Phone Mount for Polar Alignment -
Phone Mount for Polar Alignment -
Phone Mount for Polar Alignment -
Phone Mount for Polar Alignment -
Phone Mount for Polar Alignment -
Phone Mount for Polar Alignment -

Phone Mount for Polar Alignment -

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Hi friends,

Thanks to Mr.Steven who kept pushing us on this, also thanks to Stephen Dyer, he suggested this mount from last year.

Finally, it's ready!

If you are in the Southern Hemisphere, this phone mount is a must-have.

Please feel free to contact us anytime, any questions.



Why do I need it?

Actually there are many cases when laser pointers or polar scopes are not possible in field, so polar alignment with phone apps is quite convenient from this aspect and a phone mount is in need then.

Here are some common situations when you would like to use it:

  • in countries like Australia and Switzerland where laser pointers are mostly banned
  • when buildings, mountains, etc. blocking the sky ahead of you that you could not point to Polaris
  • in locations such as airports and observatories where laser pointers are not allowed


For polar alignment with phones, the Phone Mount is adjustable, easy to use, and light-weight, with the phone-holder part free to rotate.

  • free to rotate the phone-holder part
  • extendable grip enabling to adjust the phone-holder part for your phone size
  • soft padding to securely holds your device
  • fit for both 3/8"-16 and 1/4"-20 screws



Wide compatibility: 62mm-90mm, 4.5”-7.3”

Max load: 2kg

Item weight: 0.352lbs(0.16kg)

Material: aluminum alloy


How to do polar alignment with phones?

  1. Mount your Rotator and camera well with tripod heads.
  2. Mount the Phone Mount to the Rotator.
  3. Mount your phone to the Phone Mount and turn on an app for polar alignment.
4. Adjust by panning and tilting the tripod head that you mount the Rotator to, until your phone is aligned with polar on the app.

    There you go, ready to shoot!

    Links for you in case you don’t have an adjustable tripod head:

    Ball head:

    Pan-tilt head:


    How to use it?

    1. Screw the Phone Mount onto a rig, the side of the Rotator facing at the ground in the case of polar alignment.
    2. Mount your phone to it and lock it well by controlling the knobs.
    3. Align the edge of your phone with the edge of the Rotator.
    4. Lock the position by rotating the knob on the other side compared to your phone.

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