Ambassadors Team

We proudly introduce our team of international Ambassadors, composed of the most notable imaging professionals, who inspire our community to Imagine More.


Name: Alyn Wallace 
Country: The United Kingdom     

Alyn Wallace is an astro, landscape, and timelapse photographer based near the Brecon Beacons National Park in South Wales.

"I'm often found enjoying the incredible views atop the Welsh mountains and my photography aims to capture the landscape looking its most scenic and stunning. I'm fortunate to live in the country with the highest percentage area of its land protected against light pollution and I'll jump on any opportunity to enjoy a night under the stars."

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 Peter Zelinka

Name: Peter Zelinka
Country: United States

Peter Zelinka is a nomadic nature photographer originally from Northeast Ohio. As an avid hiker and backpacker, Peter spent most his free time exploring the forests of Ohio and Western Pennsylvania.  After spending countless hours hiking with a point-and-shoot camera, Peter eventually became more interested in photography. In June 2014 he purchased his first DSLR - a Nikon D7100. He spent the next few years practicing macro, wildlife, astro, and long exposure photography. 

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 LRTimelapse Gunther

Name: Gunther Wegner
Country: Germany

Gunther Wegner is a passionate photographer, producer of time-lapse movies and videos, developer of the LRTimelapse software, book author and provider of photo and time-lapse workshops.

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Name:  Alex McGregor
Country: United States

Alex is an astrophotographer and time-lapse artist based out of Breckenridge Colorado.

He found photography in high school and started working for the local newspaper at the age of 16. He loves being outdoors, skiing, backpacking... ect
"My favorite thing about the MSM rotator is how portable it is. Now I never have to wonder 'do I bring my tracker with me?' This thing is a must have for every night time adventure" - Alex
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Gauda Rotator Review
Name: Abián San Gil
Country: Spain
Abián San Gil is a professional full-time landscape photographer based in Canary Islands (Spain).
He loves exploring the islands where he was born to capture their beauty. Traveling and being in the mountains is his passion.
Through his lens, you will be able to know the incredible landscapes, both day and night, that he has visited.


Name: Javier Martinez Moran
Country: Spain
Javier is a proffesional  landscape and astro photographer based in Madrid, Spain. 
"Night photography offers me the ability to see what can´t be seen with the naked eye. I am  always looking to improve and learn new techniques."
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david maimó move shoot move ambassador
Name: David Maimó 

"Fotógrafo Mallorquín especializado en fotografía nocturna de paisaje. Empiezo a sentir pasión por esta disciplina en el año 2013.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Durante este tiempo ha realizado diferentes eventos, colaboraciones con diferentes marcas, así como formación en la isla, iniciando a nuevos aficionados a este fantástico mundo de la fotografía nocturna."

Move Shoot Move GAUDA Ambassadors Team
Name: Taochy Gilles
Country: France       
Je suis un homme passionné par la photographie depuis 10ans et par mon île. 
Au fil des années j'ai pu approfondir mes connaissances et améliorer la qualité des mes photographies.
Ainsi j'essaie de vous faire découvrir de quelle façon je la vois à travers mes images et partager avec vous les émotions qui en ressortent. J'affectionne particulièrement les couchers de soleil en bord de mer.

Samuel's review of Move Shoot Move Rotator for astrophotography
Name: Samuel Scicluna
Country: Malta
I have always been amazed by the night sky, and going camping often has led me to experiment with astrophotography and shooting the night sky. I love outdoor activities like camping, hiking, climbing, scrambling and just exploring new places in general! I also just love taking time out to appreciate the world around me.
Deep Sky Astrophotography_Steven
Name: Steven Barnes
Country: United States
A computer professional and amateur nature photographer who uses his technical skills in the pursuit of art. He embraces the challenges of taking technologies to the extremes of both macro and astro photography. The MSM Rotator allows him to capture deep space objects from his own rural backyard.
Name: Thomas H. Puzia
Country: Chile
Thomas Puzia is a passionate hobby astrophotographer, time-lapse photographer and drone pilot based in Santiago de Chile. In his young years he worked as a sports and event photographer for a newspaper in Europe and then decided to study physics, math, and medicine and became a professional astronomer, leading today one of the largest research groups in astronomy in Chile.”

“As an observational astronomer I'm often found at the major observatories in the north of Chile collecting very old photons under (still) dark skies. Since low-noise detectors became affordable in commercial digital cameras, I took up my old profession as a hobby and like to take pictures of the incredibly rich and diverse Southern skies.”
Name: Nakul Sharma
Country: India             

Nakul Sharma, Traveller and Photographer by profession, born and bought up in Delhi. He grew up infected by the travel bug and spends most of his time in traveling and photography.Working as a Free-lance Tour leader with reputed Travel Agencies In INDIA. He has been Traveling since 2009, Exploring and experiencing the most Beautiful, Cultural and Adventurous places of the World.