Pointer for  Polar Alignment
Pointer for  Polar Alignment
Pointer for  Polar Alignment
Pointer for  Polar Alignment
Pointer for  Polar Alignment
Pointer for  Polar Alignment
Pointer for  Polar Alignment
Pointer for  Polar Alignment
Pointer for  Polar Alignment
Pointer for  Polar Alignment
Pointer for  Polar Alignment
Pointer for  Polar Alignment
Pointer for  Polar Alignment

Pointer for Polar Alignment

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This is the Laser Pointer for Astrophotography.

This Laser Pointer can be used for Astro shooting, and act as simple polar alignment without the equatorial mount.


#Upgraded in Oct. 2022#

Hi Friends,
The laser is updated to the long version with a 16340 coming inside. 
If you looking for a replacement battery, please source the 16340  3.6V battery on the market.
Before turning on the laser, please remove the insulating paper (for shipping safety)  first then turn it on.
Please feel free to contact us(support@moveshootmove.com) if you have any questions.

#Upgraded in Aug. 2020#

Hi Friends,

Seeing that many of you would like to have a laser pointer with its laser as straight as possible, finally, we've upgraded the laser pointer to an adjustable version. It's also smaller than the previous version. 

So, if you mainly play with wide lenses, it works for your lenses without adjustment.

If you may use a long-focus lens sometimes, you can adjust the laser beam then.
Here's the instructions on how to do it:

Regarding the battery for the new pointer, it's a 14250 3.6V battery.
A battery comes with the pointer, put in it already, it's rechargeable, so you can also charge it if you want.

Clear Skies,
Move Shoot Move team, 2020.08.25


#Upgraded in Aug. 2019#

  • Switch to the newest plastic screw for the mount to protect your Rotator's surface from scratch.



Laser Product, please don't aim the laser pointer at a person's head or eye!


Diameter: 21mm

Customer Reviews

Based on 129 reviews
David Clarke (Vancouver, CA)
Pointer for Polar Alignment

This pointer is especially useful when you live adjacent to a busy urban airport.
Definitely recommended. !!

Simon (Canmore, CA)
Excellent customer service

I placed my order and paid the extra for expedited shipping. As I tracked the shipment it appeared to have stalled. I contacted MSM and they replied within a couple of hours apologizing for the mixup and without any prompting from me they refunded the extra I had paid for shipping. After waiting a few more days and seeing no further movement MSM readily agreed to send another shipment that arrived promptly. I haven't had a chance to use the gear but I wanted to offer this review to give MSM kudos for their customer service.

Jamie Murdoch (Brighton, GB)
My new adjustable laser arrived faulty

I will not give my review untill I have sent back the laser for a return as I have not been able to use it as it is !

Schmerer Melanie (Düsseldorf, DE)

Very simple and reliable ordering process.
The delivery service took a little long, but this was resolved quickly and easily upon request. Thank you

Paul Jenkins (Toronto, CA)


Ulrich Hipp (Stuttgart, DE)
No delivery

Still waiting for delivery.

Lars Weinert (Berlin, DE)
Never arrived

Never arrived

Joseph E Christensen (Hayden, US)

Pointer for Polar Alignment

David Chandler (Durham, US)
Easy Polar Alignment

I used my new laser pointer for polar alignment and it was very quick and easy! Took about 2 minutes to get the alignment and saw no star tracks using the MSM. I had to calibrate the laser first, but that was quite easy

Roger McEwen (Madisonville, US)
Web page said in stock

Yet shipping from China my order from first of September will not ship until the end of October we will see take your money and lie to you about order $389 order not very honorable to do customer this way