

Richard Tatti is an astro landscape photographer based in Victoria Australia. He loves to bring the beauty and majesty of the night sky to life while at the same time shooting captivating foreground subjects to tell a unique story under the stars. Richard's Youtube channel - "Nightscape Images" is a unique blend of adventures under the stars, tutorial videos and motivational content designed to help others enjoy that wonderful experience out there while taking images of the night sky and landscape.
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Peter Zelinka

Name: Peter Zelinka
Country: United States

Peter Zelinka is a nomadic nature photographer originally from Northeast Ohio. As an avid hiker and backpacker, Peter spent most his free time exploring the forests of Ohio and Western Pennsylvania.  After spending countless hours hiking with a point-and-shoot camera, Peter eventually became more interested in photography. In June 2014 he purchased his first DSLR - a Nikon D7100. He spent the next few years practicing macro, wildlife, astro, and long exposure photography. 

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Name: Hudson Henry
Country: United States

Hudson’s passion for creating dramatic still and motion imagery is infectious. In addition to his adventure, travel and expedition field work, a growing list of commercial clients rely on Hudson’s unique ability to produce stunning, ultra-high-resolution work in the most demanding of locations and conditions. Panoramic merger composites, 360 degree images, and time-lapse video are all long-time technical specialties. Underwater photography and video work are Hudson's most recent endeavors.

Hudson is also a teacher and a people person. He spends a great deal of time writing articles, producing teaching videos and designing training programs to help fellow visual artists not just increase their technical skills shooting and editing, but also to develop their own distinct creative vision. Hudson finds this time coaching other photographers incredibly rewarding.

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Name: Florian Krammel
Country: Germany

For almost 20 years, Florian does mountaineering in combination with the highest level of photography, Astrophotography. There is no mountain or region that’s to high to reach for him. As a technician he always looks for high build quality with his gear and also is very critical when it comes to function and testing.

"I`m a Welness-Photographer, because working underneath that beautiful and breathtaking tent of stars gives me my personal wellness. In my opinion, every human being would have to stay a few hours at a dark place in a clear sky night…that would change the world a lot. I want to thank you the MSM Rotator Team to provide us this good and extreme lightweight tool to capture extrem long exposures and creating stunning pictures!"


Deep Sky Astrophotography_Steven
Name: Steven Barnes
Country: United States
A computer professional and amateur nature photographer who uses his technical skills in the pursuit of art. He embraces the challenges of taking technologies to the extremes of both macro and astro photography. The MSM Rotator allows him to capture deep space objects from his own rural backyard.
Name: Glen Tillyard
Country: Leicestershire. UK

After 30 years as a professional press photographer and college tutor, Glen set up running Digital Photography Courses in 2010. Initially this was just beginner’s courses but this grew organically to a range of over 30 course aimed at all levels from the complete novice to professional photographers.

Glen has always been interested in the stars and astronomy but tended to stick with Milky Way landscapes until purchasing the MSM last year. The extra detail available from the longer exposures prompted a new range of Astrophotography Courses being run over Zoom due to the pandemic. His passion is showing students how to get the best results with amateur equipment.

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 Beth Review
Name: Beth Ruggiero- York
Country: United States

I’m Beth Ruggiero York and am passionate about photography.
I love teaching other photographers how to use today’s advanced cameras to photograph both day and night, as well as experiencing the quiet beauty of night photography in the field. Through my workshops, books, seminars, and one-on-one custom instruction, I can guide you through this learning process.

I have written three books: Fun in the Dark: A Guide to Successful Night Photography, Flying Alone: A Memoir, and co-written a third: Everglades National Park: A Photographic Destination. .
david maimó move shoot move ambassador
Name: David Maimó 
Country: Spain
"David Maimó is a nightscape photographer based in Mallorca. In his photographs, David tries to show the night photography differently. He is a Skylum, Olympus and Vanguard ambassador and teaches night photography courses, sharing his knowledge and passion for photography."
Name: Andy Mathys
Country: Switzerland

For me photography is a hobby and a passion that brings me closer to the nature and its miracles. By taking photos, I've seen places I probably wouldn't have seen otherwise, for which I'm very grateful.

Photographing the Milky Way has always fascinated me.

