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It just starts at compact.

I've been using the MSM for a couple of months now and it's an invaluable part of my kit.

With the milky way season here in Australia is over for the summer, I've been primarily using the MSM for timelapse work.
Timelapse with the D/SLR is technical from a photographic point of view, having a simple to implement rotator that simply works takes a lot of the stress out of things.

Battery life and build quality are great as is value for money and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone looking for such a solution.

Steev Selby

Great little tracker

I have only used it twice so far as a star tracker and once as a time lapse turntable and it works flawlessly.
Very happy with my purchase.

Polar scope with illuminator

Nice build, works great

I bought it with the scope, but ordered the laser and head lamp later. Laser works good and will use the scope with telephoto lens.

Move Shoot Move

This is a brilliant bit of kit. Well worth the investment if your into Astro Landscape

So simple

Only have used it a few times due to cloud coverage, but so far very impressed at the ease of use. Only downside is my proximity to a major airport so have to check for aircraft and have to turn the laser on and off for a few seconds at a time rather than leave it on for the whole process. I am sure that with practice I can cut the amount of time down to polar align.


Why didn't anyone think of this before? Polar aligning has never been easier! The building quality of the MSM Tracker far exceeded my expectations based on how inexpensive it is. I also love how compact it is, taking up a very small space in my camera bag. I've been able to take 5 minute exposures with no trails! I would highly recommend this tracker to anyone who wants to shoot the Milky Way!

Add fun to our travels

This unit has really added some fun to our trips. I am sure we will bring on every of our trips.

Far better than expected

I was able to track for 4min without noticable star trails...I mounted a Spacecat 51 Canon RP and took a 60s exposure of M31....crystal clear pic pinpoint stars...that setup is at the max end of its capabilities. I am very impressed and super happy with this compact portable well thought out star tracker.
My only gripe the ball head screws will go as ll the way in if you are not carefull..nothing to stop them.....
I solved this by crimping the middle of the screws...this stops them from going in to far and binds them in the ball head so I can mount the ball to the MSM.

Great product super friendly service as well.

Great little gadget with awesome customer service

Can't complain at all. Fast delivery decent quality and awesome customer support. Recommend!

MSM pan and tilt head

I was impressed with the quality of this product. the machining is excellent and motion of the unit in both directions is smooth and sure. Angle markings are a plus.

Solid product but a small "defect"

This is a solid product. Very tiny, works well and is well buildt. But the solution with a loose screw to screw on your tripod head is not a good solution. Since the screw dont stop when you screw it in that can result in the tripod head falling off og difficult to mount.

First time with a rotator

All seems to work as expected. I have only had a chance to use it once. Looking forward to trying the laser to align (came in a separate shipment) as the scope is very difficult to use at night. (Black scope marking on a black sky make it difficult to align, shining a light into the scope at a specific angle helps but then it’s hard to set the ball heads because you’re holding a light and the camera/rotator and trying to lock the ball head).

Quite good Star Tracker but not without drawbacks

I’ve been thinking about Star Tracker pretty long period but all trackers usually were tremendously huge and cost a fortune. I’ve found some traces of small tracker for photographers but all of them out of stock. So, when I noticed the ad of MSM Star Tracker, I decided – It’s a right time to buy it. Apart from star-tracking mode it has a rotation function for time-lapse. It’s also interesting but not right now.
I selected one of the simplest sets – MSM Star Tracker and Polar scope with pleasant discount.
After receiving it I had to wait the New Moon and cloudless weather to check how it works.

Using the Polar scope to point to Polaris became tremendously difficult. Fortunately, I coped with it successfully.

On my first test I’ve made shots on 120s exposition without any notice of trails.
And I’ve been able to use relatively small ISO value which saves a great deal of small stars.

Unexpectedly, stars on the shot with tracker became noticeably smaller. I think, it means that without tracker we see very small movement which doesn’t turn to visible trace but slightly expands the star. But it’s also mean a quite good pointing to Polaris I’ve made.

Well, now I’m completely happy with new toy but there are some drawbacks:
- The MSM Star Tracker has a Micro USB socket for charging but the cable in the set is USB Type-C.
- On the pictures placed on official site the rotator has two buttons but I received it with rotating Knob. Unfortunately, they sent me the old version but with new cable.
Polarscope. It’s quite difficult to cope with it.
- You hardly see the black reticle over dark sky. It would be better to have some illuminated reticle.
- I had to huddle up to look through the viewfinder. The angled viewfinder would be much better. Now I’m thinking about how to make it…

Great Astro Product

Its really compact and easy to carry with you when you travel to shoot astrophotography. Looking forward to many shots using it.

Very good

Compared to my giant startracker, this one is very compact and lightwheight, higly recommend!

Great overall

As said in the title, it’s a great overall product. It came with all the stuff you need to make it work and I was impress how solid it looked. Seems like we’ll worth the price invested in. It does what it advertise.
One of the thing that I prevented me for putting 5stars is the lack of documentation concerning how to assemble it and make it work. Even the online PDF was not clear on the steps you need and all the setup options.
Second things is the lack of options concerning the movement speed in timelapse. It’s either too fast, or too slow, their is no ideal speed, specially for night photography.
Third, is the most annoying. Delivery time. Omg... so freaking long delivery time. I’m living in a crowded city and it took 32 days to arrive! That’s awfull.

Travel Astro Rotator

Although we haven't yet had skies clear enough to use my MSM rotator, I am impressed with the engineering of it. Looking forward to some clear skies in Lanzarote in November.

Very Good Star Pointer

The Move-Shoot-Move Star Pointer is a very good laser pointer, green light wich is the best to view at night. I'm very glad with the equipment.

Good product

Great but one glitch

The rotator itself is great but there’s been a problem with the laser. When the temp is in the 50’s(Fahrenheit) it either doesn’t turn on or only puts out about 1/4 strength. If I put it my pocket for a few minutes it works again. It’s fully charged by the way.

Very small light and portable

Thanks MSM

After a moth I got my Gauda sky tracker is small and looks good quality.
It takes long time to arrive but John was helpful, once again thank you so much.
Greetings from sacred valley of incas Peru .

Using MoveShootMove for Aurora

I was intrigued by the size and light weight, so I got one for my aurora trip to Iceland. I was limited to one suitcase and one camera bag, so I had to travel light. I just used it in the panoramic mode and it worked just fine. I am concerned about the unique cable (hot shoe adapter) getting lost or damaged, so it may be better for a future enhancement to have the unit trigger the camera like some of the other trackers. Also, when setting it up, it was not clear which side should be facing up. Was it designed so the entire unit rotates or just the round disk rotates? It seems that the unit should be mounted with the bubble level up and the entire unit rotates. I have not tried using it for star tracking yet, but hope to soon.

Whats not to like

Works as specified and is priced right. What more can be liked?