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Lightweight, simple and easy to use

I have had the MSN Nomad for a few weeks and I can only say good things about it. This start tracker is lightweight, simple and easy to use. In combination with the laser, it makes polar alignment very quick and simple. And you can track the stars at least for 2 minutes without any star trailing. I don't think you can ask for anything else when you are under the stars.

Removes night glow for a better shot

Well constructed filter. The addition of filter size adapters was nice.

Easy to Set Up and Use. Delivers Great Pictures.

Very easy to use with clear instructions and videos on YouTube. Purchased with the laser pointer and polar scope which makes alignment so easy. I’m still learning how to get the best pictures but even the first ones I have are far better than trying to get shots without it.
Would recommend this to anyone wanting to get great star and astro shots.

Wedge for precise polar alignment
Marc Abello Borras (Madrid, ES)

Un star tracker muy práctico e intuitivo con el que realizar seguimiento en astrofotografía de vía láctea se vuelve super sencillo. Totalmente recomendable.

NOMAD Star Tracker

Hola, el tracker funciona perfectamente. He tenido un problema con el Laser, y la comunicación con la empresa a sido perfecta, solucionado. Muy recomendable el Nomad Tracher y la tienda.

Muy práctico

Me encantan. Zapatas muy prácticas que facilitan la tarea

Z & V mount by Alyn Wallace

Great product! Works as expected…perfects the setup!

NOMAD star tracker for Novice and Experienced Astrophotographers
Jorge Rey Azabal (Donostia / San Sebastian, ES)

I have checked and for the price it costs it gives an awesome result, so happy

Rock Solid

Absolutely Rock Solid product. Nothing to complain about. Recommended.

Excelentes productos

Todo el pedido llegó sin problemas, me gusta el Nomad, excelente y maniobrable, buen sky tracker, mi unica duda es con el filtro para enfocar las estrellas, no se si me llegó lo solicitado, ya que pedí el que sirve para lentes anchos y no he podido enfocar bien las estellas con el filtro

This Is Great!

I am new to astrophotography and photography in general, and I didn't really want to sink money into a hobby that I might not pursue long term. However, after finally being able to test the tracker a little, I have been constantly checking for a clear night, as this thing just works! I am glad I made this purchase!

It's a great cell phone holder for doing videos with a tripod (as well as for polar alignment)

It works very good for polar alignment BUT I also discovered that it is fantastic to mount a phone on a tripod for videos or other uses. Being able to rotate between horizontal and vertical is a plus but the ball head connector enables me to get the precise angle I need.

Star Tracking Made Easier

I’ve enjoyed using this tracker because of its simplicity. The laser system makes polar alignment fairly simple, and having a simple on and off switch on the tracker gets you up and running quickly, unlike some other trackers that seem too dependent on a cellphone app and a Bluetooth connection. Now if the weather would just cooperate, I could do some more night sky photography!

Polar Scope and Accessories
Gordon Martin Martin (Surrey, CA)
Great Improvement

The polar alignment has been simplified to a very easy process with the lader find and polar scope, tracking down to between one and two arc secs

perfect tracker

The Nomad star tracker is the perfect first tracker and is super easy to use and well made. It makes getting into star tracking easy and pretty much foolproof. Highly recommended.

Excellent adapter for your telescope

I've already owned two other adapters and this one is clearly the best for several reasons:
- All metal , very stable but light at the same time
- Fine tuning of each of the three axis
- Comes with a bag so easy to store and transport with you
- Optional bluetooth shutter for stable images YouTube video placeholder
Just Tried The Nomad And Z Mount For The First Time

The set up with the Nomad and Z Mount was easy and straightforward. This is the first I’ve ever used a star tracker but everything was simple…got really nice results the first time out. I like the fact that it’s all very compact and light compared to other trackers. Its been a great experience so far.


Received the product fine, had no chance to use it yet.

Works Great

Works perfectly. Separate switch for red and white is great!

Great Product

Used Nomad to track the sun for April 2024 total solar eclipse. It was a challenge to get good daytime polar alignment, but that's not a Nomad issue - the Nomad itself worked very well! So small and compact; very easy to travel with. Waiting for the opportunity for milky way shots! Also, great support from Hannah!

Excellent star tracker

I bought the MSM Nomad to do Milky Way photos. The set up was very good but my main concern was accuracy of the laser pointer. I put the Nomad on my telescope mount in place of the guide camera and did polar alignment on the scope. Then I turned on the last of the Nomad and adjusted the beam to Polaris. After that it is a very simple and quick set up to get aligned and the camera oriented. 1 minute tracking is not hard when done this way even using heavy DSLR and heavy wide angle lenses.

Very small and precise

Embark on a journey into the captivating world of astrophotography with minimal effort and expense.
Nomad has completely changed my perspective on astrophotography, my thirty seconds have easily become four minutes!
I can't change the past, but I can always use Nomad to make better photos.


The Z & V mounts are high quality. The locking mechanism works well and hold the camera solidly.

Polar phone mount kit

Works very well when using with photo pills (spot stars) app. Would recommend

Splited package

Sadly my order was splited into two packages because of EU warehouse shortages. I didnt know that until I asked, where is the rest of my order after only part of it was delivered. There was a quick answer from Hanna with explanation and the second part was delivered within 2-3 weeks from China. Sadly after my vacation. Despite of that, everything seems to work fine (just the arca-swiss plate of rotator doesnt fit in all clamps (eg. peak design) - too thick bottom part of plate).