Photographing and editing the Milky Way fascinated me so much that I wrote an online course (in German) about it.

Since you never stop learning, I always try to improve myself. 

With my photos I try to show my point of view. I want to show, how I perceived the place with all my senses, not just with my eyes. That's what my photography is about for me. I want to show the viewer how a place felt to me! 
Move Shoot Move Ambassador
Name: John Nardacci
Country: United States     

Hi, My name is John Nardacci. I am an US Photographer and Graphic Designer based out of Western Massachusetts. I love being outdoors exploring, hiking, rollerblading, and of course shooting and my favorite subject, the night sky. I have been shooting nightscapes for about four years now and seeing the Milky Way in the back of the camera while out shooting never gets old! 

Name: Mauro Cirigliano

Country: Italy
Mauro is a professional landscape photographer. Born in Naples, Italy, Nature has become his greatest source of inspiration, so much so as to increase the desire to represent it and share it through his eyes.

“What excites me most is night photography. I love to represent the beauty of our planet with that of the universe through "astro-landscape" shots.

Move Shoot Move Review from Australia
Name: Ari Rex
Country: Australia
Ari Rex is an award-winning photographer based in Canberra. He has received both international and national recognition and was recently awarded 1st place at the prestigious IPA 2019 (International Photography Awards) in the Professional Astrophotography category. Ari is driven by perfection. His broad technical knowledge has allowed him to work in many fields of photography. For Ari, there is nothing as magical as when the camera captures the full splendour of the Milky Way arching over the horizon. It is a skill that he loves to share through specialist courses for those keen to perfect their own experience of capturing the stars. Ari holds an Advanced Diploma of Photography from CIT, Canberra. He is also an accredited member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP).


Matthew Cooper review
Name: Matthew Cooper
Country: United States
I'm a landscape and theme park photographer based out of Atlanta, GA. I love shooting the night sky in the Smoky Mountains, my absolute favorite spot on earth. I enjoy learning new things and pushing myself to be better each and every year.
Move Shoot Move GAUDA Ambassadors Team
Name: Taochy Gilles
Country: France       
Je suis un homme passionné par la photographie depuis 10ans et par mon île. 
Au fil des années j'ai pu approfondir mes connaissances et améliorer la qualité des mes photographies.
Ainsi j'essaie de vous faire découvrir de quelle façon je la vois à travers mes images et partager avec vous les émotions qui en ressortent. J'affectionne particulièrement les couchers de soleil en bord de mer.
Name: Pedro Mtz - Arte Nocturno
Country: Spain
I research and teach new methods for processing astrophotographs from a single editing program. I have also developed an extension software for Photoshop: Art Panel, to streamline the workflow as well as give more power to objects in the night sky.
Gauda Rotator Review
Name: Abián San Gil
Country: Spain

Abián San Gil is a professional full-time landscape photographer based in Canary Islands (Spain).

He loves exploring the islands where he was born to capture their beauty. Traveling and being in the mountains is his passion.

Through his lens, you will be able to know the incredible landscapes, both day and night, that he has visited.


Name: Javier Martinez Moran
Country: Spain

Javier is a profesional  landscape and astro photographer based in Madrid, Spain.

"Night photography offers me the ability to see what can´t be seen with the naked eye. I am  always looking to improve and learn new techniques."
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move shoot move Rotator review from Turkey

Name: Okan Bozat
Country: Turkey   

Okan Bozat is a landscape astrophotographer who was born and raised in a city called Muğla, in Turkey. He has studied Architecture at the Izmir University of Economics, pursues architecture as his career. After he graduates from university, his passion for photography, mostly in astrophotography, put him into another path as well. His deep interest in nature, night skies and traveling makes him find himself into some of the darkest places with unique landscapes around the world.


Samuel's review of Move Shoot Move Rotator for astrophotography
Name: Samuel Scicluna
Country: Malta

I have always been amazed by the night sky, and going camping often has led me to experiment with astrophotography and shooting the night sky. I love outdoor activities like camping, hiking, climbing, scrambling and just exploring new places in general! I also just love taking time out to appreciate the world around me.


