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Amateur beginning Astrophotography

Though I have been a professional photographer for 30 years I have never done star photography. I have only played with the MSM system so far but as the new moon approaches I am planing to shoot the Milky Way, the Pleiades and the Orion Nebula. Also getting an attachment to hook my camera up to my telescope for some deep space shots. I am very excited to use it more. Harlie B

Simple to set up

I have not used in shooting stars yet. Overall it seems fine. Disappointed that the polarscope doesn´t fit all the way in its bracketmount. When I queried this the response was that "it´s development". Well that doesn´t help me. Also the plastic screws that holds the mount are too weak to do the job. So I changed to metal screws.

Works excellent at -21 degrees Celsius

Got 2 of these to use for the lenses on my 2 cameras and I've used them from 400mm to 20mm and they perform as expected. The coldest I've used them in was -21 degrees celsius and though my cameras got covered in frost the lens stayed clear of any fog or frost. Comes with a handy heat controller with 3 settings (Low, Medium and High) so you can adapt to the ambient temperature and moisture levels. Think the worst conditions I've used them in was last night when it was only a few degrees below freezing but a lot of humidity came off the ocean for a little while and I got a layer of ice covering everything, it was about 1-2mm thick pending on the surface... and my lenses stayed clear allowing me to get good captures of the Pleiades with Mars in close proximity at 300mm and a wideish shot of the Orion constellation with the Rosette Nebula thrown in as a bonus...

Highly recommended

If only the weather would be better...

My first impression after two test sessions with Orion is very good. The MSM seems to be exactly what I was looking for. I‘m looking forward to some clear nights and my first milky way photographs.

Awesome little tracker

Its so easy to use and and fast to setup great for a short session

Great to enhance detail without the noise

I’ve been impressed with this compact star tracker. It has been a help for gathering more light and detail for Milky Way images without introducing noise.

A Compact and Easy to Use Star Tracker

A star tracker that you can slip in your pocket is a rarity but add ease of use and the MSM is a great little product. Polar aligning with the laser is quick and simple so this product is ideal for beginners or astrophotographers on the move.

The MSM also has a great community for help and support.

Works Fine But ...

The Z mount is very well designed and made, and locks down securely. But the attachment bolt for the camera was defective and a new one has had to be sent out. The Z plate will be great for shooting tracked panoramas but putting too much weight on it makes it bouncy. It is a springboard held at only one end after all. There could have been struts to help support the other end, especially considering how many people insist on attaching heavy telephoto lenses to the poor little MSM, pressing it way beyond what it is designed to do. But with a modest load the Z plate works fine. On a windless night.

Perfect for vacation astrophotography.

Great addition to my rig.

I received the Z type device, and it has made a significant difference. Between the Z mount and an inexpensive pano head, I have less weight by 400 grams than my previous rig, and fine tuning my composition is much easier, and achieving a better center of gravity all add up to more integration time. With an 85mm lens, I’m getting 2:15 sec exposures.

rotule pour la caméra

Bien reçu la rotule pour caméra. Tout fonctionne très bien.

Works great.

Just as advertised.

Love it

Love the small compact design. Got the wedge too. My favorite feature of this star tracker is how simple and easy it is to use. Quickly laser align and push the on button and you’re set.

Does a lot for a compact little box

Although I’ve not used this in the summer months when the Milkyway is more prominent I have been spending some time getting some pictures of the Orion Nebula and Andromeda and have been learning a lot. Although new to this it seems a very capable device in such a small box and look forward to being able to take it out on my travels (when allowed) in the summer months.

Easy to get started for a newbie!

After viewing some instructional YouTube videos on “Chasing Luminance” channel I got the kit for my Panasonic M43 (did some wiring modification for the intervalometer) and have fun taking panos and doing some astrophotography (of course I screwed up a few times, but it was a fun learning experience anyway!). I know I need more time to get stellar results but MSM made it affordable to get started without breaking the bank. I love the fact the whole kit is light and is not a burden to add it to my sometimes hefty camera bag on outings. I have also had great support and communication from the company. I’m very pleased.

Never got it

I’d love to review it, if I would actually receive it!
Can you check what’s going on with my order please?

Red lite head lamp

I really liked the head lamps functionality and price.


A small box leads into my photobag science, astronomy and all night sky poetry. Easy to use and light. An indispensable traveling companion.


The MSM rotator does exactly what it says it will do. It handles my R5 and 15-35 lens without any problems.

Easy to use

Great portable star tracker - would recommend.


Polar alignment is a breeze with this wedge. Not only is the product amazing but also customer support is solid.


love the msm it has made my night star shots great

Great deal, great star tracker, easy to use.

Got mine back in December and have used it a lot so far. It holds a good long charge and is easy to set up. Lots of help on Facebook for newbies. Love it.

Good but some buyer remorse

Overall I was very impressed with the purchase of the full kit. Easy to setup and use. Laser pointer makes alignment easy. Was happy from my first time out,
Only issue comes with the battery in the laser pointer - I have no way to charge the rechargeable battery that came with it, so either need to buy a charger or look for replacement disposable batteries. The second item that was useful but suddenly became a case of “I wish I waited” is the “ wedge” adjuster. Sadly this was outdated within a month with a newer more compact z-type or v-type adjuster.

Solid product, super portable

This is an awesome star tracker! Battery lasts long and it's super easy to set up and use!