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Wedge for precise polar alignment
Kritsadanshon Sadeewong (Bang Phli, TH)
MSM Wedge

Help for polar alignment is easy.

Z&V Mount

Very durable, flexible, practical function.
Makes you create endless macro photography.
Just loving it more and more.
Highly recommended 👍

Peter Chen

Benro 3 Way Geared Head GD3WH

Maximising the success while taking MilkyWay photos is and always will be a fine balance between Polar alignment and camera stability and if you don’t do both to the best oh your ability then the final image will suffer.

The Benro 3 Way Geared Head ticks both box’s stability and ease of use.
controlling the polar alignment with the BENRO GD3WH Is supper easy as it offers easy to use fine adjustments on all 3 axis’s without sacrificing stability or quality. it is fantastic quick and easy to use,.
as a result of using Benro 3 way Head my polar alignment has a precision thst I have never been able to achieve on a wedge or a ball-head and the quality of my final image has improved.
The biggest plus this compleat package brings to me personally is if I want to change my shooting position part way through I can, using the Benro 3Way Geard Head and the Move Shoot Move laser I compleat polar alinement in less lab 2 minutes.

Quick and accurate alignment

The Ioptron laser kit allows me to quickly align my tracker with Polaris so I may spend more time taking my intended sky object.

Excellent product, great customer support.

I bought the star focus filter. The product is very well made and is very helpful to focus on the stars. It is a must for astrophotography. Customer support is very prompt and helpful. I highly recommend this product and this company. I will be looking at other items they make and I'm sure I'll buy more from them.

Makes alignment quick and easy

Using this made it easy to align the Star Adventurer 2i by getting it close to Polaris. It was then easy to do a final alignment with the polar scope because Polaris was easily visible and only slightly out of position. Really pleased I purchased this.

Didymium Light Pollution Filter
Ivar Schiager (Hyggen, NO)
Must have in Bortle class 4 and worse

Performs well with a stock digital camera in Bortle class 4-6 where I have used it.
Step-up rings can be bought everywhere as well as 82mm lenscap for darkframes and bias. I also got a 82mm metall lenshood on ebay. This will simplify the use of lens warmer/dew heater band.

Great little head torch!

What I love about this product aside from its price, is the fact that it has separate controls for RED and WHITE light - no fiddling around in the dark and inadvertently ending up with a bright white light! Ideal would be to get rid of the flashing option.

Easy Focus - Star Focus Filter

The filter worked exactly as I had seen on various YouTube videos. Really helped with stars in the deep sky. If you want to make manual focusing a cinch, then get these filters. They are especially helpful if you’re farsighted and have to wear corrective lenses to see objects up close like on a live view screen if a DSLR. This filter will take the guesswork out of whether you’re seeing a truly sharp object or not. Great product and I would certainly but it again.

Great equipment

The Star Focus Filter is really a help whilst focussing on the stars. Not an almost but a yes sharp result 👍

Very Nice Product

Seems to me Move-Shoot-Move always get the point:
Very easy to use and high quality per price product.
This is one example, easy to use, very sharp focus in 99% of focal leghts!

Hooray! 2023 MSM USER Calendar is ready now!

Nice lightweight setup!

Does what it says on the tin, I find with the basic lightweight setup you really are best leaving it for shooting wide, I tried up to 70mm and while the stars were still sharp at 2 minutes, the level alignment wasn’t great.
It can be made easier with the V plate as you do need to start off level before pointing upwards. Otherwise your framing will become off after a number of shots.

Quick Polar Finder- SW Adapter
Iván Cárdenes Muñoz (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, ES)
Good one

I like it

Pointer for Polar Alignment
Mark Dagneau (Dexter, US)
Lazer pointer

Exellent pointer, much improved over previous offer. calibration feature is great!

Alyn Wallace ZV mount

Superb piece of kit. Highly versatile. Money very well spent.

It works!

Made polar alignment incredibly easy. After using the laser, Polaris was right in the finder scope field of view, easy to find and refine. Complete polar alignment took less than a minute - incredible!

Wedge for precise polar alignment
Juan Antonio Rodríguez Ortiz (Antequera, ES)
Spectacular tracker

It's great how such a small and manageable tracker can be so precise

This laser kit is a game changer!

I absolutely love how easy this laser kit makes it to do a quick polar alignment! I turn the laser on while I level the mount and get it pointed at Polaris! Then I use my ASI Air to finish the polar alignment! So much quicker and easier than before. No more cranking my head around to look through the polar scope! Love it!

Kicked Novagrade's butt!

I am the new owner of a legendary "vintage" spotting scope, the Nikon ED82 with a 30x DS (digiscoping) eyepiece. I love it. I'm also a Nikon DSLR (and now Z) photographer. One of the aspects of the ED82 "kit" when I bought it was that it came complete with the Nikon UBK bracket and FSA-L1 adapter enabling Nikon cameras to attach directly to the scope. What could be better?

I also am an early adopter of technology, so I just purchased Samsung's Galaxy S23 Ultra with the super-ridiculous 200 megapixel camera. Naturally, I had to try both.

Before I could use the Samsung on the scope, I had to buy an adapter to "hold the phone" (sorry, I could not resist). 20 minutes of research later, I'd ordered Novagrade's "Double Gripper" only finding MSM's ACCUVIEW a little later (and out of stock at the time). I pre-ordered it anyway. I'm an engineer, so I believe in a good bake-off.

While I waited for the ACCUVIEW to arrive, I had sufficient time with the Novagrade to appreciate its build quality (also excellent) and frustrate myself a bit with attaching and aligning it to the scope. I'm not here to trash the Novagrade, it's an excellent product, but I found that attaching it to the scope and tightening the compression ring invariably "jostled" the scope off its target. Fine adjustments to the phone's position presented their own challenge. I waited (somewhat) patiently for the ACCUVIEW to arrive. Hanna kept me very up to date with shipping progress.

Right out of the box, the build quality presents itself immediately. Not as heavy-weight as the Novagrade, but every bit as precisely machined with the clear advantage of its 3(!) axis fine adjustments. I dropped my "important" task to test it out, and I could not be more delighted with the results.

Attaching, removing and reattaching the unit with phone attached can be done quickly, reliably and precisely. Love it.
Fine tuning the alignment on the centerline of the scope to minimize vignetting was dead simple.
First shots looked great!
Then I discovered just how important that Z axis adjustment is to us with fine eyepieces and high-resolution wide-angle cameras in our smartphones! Until I discovered that, I was pinch-zooming to fill the screen. Then I started backing the phone away from the eyepiece and was BLOWN AWAY by the image as it nearly filled the screen.
Remote control in hand, I snapped my first few images and reviewed them.

I'm keeping the ACCUVIEW and have already informed Novagrade that I'm returning their Double Gripper. Again, Novagrade's Double Gripper is an excellent unit, but the ACCUVIEW just kicked its butt. It wasn't even close.

Lens Warmer

Looking forward to using the lens warmer as I travel later this Spring.

Polar Scope and Accessories
Kevin Gilpin (Lancaster, GB)
Simple and Easy to use

I wanted to start using a polar scope. So I order the bits required and started to use it. I found I could not get along with the Fluorescent Illuminator. Asking talking to Move Shot Move they suggested the old style Illuminator which I just love using. Happy Shooting

Z&V Mount Designed with Alyn Wallace

they work,
at times they are a good solution for alignment and angles

Great Products

My milky way shots are getting better!