Name: Bryn Perrett
Country: Norway     

I am an astro, landscape and nature photographer originally from South Wales, now living in Kristiansand, Norway. After a twenty year career teaching adventure and extreme sports, I have now turned to my passion of photography. With a deep love of the coast, you will often find me scouring the beautiful rocky Norwegian shorelines for beautiful coastal astrophotography compositions. When the weather plays nicely I find I am blessed with some of the darkest skies in Europe.

Name: Burak Esenbey
Country: Germany     

Burak is a passionate landscape and astrophotographer who was born and raised in a northern German City called Osnabrück. My Parents are originally from Turkey, so I grew up multilingual and with the best of both cultures. I have a bachelor´s degree in business administration in Healthcare.

“Photography makes me forget everyday life and gives me the feeling of freedom. With the MSM Rotator I have a lightweight expert tool, that allows me to take high quality and fascinating night shots.”


Name: Brahim Echcharqy
Country: Morocco

Brahim is a travel photographer and content creator from Morocco. Have traveled to some of the stunning landscapes around the world for a long time. His photos shared in so many places.

"Milkyway photography makes me know the real beauty of nature."

He aspires to share knowledge and thoughts about photography on the platform that he believes in.


Name: Brent Nash
Country: United States

“I am a landscape and aspiring Astrophotographer from San Diego, CA. I originally started working weddings and events for photography. I have always been a huge outdoor enthusiast but three years ago I started climbing which really made me fall in love with landscapes, as the climbing always took me to these new beautiful places.

Astrophotography has fast become my favorite. It has been a steep learning curve but with the help of others and a ton of research I have learned quite a bit and am just now gaining enough knowledge to pass onto others. I look forward to my future adventures, but even more I look forward to passing on what I learn and know to others!”


Name: Samuele Bucci
Country: Italy

“I started to photograph since I was child but only in 2017/2018 I decided to dedicate my life to Landscape Photography in its entirety. Mountainscape, Seascape, Cityscape and Nightscape ... and also a little bit of Wildlife. My goal is to impress people who see my photos and explain curiosity about my pics so people can get passionate to photography too."

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Name: Jonny Hill
Country: USA

Jonny Hill is a British adventure and landscape photographer based in Utah, USA. Growing up in England gave him a passion for landscape photography at a young age, which has grown exponentially since moving to the Southwest United states."

"I particularly love astrophotography because it just shows the epic majesty of this universe!"

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Name: Thomas H. Puzia
Country: Chile

Thomas Puzia is a passionate hobby astrophotographer, time-lapse photographer and drone pilot based in Santiago de Chile. In his young years, he worked as a sports and event photographer for a newspaper in Europe and then decided to study physics, math, and medicine and became a professional astronomer, leading today one of the largest research groups in astronomy in Chile.”

“As an observational astronomer I'm often found at the major observatories in the north of Chile collecting very old photons under (still) dark skies. Since low-noise detectors became affordable in commercial digital cameras, I took up my old profession as a hobby and like to take pictures of the incredibly rich and diverse Southern skies.”


Name: Tony Hebert
Country: United States 
Tony Hebert is a passionate, professional astro-landscape and landscape photographer based out of the central United States who owns and operates 319 Photography - UNIQUE / Photography.  Tony's photography career has spanned more than 20 years and his absolute favorite subject is the night sky!  During most of the year, Tony is on the road, searching out beautiful, unique landscapes and chasing clear, dark night skies!  Outside of traveling and creating his unique imagery, Tony and his small team of professional photographers instruct Tony's popular UNIQUE / Workshops where they passionately teach other photographers how to create stunning images of America's most beautiful locations.  Tony is honored and proud to be a part of the Move Shoot Move team and is ready to bring his unique style to Move Shoot Move users!


Name: Tan Nguyen
Country: US
State: Missouri
Tan Nguyen is a professional videographer that picked up astrophotography during the 2020 pandemic. He combines his passion for story telling and astrophotography through videos on tiktok and youtube.

 "If skies are clear, ill be chasing the milky way or looking through my telescope."



Name:  Manuel Wagner


Manuel Wagner ist ein Astro- und  Landschaftsfotograf aus der Region Pfälzer Wald.

