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Introducing the SiFo Rotator – a 3-in-1 Solution for Star Tracking, Motion Time-lapse and Panorama photography

A highly portable and affordable star tracker

Pocket size, hassle-free – take it anywhere… 

Exceptionally easy to set up quickly!

Constructed from aluminum alloy!

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Time-lapse and Motion time-lapse

Despite its modest proportions, the SIFO Rotator can support camera–lens combinations of up to 3 kg in all configurations. This, together with its low centre of gravity, means it offers unbeatable compactness and stability, all in one simple design.

It can also operate with your ‘slider’ to give multi-axis motion.


Motorized panoramas

The Rotator allows your panoramic photos to be easily set-up and acquired.

Example: You can use it to record 5 vertical or horizontal images to make a panorama and stack 4 or more images at the exact same position.

It works in a ‘passive’ motorized manner (see below).

All the exposure set-up is done by the user through their camera’s built-in, or an external, intervalometer, then just choose the angle ‘step’ you need by turning the Rotator’s selector knob.



Small in size and weight – these were the essential starting-points of our design.

Like all astrophotographers, we appreciate how awkward it is to move equipment around different locations in order to find the best perspective. The Rotator’s small size facilitates easy repositioning.

By incorporating a low centre of gravity, the Rotator has a big stability advantage for shooting landscapes.

Material: Aluminum alloy 

Weight: 450 g (1 lb)

Dimensions: 4.3 X 8.0 X 9.9 cm (1.7 X 3.15 X 3.9 in)

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The Rotator uses the camera’s flash ‘hot shoe’ and the supplied PC cable to connect your camera to the device.

No complicated Apps – no other cables required – easy!

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Unlike other devices, the Rotator works by adjusting not the speed of rotation but the angle of rotation. It offers seven options that are selected through a single control knob – angles of 0.05°, 0.075°, 0.1°, 0.125°, 2.0° and 9.0° turned between each exposure, plus a ‘star-tracking mode’.

Through the first 6 options, you the user controls the ‘speed’, depending on both the angle selected and the interval set on your timer/intervalometer (e.g. selecting a wide angle of turn on the device, coupled with short intervals between exposures, results in a rapid rate of rotation).

The star-tracking mode is great for astrophotography. Selecting this mode means that the Rotator will gradually turn 360° in 24 hours. By first aligning the Rotator using the optional laser or polar scope (available from MSM separately), the unit can be made to cancel out the motion of the stars owing to the spinning of the Earth. This will keep the stars ‘sharp’, and is very useful for long exposures of faint objects and image ‘stacking’.

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The Rotator employs an innovative worm gear system that locks into place after every movement, requiring no power to remain in place!

This results in:

- Avoidance of gear and motor shake that might otherwise affect image clarity during photo exposure.

- A super-extended battery life. Expect up to 3000 shots between charges.

Thus you can say good-bye to power banks, external batteries and power cables!

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Eliminates blurring!

Rotation of the SIFO Rotator occurs only after every shot, thus eliminating shake during photographic exposure and the consequent problem of image blurring.

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