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Real Time Feedback from MSM Users

Based on 1608 reviews
Very happy with the star tracker

Excellent device, it worked even at extreme conditions (-22ºC) for 2-3 hours without issues. I’m really impressed. I don’t give 5 stars because I think the accessories I’ve bought are not as good as the tracker itself (though they’re necessary for the task). The view finder led broke quickly, and the laser pointer holder it's cumbersome to attach (the plastic screw system should be improved). The support was fantastic and very responsive.

still working on it

live in iowa an winter hasn’t been to kind, haven’t had opportunity to put my MSM to the test

Just perfect!

My order arrived super quick, looks stunning and very solid! I haven't tried it yet because of lack of clear skyes and a lot of work that kept me busy. But I will soon, I'm a newby and i guess it will require some trial and error, but I'm very confident that even I will get stunning photos of the universe! Thank you MSM team!

Ottimo prodotto

Spero di usarlo in estate per la Via Lattea

Phone Mount for Polar Alignment & Milkyway Photography
john kilcullen kilcullen (Manchester, GB)
Star tracker

I have now purchased several product including Mak 90 telescope . Sky tracker .lens dew heater and a polar scope all are well made and easy to use for the beginner like myself .I would definitely buy from them again and recommend to friends

Move shoot move Z/V mount

Solid, small and awesome!

Phone Mount for Polar Alignment & Milkyway Photography
Maciek Malicki Malicki (Harare, ZW)
Over the moon

Customer service - I rate 5 hundred stars

New screws with stopper
Paul Coles (Klepstad, NO)
Beginner with MSM

This is my first star tracker/MSM device. I was initially looking for something small and not too expensive to get started. After a little research and watching many reviews I decided on the MSM. Once received I was impressed by the small size and portability this offered. I choose the laser pointer, along with two ball heads to complete my setup. After reading through the documentation it was easy to get going. I have begun with a couple of tracked milky way shots along with a MSM time lapse of the aurora. I’m very happy with the results. I’m hoping for clear skies to get out and shoot more.

I can highly recommend the MSM. Solid build quality, great customer service and quick delivery. Happy shooting Paul

Pointer for Polar Alignment
Scott Renyer (Iola, US)
Under the stars

I have been a photographer for over 45 years and had always wanted to try astrophotography yes I could do the high ISO shots of 20 second's but was not satisfied with the results too much noise and not enough details.
I have droold over the star tracker's on Amazon but couldn't afford the 400 dollars for one then I seen the move shoot move on Instagram and thought wow that's affordable.so I ordered it I've been out with the move shoot move a few times and I'm very impressed with it now I can take very long exposures at an ISO much lower love it definitely well worth the money

Right Angle Viewfinder

Makes using the polar scope so very easy, don't have to bend over nearly as far as I did before having the viewfinder.

Right Angle Viewfinder for Polar Scope
Stew Shore (Sherwood Park, CA)
Right Angle Viewfinder

The Viewfinder will be a definite advantage and much easier on one’s back. Unfortunately, our Winter has set in and except for a couple of days, too cold to use it outside, -25 to -35 C.


Excellent product made of the best materials. I can only say that I am very satisfied with it. Congratulations

So far... great

Once you get your head around all the options you have, this product gives great results even from the first time I used it.

Great product

This was an upgrade from a simple DIY barn door tracker. I like the device. It is small and solid so I don't worry about leaving it in my bag, and it is perfect for taking on a backpacking/camping trip. It works really well, though I would recommend individuals in temperate climates purchase the adapter so that the laser pointer becomes rechargeable. No complaints with the MSM! I love it

Sturdy and well built. Easy to set up.

The MSM tracker was much sturdier than I had expected. It is very easy to set up and the support materials available online are great.



Universal Mount For Polar Scope and Pointer


Great with room for improvement

I love the MSM rotator. it's small easy to use and tracks very well once you get it aligned right. The battery life is a bit on the short side especially when used in colder environments. I usually get a battery warning after about an hour in the cold.

The green laser it come with for alignment has problem when it get cold. This is a know issue with most green lasers that they begin to emit UV when they get cold. This can be dangerous since propel can't see the UV laser but it can still do some serious damage.
Keeping the laser turned on for about a minute will heat it up enough to begin emitting green light again.

Excellent product but levers in the way

Once I figured out a way to attach and secure the Z mount to my camera rig without all the tightening levers interfering with my ball head and camera, it works as advertised and supports the equipment and allows me to level my camera with ease. I would have preferred allen screws instead of the thumb tighteners however.

Great piece of kit, only con is the laser pointers life

Really pleased with the kit, good price for the pictures I've got out of it, although the laser pointer makes life a lot easier to align, it keeps dying whenever the weather is cold, which means I've had to buy an external charger and keep charging

Love the tracker

I’ve used it several times since I bought it, with lenses ranging from 12mm to 135mm and have received pin point stars. I love how compact and portable it is. I’m very happy with the tracker.

Review of Z Mount

The mount locks are much better than what I used to have.

MSM Star Tracker

Very pleased with the purchase, build quality seems good unfortunately the weather hasn't been very kind, and only used to try set up, I bought it for shooting the milky-way in the spring so looking forward to some clear night's

Polar Scope and Accessories
Jukka Jaakola (Vantaa, FI)

Polar Scope and Accessories