" Die Fotografie ist für mich ein wichtiger Part meiner Work-Life-Balance, durch sie entfliehe ich aus meinem Alltag. Sie hilft mir, meinen eigenen Fokus zu setzen, die Welt aus anderen Perspektiven zu entdecken und das Verborgene sichtbar zu machen. Das Zusammenspiel zwischen faktenbasierten Tiefgang und Detailfreude gepaart mit Kreativität und Kunst, gerade in der Astrofotografie, fasziniert mich jedes Mal aufs Neue.

Meine Heimatregion, der Pfälzer Wald ist ein absoluter Geheimtipp für Fotografen. Durch seine einzigartigen Wetterbedingungen erlebt man häufig Nebel in den Tälern in einem der größten zusammenhängenden Waldgebiete Deutschlands. Hoch über dem Nebelmeer ist der Ausblick von den rund 140 Felsmassiven aus 250 Millionen Jahre alten Sandsteinfelsen unbeschreiblich. Ihre bizarren Formen und die oftmals darauf wachsenden Wetterkiefern eignen sich besonders, einmalige Bilder entstehen zu lassen."

Name: Marcin Zajac
Country: Poland/US
Marcin is a landscape and astrophotographer based in Northern California.
"When I'm not chasing light with my camera, I work as a software engineer. While typically exploring areas near my current home in California, photography has taken me to many stunning locations, from the coastline of Australia to the rugged volcanic landscape of Iceland."
Name: Daniele Fanni
Country: Italy 
Mi chiamo Daniele, sono un fotografo professionista specializzato in fotografia di paesaggio e ritratto. Attraverso il mio blog,, condivido tutte le conoscenze che ho acquisito in 10 anni di lavoro per aiutare chi si avvicina per la prima volta a questo bellissimo mondo della fotografia.
Name: Imma Barrera (she/her)
Country: US
Born in Barcelona, Imma Barrera is a photographer based in New Jersey. She is a biologist but also a graduate of NY Institute of Photography and has exhibited her photography in a number of galleries worldwide and won several awards. She has also published several books available on Amazon. 
Imma has been selected for several Artist-in-Residence programs (Capitol Reef NP, Acadia NP, Glacier NP) for her night sky photography. In addition, she was shortlisted in the Landscape Category of the 2019 Sony World Photography Awards with her series “Under the Night Sky”. 
Imma runs educational programs about photography and seminars to raise awareness about the need to protect our natural treasures.


Name: Mike Pach
Country: United States

Mike Pach, owner of 3 Peaks Photography & Design, in Colorado Springs, CO
is an internationally known, award-winning photographer, speaker and author
with more than 35 years of experience in photography. He is the founder of
the Colorado Photography Learning Group and has been teaching photography
and Photoshop classes since 2007. Mike is the author of Colorado Springs
Then and Now, and he conducts night-sky photography workshops. He loves
spending nights in the Colorado mountains under dark skies.

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Name: Pierandrea Folle
Country: Italy

Pierandrea is a landscape photographer living in south Italy, Lecce, in
love with the night sky. As astrophotographer achieved important high
results in many internationals contests, with 1st place in night amateur
section of the 8th FAPA.

"I'm Pierandrea Folle and I am an italian landscape and nightscape
photographer. I'm focused on nightscape and astrophotography because I
really love to spend my night's free time shooting the beauty of the sky. I
live in a town close to the sea, which is Lecce, also known as the tip of
the heel of the Italian boot, and of course I love seascapes too. I'm a
good explorer, and when possible i fly to new destinations trying to
realize always different images. Hope you enjoy my shoot. Good light


Name: Marc Rassel
Country: United States

Marc Rassel is an astrolandscape photographer, workshop leader, and instructor based in Minnesota, USA.

"I pride myself on having the ability to reach all students where they are in their photography journey. I not only bring participants to locations of epic landscapes and some of the best dark skies in the world but take the highly complex nature of astrolandscape photography down to simple, easy-to-understand steps. I am able to provide a wealth of regional knowledge and in-depth instruction to areas, landscapes, and processing techniques necessary to produce stunning images. Sometimes partnering with fellow photographers or content experts, I can ensure advancement in students’ depth of knowledge through small groups, meticulously planned experiences, and personalized instruction."



Name: Javier Rosano 
Country: Spain

Javier Rosano is a night photographer based in Madrid, Spain, capturing the beauty of the night sky since 2010. He helps others to advance in night photography through workshops, online courses, an e-book, and a dedicated night photography podcast.

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