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So simple yet so effective

I purchased the Z mount bracket and found this to be not only very useful in conjunction with the MSM tracker but I found I use it more often mounted on a ballhead taking multirow panos. Sure can just tilt your camera up or down using the ballhead but this makes things just so much more accurate.

Amazing startracker!

The MSM tracker is easy to mount and use. Got perfect shots the first night out.
I was out for my second night with my MSM tracker. The first night i was out the moon where to bright to get good shots.
I have searched for good locations on the west side of Oslofjord to have a long horizon to east and south, and decided that Tjoeme, Norway ("End of the world") had to be i good place.
Took several shots of different foreground objects and at different angels. Come up with two angels that worked at SouthEast and South.
Began tracking at 2 AM heading East and shot 10 frames before i adjusted more and more against SouthEast, and moved location more against South. Finished at 4.30 AM with lots of good shots and an experience richer,

Both images at same exposures.
Olympus E-M10 Mark III / 17mm f/1,8
Foreground: 4x25sec f/1,8 ISO200
Sky: 10x40sec f/2,8 ISO1000, MSM tracker
Stacked in Sequator and blended in PS
Last touch in lightroom.

Clever piece of kit!

I have a Z bracket and it's absolutely brilliant. Absolutely rock solid and cleverly designed by Alyn Wallace. I have been using it all the time since I got it and very satisfied.

MSM Z bracket

Recently received I am very pleased with the Z bracket. The lock screws work really work well and hold a heavy camera and lens without creeping. Just so useful. Thanks MSM and Alyn for the design.

Big results in small package

The MSM has performed perfectly for me on numerous occasions; both for Milky Way photos and Deep Sky images. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to take their Astrophotography to the next level. It's worked for me.

New MSM Pointer

I'm delighted with the new updated MSM pointer. The new version has the ability to be adjusted which makes it even more accurate. As like the initial pointer, polar alignment is easy to achieve in a few seconds.


This thing is amazing. Much more compact than the others I've owned. It's solidly built yet light and packs small. I use the pano function almost everyday. My only complaint is the lights arnt adjustable so seeing them during daylight hours is challenging if not sometimes impossible. One other thing is it would be nice to have a removable battery. No issues with daily use so far however my guess is the battery will lose capacity long before the mechanical parts fail. Overall it's fantastic.

Awesome Star Tracker

One of the best star tracker in the market. Images of this tracker is very sharp you can check some samples Shots on my Instagram @sheldon.2000

Great tracker for smaller lenses!

Light weight and easy to use.

New MSM user/lpurchaser

I love my new MSM: Lightweight, easy to setup. I did need to purchase a small carrying case to hold and carry all the associated parts (MSM rotator, laser light, polar scope, z-plate, connection cords, and the needed extra ballhead). Sadly, the really nice little zippered case for the MSM seems to be just a waste.


For the price this cannot be beaten, easy to transport, easy to use, would recommend.

V for Very good.

I elected to go for the V tripod and Star Tracker mount for simplicity. It is very well made and perfect for my set up. Locks tight and does not move once locked in. Highly recommended.

Great little tracker

I've been able to track sharp stars for 3 to 4 minutes no problem. Waiting for perfect conditions to do milky way. Laser alignment works great too.

MSM kit B

Ligero y fácil de utilizar. Una maravilla

It works

A great addition to my night sky photography kit. It is small and light so is easily carried in a back pack. Being in Australia the laser is not available. Using the phone mount and alignment with an astrophotography app works well for wide angle shots.

Thoughts on the V-Platform by MSM

This is a clever and well executed product converting star trackers into miniature equatorial platforms like they are used for tracking of large Dobsonian telescopes (aka Poncet platforms).
The only modification I made to the V-platform was to add a thin metal washer to the axis connecting both plates to avoid marring of the aluminum of the base plate.
The V-platform is screwed to the disk of my Vixen Polarie which is then clamped on the dovetail ring of the Polarie tracker. After clamping there is no way to use the polar scope but to remove the disk with the V-platform from the Polarie entirely.
One modification of the V-platform I could think of is to replace the rotating mechanism in the base plate of the V-platform by a mechanism which can be clamped directly to the dovetail ring of the Polarie. If this mechanism is wide enough so that the polar scope can be fully inserted into the Polarie, this would offer the decisive advantage that checking polar alignment during a photo session simply requires to fold up the V-platform to about 90 degrees and to insert the polar scope. This way there would be no need to remove the V-platform plus disk from the Polarie for polar alignment.
If this clamping mechanism is executed as a separate ring fixed in the base plate of the V-platform it may be possible to use one type of base plate and different rings for different types of star trackers with on-axis polar scopes.

Alyn Wallace z mount

I have found this product as advertises and then some, It lives on my travel tripod all the time, I recently used it with a light table and tripod to scan old 4x5 transparency's with my Canon 6D mark ll. Worked great.



Move shoot move in Big Bend dark sky

Enjoyed using the device at Big Bend NP. Simple to polar align with the laser. But some how my camera balll mount slipped during shooting and spoiled the time lapse. Still the images of the Milky Way (pre slip) are great.

MSM Rotator

The Star Tracker is amazing and very easy to use with my Sony Camera

Dew Heater Band for astrophotography

Used it twice, with some effects.

Excellent Products

I purchased the MSM star tracker, 2 ball heads and later the Z tripod/star tracker mount. I have been very pleased with everything and have even enjoyed being up in the middle of the night using the star tracker. Customer service has been very prompt in replying to several of my questions too.

A great tool for astrolandscape photography

I like the portability of the MSM rotator which is a great match for my mirrorless cameras. I managed to get a 3 minute exposure on my first outing with it using a wide angle lens and the laser guide. The manual is very basic and I would recommend reviewing the ambassadors’ You Tube videos by Glen Tillyard, Alex McGregor and Peter Zelinka before you use it as there are different ways of setting it up. The Z mount platform is well made and a useful addition to the MSM kit to either replace or supplement my hall head when needed.