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Z&V mounts

These mounts are well designed and well built. Together they provide versatility for balance and angles on a tripod

It's ok

It's lightweight, and very small, although it has a lot of components that might get lost in the dark, and the initial set-up wasn't easy. I would appreciate a more detailed description of the set-up.

Pointer for Polar Alignment
Eirik Kittelsen (Oslo, NO)
Simple to use tracker

A super lightwright tracker. So easy to bring and use. And with the laser its a breeze to set up.

Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer 2I Pro-MSM Laser Kit

This really helps me to polar align my mount quicker. This is especially helpful when you're doing you're doing you're rough polar alignment when it's dark. It asshres you that you're looking at Polaris in your PA scope and not some other star. My only concern is the battery it uses. They could've used a much more accessible type of battery.

Green laser - pointer

Item was delivered promptly and works fine. It is very helpful in aligning the tracker to north star.

Great and precise

With the polar scope with right angle viewfinder and laser it is easily polaraligned precisely. I recommand the use of v or z mount for the ballhead.
Tracks very well.

MSM star tracker

I use the star tracker with the cell mounting and the results were perfect even with 2 minutes exposing. No star trail and a perfect result.
Strong recommended for use and get wonderful results.

Great gear

Say no to star trails in a compact, portable footprint!

So easy to use!

Up till now I only used it once but the setup was very simple and it was so easy to do the polar alignment. Pin sharp stars up to four minutes with a wide angle lens. Can’t wait to use it early 2023.

Made polar alignment faster

I try to keep my tripod and tracker close to the ground, that makes polar alignment a real pain. I’m bent over or lying on the ground. I tried the right angle finder along with the laser holder on my Skywatcher Adventure, it made alignment a breeze.

Fine for what it is

I got this some time ago, ran into a few problems, and set it aside for another day. That day was today, and I got it working. As other reviews have mentioned, the red-dot sight is pretty much useless, but I was able to try it out on the moon (which I can find without a sight!) and got good pictures. The build quality is fine, it's nice and light, and the dual-view option is handy.

I waffled between four and five stars and ended up with five because it's a good deal at the price. I just wish it came with a better sight.

Very easy to use and compact

With MSM, I'm no longer limiting my exposures. I like the results, having sharp stars in my photos. Highly recommended.

Attached photo is 30 sec, f/5.0, ISO 200 and no trailling stars.

Move shoot move test

Can’t say enough how easy this tracker was to set up. First time setup took 10 minutes. Turned on the tracker, setup for north, pointed the laser to the North Star , setup my camera for ISO 500, time 5 minutes and started shooting. DONE. You can’t beat the results for the price.

Good piece of equipment

MSM works for me. I haven’t used other trackers. Like the size and function.

Alum Wallace Z-plate

I bought the MoveShoot Move Z-plate to place it between the tracker and the camera’s ball head. I did this to allow myself additional flexibility aligning the camera to the target. With the latches firmly closed, the Z-plate is stiff and doesn’t not move although having it greatly extended can make it feel more flexible. I like the Z-plate and think it a good addition to my kit.

Pointer for Polar Alignment
Gray (Glendale, US)
Laser pointer easy setup

The setup and line up using the polar laser was easy and very accurate. I didn’t realize until I turned it on how far and simple the laser worked. Great tool

Excellent little kit

On first impressions the tracker appears compact, sturdy and neat.
It can certainly hold my Olympus EM1 Mkiii and 7-14mm zoom lens.
I was pleasantly surprised by the laser pointer and how easy it was to set up with the pole star.
The z plate has been well machined.
Although a nice touch, the inclusion of the mini tripod is unlikely to be used, but thank you.

Good star tracker

When i ordered it i had my questions to the new approach of the star tracker with the added bonus of being able to capture time lapses, star tracker hit rate is roughly 80% i am yet to test the timelapse function tho.


Excellent product fir time lapse and panorama shots

Don’t hesitate

First of all, if you have an interest in astrophotography in any capacity and are looking at the MSM, definitely buy it. It’s incredibly user friendly and as intuitive as a pice of astrophotography equipment can get. It feels premium and worth exactly what I paid for it, and that sentiment extends to all the peripherals I bought on the MSM site. I honestly can’t think of a better solution for shooting nightscapes, especially if form factor is a concern. Again I go bac to my original statement, do not hesitate! If you have the money and and want to get into astrophotography, guy this little piece of ingenuity!

Nice piece of gear

Haven’t had the chance / need to use it in anger yet but it seems a very well made and thought out item.

Easy to use star tracker

I found the star tracker easy to use and helped improve my astrophotography results, would recommend

Polar Scope and Accessories
Michael Debreceni (Bothell, US)
Easy alignment, could use clearer instructions

I recently added the polar alignment scope to my Move Shoot Move kit, in order to get a better polar alignment than is possible with the laser. I also bought the 90 degree elbow adapter so that I wouldn't need to crouch awkwardly while getting my alignment right.

Once I figured out how to mount the polar alignment scope and rotate the reticle to the correct position, polar alignment was simple. Clearer instructions would have been helpful here. With this said, the MSM community is very supportive and helpful, should you have questions.

I would have loved to know:
* Should I get version 'A' or 'B' of the kit? I chose A and it worked, but it was not clear which was best for me?
* How do I properly mount the scope into the mounting bracket? The scope clamps in nicely but I wasn't sure I'd positioned it properly, or pushed it far enough in to the bracket. A picture or two would have helped.
* How do I rotate the reticle to match my polar alignment app? I figured this out i the end, but it took a bit of guesswork.

Having said that, once I had this figured out, my resulting alignment was very good - much better than I achieved with the laser.

One other recommendation - if you have a choice between the 3D printed plastic LED illuminator or a machined metal one, pay extra for metal. It's much more durable, should you accidentally drop the alignment scope (ask me how I know).

All in all, I highly recommend the polar alignment scope.

Muy util

Después de utilizarlo varias veces puedo decir que es muy seguro además de útil.
La única pega que le encuentro es que se raya con mucha facilidad, sobre todo la base.