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MSM Original

Un startracker muy sencillo de usar, fácil de alinear con la polar en el terreno que incluso puedes hacer sin uso del laser pidiendo el accesorio para el teléfono móvil. He podido exponer sin trazas hasta 50mm en full frame sin problemas de trazas. El problema de cabeceo de cámara dependerá del peso de tu cámara recomiendo pesos de 1kg. Mayor peso considera comprar el nuevo Nomad. Ventajas del original... Timelapses.

Good product

Very well made. High quality materials and machining. Worth the price.

Skywatcher Star Adventurer GTi / Skywatcher Star Adventurer/Skywatcher Star Adventurer2i//Skywatcher Star Adventurer mini/iOptron Skyguider Pro- MSM Laser Kit

Phone mount 3_ axis smartphone adapter

Really nice piece of kit. I have used it and it works great it is well made and is easy to use well worth the money thank you.

Polar Scope and Accessories
Tony Sauser (Dallas, US)
Love the little tracker!

Love the size of tracker. Timelapse’s are a cinch. I use the laser to get close then zero in with Polar Scope. I just use laser if using my 20mm lens and Polar Scope when using 85mm plus. Works like a charm! Tracker has only sidereal option but during 3 hr eclipse only had to readjust tracker twice. Very happy with it.

Pointer for Polar Alignment
David Clarke (Vancouver, CA)
Pointer for Polar Alignment

This pointer is especially useful when you live adjacent to a busy urban airport.
Definitely recommended. !!

WOW! This is my new Go To tracker

This little wonder works perfectly. I am editing a stack of 12, 57 second exposures, and its just magic. I didn’t even use the laser, I just had the inclination set correctly and put my iphone compass app against the tracker, with true north turned on, and started shooting. (I had lasered polaris earlier so my tripod was at the correct angle). The stars are perfect little dots on my 14mm lens. Happy dance.

Nomad and phone attachment

Really pleased with the performance of the rotator, operates perfectly
The only issue is that in the dark I managed to loose on of the tiny white screws that hole phone and polariscope holder Suggest you supply spares in future

it worked well with an iPhone 15

made it really easy to capture the solar eclipse. It's a great product and it does work.


Been shooting Milky Way without a tracker for several years with surprising results but adding the Nomad tracker just boosted my ability to get much better images with much less noise by increasing exposure time and decreasing iso and aperture. Easy to set up and align with Polaris. First time using it I did 3 minute exposures with no star trails just to see how well it would work. Very pleased with performance for the price.

NOMAD opinion

NOMAD is an amazing device. Very precise and this is the most important in this type of device. On top of that, it's very small and incredibly lightweight so you can take it with you on any photography trip or longer family trip. It will fit into the smallest compartment of your backpack. Super. And finally, the bonus of being able to upgrade it with a scope or smartphone mount. For me, it's the perfect gear for night photography. I recommend it to the undecided.

Easier to set up than I thought

I received my Nomad from MSM within 8 days of ordering. I was a little daunted about putting it altogether, but it was much easier than I thought. Now I just need to have clear skies, with little moon shine, so I can take some practice shots and eventually get wonderful Milky Way photos. Who knows where this will lead me to on my photography journey. Thank you MSM & Alyn Wallace (RIP) who helped me make the decision to buy the Nomad. I have to say Hanna was most helpful, I couldn’t have done it without her assistance.

Exceptional value for money

Really well made. Easy to adjust in all directions. Secure phone holding ability. Very pleased and would have still been impressed if it was twice the price.

Clearly Well Designed

Maneuvers cell phone cameras perfectly into place with very little effort on the part of the end users.

Superb adaptor for my iPhone

I watched several reviews of adaptors to mount phones to telescopes and opted to buy the MSM one and I’m not disappointed. Easy to set up and adjust and great results on my first attempt.


Lo he probado recientemente y me encanta

Awesome mobile tracker

Used the tracker last week in Spain. Incredibly easy to set-up and align. No trouble at all tracking my Sony A7IV + Sigma 14-24! If you want to see the images, go to my website

MSM Tri-Adaptor

It’s the only adapter I’ve ever had and tried that worked for what it’s intended to do. It’s rock solid. The technical term is ‘stronger than a horseradish milkshake’

Absolutely amazing tracker

I am extremely impressed with the qualities of the NOMAD star tracer. Very light and portable, with it you can easily shoot single shots and panoramas with precise tracking up to 4 minutes or more. Highly recommend!

Not accurate enough for the eclipse

The Day Time Polar Align kit is easy to use, but it is not accurate enough to keep the sun in frame during an eclipse. Anyone want mine? Just pay shipping.

Sky gazing

I have tried 6 different devices to attach my phone to my telescope to photograph the night sky. None of them worked. Purchasing the tridapter was a good decision! It works perfectly!


Converting from the 1st gen tracker to the Nomad has been a welcomed upgrade.