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Great but one glitch

The rotator itself is great but there’s been a problem with the laser. When the temp is in the 50’s(Fahrenheit) it either doesn’t turn on or only puts out about 1/4 strength. If I put it my pocket for a few minutes it works again. It’s fully charged by the way.

Very small light and portable

Thanks MSM

After a moth I got my Gauda sky tracker is small and looks good quality.
It takes long time to arrive but John was helpful, once again thank you so much.
Greetings from sacred valley of incas Peru .

Using MoveShootMove for Aurora

I was intrigued by the size and light weight, so I got one for my aurora trip to Iceland. I was limited to one suitcase and one camera bag, so I had to travel light. I just used it in the panoramic mode and it worked just fine. I am concerned about the unique cable (hot shoe adapter) getting lost or damaged, so it may be better for a future enhancement to have the unit trigger the camera like some of the other trackers. Also, when setting it up, it was not clear which side should be facing up. Was it designed so the entire unit rotates or just the round disk rotates? It seems that the unit should be mounted with the bubble level up and the entire unit rotates. I have not tried using it for star tracking yet, but hope to soon.

Whats not to like

Works as specified and is priced right. What more can be liked?

Great little product for timelapse

I originally bought the first version of the Move Shoot Move rotator for use with astrophotography, but with my pretty poor luck have yet to use it for astro. However, I have used it to shoot several panning timelapses and its simplistic controls and ease of use with my Nikon Z6 make it a great product.

I had issues with the first version so was offered a replacement of it with the new version providing I sent back the original, great customer service!

Essential Item

Made the Polar alignment in the Southern Hemisphere really easy

Excellent device, very helpful and easy to use

This device opened new horizons in my night sky photography. It’s easy to set up and simple to use. The results are amazing! Highly recommended!

Amazing Shots!

I've received my MSM star tracker and after a few trials it's been awesome being able to get up to 6 mins of Milky way tracking with sigma 18-35mm ART f/1.8.
It is a really nice and portable tracker, even with the wait about 2 long months for receiving the tracker (i live in mexico) a MSM representative explained me that was not the usual timing but it really worth it!!
thank you!!

Great lightweight tracker..does the job !

I got the sifo tracker for a trip to Patagonia as i was heading there to do the famous 'W route ' trek in winter and needed something light for my pack over the 5 days. It was a new moon and i expected zero light pollution there so i just needed clear skies and all good.On the last night after heavy snow the sky cleared and i got a chance to try it out. Easy and quick to set up and align i got some great shots of the Milky way core using the tracker and laser.The clarity and definition of stars as well as the star colour is much improved using a tracker like this one.I have used it several times since always with good results.

Excellent In the S Hemisphere

Really pleased with the items. In particular the ability to align the S celestial pole. It looks like I got it pretty much spot on first time. Works well with my Cameras

Great addition to mobile setup, but...

The Tripod is more stable than anticipated, even with SIFO, ballhead and large DSLR attached, and locks tight and secure, and fits into a backpack (or pocket for that matter) very easy. The only real pain point so far is the mountingplate - you need a tool of sorts to screw it tightly to equipment - other mountingplates have a ring or the like where you can tighten it just by hand, this is not the case with this plate and you need a screwdriver (or other tool) to get it tighten securely.

Otherwise very pleased with the product.

I allready reviewed my product

Amazing piece of gear

So I've always been interested in night sky photography, but finding the right gear was always a guessing game. Until I I saw an ad for the Move-Shoot-Move. With its relatively inexpensive price tag, I decided to give it a try. I was not disappointed at all. It is solidly constructed, and very easy to align and use in Star tracking mode. It arrived quickly, in time for a camping trip to a dark sky area. I was very impressed with the results. If you are in the market for a start tracker, you will not be disappointed with the Move-Shoot-Move.. Easy setup, user friendly, and most of all, it just works! I will be recommending it to all my friends who are interested in night sky photography. My dream of getting sharp, images of the Milky-Way have come true, and the Move-Shoot-Move made it possible. No complicated image stacking needed. Able to shoot long exposures at very low iso. I love this piece of gear, and you will too!

Great astrophotography product!

I needed a star tracker that was compact and simple to use. This fit the ticket perfectly! Very happy with my purchase!

So simple to use

I purchased a Sky Watcher Star Adventurer awhile ago, and beside the weight, it was that complicated I just could not be bothered. Having received my MSM last week I went out with high hopes and it delivered. I did not purchase the polar scope or laser pointer, but used a couple of different apps on the phone and was able to take shots of more than 5 minutes with only small movement. Shots under 3 minutes were pin sharp.
Finally, the weight. So easy to just chuck it in the camera bag and take it anywhere. So glad I decided to purchase Move Shoot Move!!!

2 tracked shots straight out of camera, and the 2 results when combined with static foreground and Lightroom/PS editing.

Exactly what I wanted

The product is well used and it’s exactly what I wanted . I successfully took some galaxy pictures with it. The price is reasonable especially it’s my first star tracker.

Hi, good afternoon.
all correct both packaging and speed in shipping I am delighted, greetings

Good Tracker

I tried Travel Star Tracker & Motion Timelapse mount - MSM™ Rotator and taked very good photos. I've enjoyed my stay. Also recommend to my friends. But laser battery and it's charger not so useful. Maybe you can use AA rechargeable battery and more useful charger. Best regards.

Great handling of shipping and a top notch product

I received the set very quickly and the first tests look awesome!

The perfect tracker for on the move

The compact MSM tracker is perfect for using on the move. It’s built in battery and simple interface allows you to get set up and tracking in minutes. The unit is well built and comes with a handy padded bag. As well as star tracking the unit also allows for time lapse rotation which can be linked to the camera via provided accessories. Coupled with a polar scope or laser pointer, accurate polar alignment can be made, in my tests no star trailing was visible in a 2 minute exposure at 35mm focal length. For the offer price this is a very versatile and handy piece of kit. The only downside I would say is not being able to set arbitrary rotation increments or have a preset to track the Moon/Sun, which may be useful for eclipse hunters.


MSM Rotator arrived exactly on Time. Brillant packed with all desribed items. Now i have to wait that the rain stops and the Clouds moving. Can’t wait to test it. Thanks again - legt you know my first Resultat. Cheerio Rudi

Star tracker and time lapse mount

Very pleased with this bit of equipment, have gone from lugging a huge telescope mount about to this great lightweight innovation saving me time and energy.
Setting it up is very straightforward and easy, best bit of equipment I've bought for ages.

great find :)

tracker is very portable and easy to use. just need a lot of practice in using the laser to align the tracker.