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Light tracker for wide-angle work

Some short comments: The MSM is a light tracker and the precision is good enough for 60 sec images with a wide-angle lenses, at least up to 50mm and I'm not using longer lenses on this tracker. The polar alignment with the laser is easy peasy on the northern hemisphere. The load capacity of 3 kg is realistic which makes it the lightest '3kg tracker' on the market. The only downside I see is the build in battery with a runtime of only 5 hours which is not enough for very long night sessions. A simple e.g. micro USB plug for an external battery would have solved that issue. Recommended for people who a looking for a light tracker (e.g. hikers) with a moderate precision for wide-angle work.

Not tested yet

Bad weather , no time and the second time it was good clear weather my camera fell off
The tripod :-(

MSM: A Beginner’s View

While I have had limited opportunity to use the MSM I received for Christmas, I am very pleased with the star tracking results I have achieved thus far. I have checked out the time lapse function and expect to use it frequently for that purpose. Advice offered by postings from other users has been very helpful.

MSM Rotater

Works great so far. Both the old laser and the new one do NOT like cold weather.

amazingly compact and working very well

It's my first tracker so I don't have much experience. However, on my first night trying it I have been able to get a decent picture of the Orion Nebula. On my second night I have improved my skills and the picture I have been able to take is breathtaking. Using it with a sony a7iii and the 70-300 lens

Laser tracker

I didn't like that there was no explanation on which direction to insert the battery. So I must have done it the wrong way - and the laser didn't work afterwards. So I had to ordner a new one.

Perfect device: small & accurate

Had several try outs and it all worked terrific. Easy alignment with the laser, perfect results with exposure 5 minutes and small to take with me. Really pleased!

Great Star Tracker

I have used this great compact tracker for astrophotography more than panoramas. I get 3-4 min exposures easily with my 14mm Rokinon and 24mm Canon. The 50mm will work for 60-90 sec exposures. I’m planning on getting the illuminated polar scope in order to move up to 85mm. Highly recommend this.

Star Pointer for Polar Alignment

Love This Star Tracker

Works amazingly well for such a small and lightweight device. Easy to use with great support. I even shoot deep space objects which you can see on my Instagram @MrRatDotCom

A great tool

First of all, I have to say, I love the little tracker, and specially, the idea to align it with Polaris, using the green laser. This is fantastic, I liked it so much, I bought another green laser and mounted it to my IOptron EQ45 for pre-alignment. I use a pair of small cheap binoculars to align it a bit more accurate.
I am not too comfortable with the idea of mounting the MSM Tracker on a ball-head. Ideal would be to mount it on a geared head, but this would make the whole setup far to heavy. And, I do not like the screw mount. So, I mounters a area Swiss plate on the MSM Tracker , and mounted the tracker on a Z-head. In this way, I can make quick and easy adjustments, and the MSM Tracker is always perfectly levelled. And, this weights only a few 100 gram. Second, I mounted a small ball-head to the tracker to mount the camera. The head is small enough, that the tracker still fits in the pouch with the head mounted. The camera is equipped with an L-Plate , again, a easy and quick fix. The last problem I had now, was, how to accurately point the camera to the location in the sky, which I wanted to capture. For this, I mounted a Handphone holder on
the camera L Plate . I can now run a Nightsky Navigation App on the handphone, to point my camera exactly to the correct location. As this fits together with Arca Swiss Type mounts, it takes me less than the minute to set up the equipment, and it weights only 2.5 KG, and that includes my MSM Tracker, a Nikon Z6 with Voigtlander 40/1.4 lens, the Z Head , a Mobile Phone and all the Arca Swiss Connectors.
With this setup, I can reach several minutes of accurate tracking with perfect round stars. See pictures below for the setup.

A few this that might be considerate in the next version.
1) Include a fixed Arca Swiss Plate on the bottom
2) Move the bubble level to the top, the current position makes only sense for Panorama shots
3) Add some kind of counter-screw or fix on the moving plate, that holds the ba...

Ready for CS

Received everything in time, now waiting for CS here in Vienna, Austria. Indoor training should be OK ;-)

Very good

Smaller, but hard to keep work, polar alignment is very hard.

Cztery gwiazdki tylko z tego powodu że brak dostępu do instrukcji w języku polskim. Poza tym wszystko OK.

Great device but not perfect

This is a great little device to cut out star streaks. It works just as advertised. The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is because I see two slight drawbacks:
1. Finding Polaris with the PS Align Pro app is very easy. Translating that position to the tracker is not so easy because there is no way to set your phone to “sync” it to the tracker. This is particularly the case when you can’t see Polaris with the naked eye. It would be nice to have a way to place the phone on the tracker to make finding Polaris easier.
2. The Pano mode changes the view angle by one degree per shot. To me this is not very useful. I would rather have the angle change by 5 or 10 degrees per shot. Or better yet it would be great if the angle change between shots was adjustable.

facile e professionale!

Assolutamente professionale e funzionale.. ma di una semplicità che lo utilizzi al primo colpo in un attimo!

Excelente product.

I have only used it once but it works very well.

Star Pointer

Works better than I imagined. Also great for pointing/orientation of my dslr and telescope for astrophotography.

A sturdy and convenient tripod

This small tripod is very sturdy yet light weigth and very convenient to take with your photography gear as a second, or even maybe as a main tripod. I'm very glad I bought it and I've used i in several ocasion both indoor and outdoor since then.

Very good

Easy to use

Very stable mount

Being able to control which direction it moves at any given time makes this mount much easier to to use for polar alignment than a ball head.

Good for starters.

I am getting into Astrophotography and was looking for an affordable star tracker when I stumbled upon MSM. It is a very easy set up and I was able to get ths shots I wanted. The icing on the top was the free polar scope illuminator I am going to get.

Perfect for hiking

Only tried it once so far and was easily getting 4 min exposures with a 21mm lens on aps-c sensor.

Great little tracker

I bought this tracker because of its small footprint and the ease of use. And it is really a breeze to set this thing up with the laser attachment. The achievable polar alignment is sufficient for wide-angle lenses up to mid-tele-lenses (maybe 85mm).

It just starts at compact.

I've been using the MSM for a couple of months now and it's an invaluable part of my kit.

With the milky way season here in Australia is over for the summer, I've been primarily using the MSM for timelapse work.
Timelapse with the D/SLR is technical from a photographic point of view, having a simple to implement rotator that simply works takes a lot of the stress out of things.

Battery life and build quality are great as is value for money and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone looking for such a solution.

Steev Selby