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Why didn't anyone think of this before? Polar aligning has never been easier! The building quality of the MSM Tracker far exceeded my expectations based on how inexpensive it is. I also love how compact it is, taking up a very small space in my camera bag. I've been able to take 5 minute exposures with no trails! I would highly recommend this tracker to anyone who wants to shoot the Milky Way!

Phil Sutphin (La Crescenta, US)

Compact and easy to set up and align

I have friends who have bought star trackers and have never used them to take a photo, because they were too complicated to set up! And these are intelligent people. The Move-Shoot-Move is the most compact and easy to set up star tracker I have ever used. From the time I placed it on my tripod to finished alignment was only about two minutes, and within a couple more minutes I was shooting tracked images of the stars. Now, I discover it can do time-lapse movements as well! That will be my next outing...

Royce Bair (Utah, US)

Far better than expected

I was able to track for 4min without noticeable star trails...I mounted a Spacecat 51 Canon RP and took a 60s exposure of M31....crystal clear pic pinpoint stars...that setup is at the max end of its capabilities. I am very impressed and super happy with this compact portable well thought out star tracker.

Great product super friendly service as well.

Aaron Lisco (Phoenix, US)

A great little tracker

I bought this tracker because of its small footprint and the ease of use. And it is really a breeze to set this thing up with the laser attachment. The achievable polar alignment is sufficient for wide-angle lenses up to mid-tele-lenses (maybe 85mm).

Dietmar Galla (Copenhagen, DK)

Good for starters.

I am getting into Astrophotography and was looking for an affordable star tracker when I stumbled upon MSM. It is a very easy set up and I was able to get ths shots I wanted. The icing on the top was the free polar scope illuminator I am going to get.

Nischal (Chandler, US)

Perfect device: small & accurate

Had several try outs and it all worked terrific. Easy alignment with the laser, perfect results with exposure 5 minutes and small to take with me. Really pleased!

Johan van der Wielen (Mook, NL)

Designed by Astrophotographers

Tired of the trails and noise?

Compact and easy to set up


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