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Works as advertised

It’s a head lamp with separate buttons for red and white lights. Works great.

Works like a charm

I am very satisfied, with the star tracking feature as well with the timelapse option,

Great! Lightness never seen before.

Very light and small. Ideal for carrying around in outdoor activities.

Brilliant portable tracker.

The MSM is the most affordable portable tracker on the market and is perfect for your grab and go widefield astrophotography needs!

Now it's perfect

The Polar scope with illuminator has finally arrived!
Now I can be even more accurate in aiming :D

The shoot move is already excellent in its "Kit B" configuration where the fast laser pointer is included, but with this scope I can get even better performance!!!

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Happy Purchase

Excellent compact tracker
Instructions a little bit daunting but in practice really was very simple
Would recommend using PhotoPills app for polar alignment (Spot Stars AR) & then adjust with laser
Only thing missing is moon tracking mode

MSM user review

The MSM tracker is not heavy. It appears to be well built. The alignment laser bracket is quite loose, but for wide field the polar alignment is not critical. My main complain is it is very difficult to have a secure attachment from the MSM to the Z-mount or the ball head. Tightening would cause the motor gear to slip. Addition of some form of locking device should help.

First time user

If you're serious enough to be reading these reviews, save yourself some time and just buy it. This thing is amazing and easy to use. My first time out I got great pin-point stars with a five minute exposure. The laser is extraordinary too, flipped that thing on and it was like the Green Lantern shooting up into the sky. Awesome! I did use a geared tripod head to support the MSM which really helped. The ball head in the package is ok and cheaper than going to eBay. It's great, you're going to love it.

V & Z brackets

Bought these to help with my night photography. Make panoramas easy when set up well. Well made and sturdy.

Z/V Tripod & Star Tracker Mount

Well designed, solid mount that does the job nicely. Service is excellent too

Great tracker!! But...

The tracker works as expected. Better than expected if we lokk at it's price, but if you want to shoot with a telephoto, you'll need the polar scooe, and a great ball head or similar. Because it's very difficult to point to polaris.

As the rotator is lightweigth, the camera and telephoto are harder than the ballhead and it moves very easily.

Exactly when I was looking for

I was looking for a product or I could easily pivot My camera back to level when using a storm tracker. The Z/V Star track mount fit the bill perfectly. Extremely well-made and very durable too!

Best rotator for the money!

Works great and can easily sight polaris for Milky Way shots using only the laser. Big bonus is that it is light enough to take backpacking.

V Platform

I just used the V platform for the 1st time since i purchased it. It is very useful so far. It is strong and easy to set. It really helped me to balance my camera and find the angle i like once mounted on the tracker. I suggest to work on the best set up at home to be more accurate once on the field. Story to be continued !

Simple and effective equatorial mount

The Move Shoot Move equatorial mount is lighter, smaller, and easier to use than any other equatorial mount I've used. The optical sight is compact, and the laser sight is hugely simpler to use for rough alignment than other systems I've used. I appreciate that it has an integrated battery that charges over USB-C, also a big improvement over the AA-based mounts I've used. It's also simpler -- lign it up and turn it on, no fancy gimmicks.


Accesorio muy útil, con el la posición de la Cámara para hacer panorámicas es perfecta

Works well.

Longer than the one I was previously using, which lets it work with bigger lenses. The included controller is nice to be able to run it on low to stop dew and turn it up to keep frost off.

Great Addition

The mount is very well built, and adds allot of flexibility to the MSM mounting configuration. Also, I like how it lowers and puts the center of gravity over a better place on the rotator.

Z plate

This is a fantastic add on to the Move shoot star tracker makes life so much easier.

Pointer for Polar Alignment

Slave mode is perfect

Actually I was looking for a rotator with a slave mode with the timelapse feature. The MSM rotator is perfect for my use

Small But Mighty

The Z/V Mount at first appears small and insubstantial
However, the engineering and materials proves to be a worthy mount.
Perfect companion mound for the MSM tracker,
Though not intended for heavy camera/lens combinations that exceed the MSM.
It strongly holds the camera for tracking without vibration or slippage.

MSM mit Laser

Ich habe mir den MSM inkl. grünem Laser hier im Shop gekauft. Das Tracking funktioniert erstaunlich gut und ist vergleichbar mit der Vixen Polarie (mit Sucherausrichtung). Die Ausrichtung geht wirklich schnell durch den Laser. Leider hat genau dieser einen entscheidenden Nachteil: bei kalten Temperaturen (in meinem Fall unter 5°C) lässt die Leistung des Lasers nach wenigen Minuten stark nach. Dies ist durch die Laser Typ begründet. Bei kalten Temperaturen wird nicht mehr grünes Licht emittiert sondern infrarotes. Was für das Auge nicht mehr sichtbar aber weiterhin gefährlich ist. Wird der Laser bis kurz vor der Benutzung in der Hosentasche gelagert kann man ihn für ein paar Minuten nutzen bis er sehr schwach wird. Wenn er wieder aufgewärmt wird funktioniert er natürlich wieder normal. Hier wird das Phänomen gut erklärt:

Mit dem Tracker bin ich insgesamt sehr zufrieden. Sehr klein und leicht. Aufgrund des Lasers gibt es nur 4 Sterne.

Z/V Tripod & Star Tracker Mount, designed with Professional Photographer Alyn Wallace