Travel Star Tracker & Motion Time-lapse Mount -MSM Rotator

No Star Trails & Noise?

Tired of the trails and noise?

Want to exposure more than 60 seconds?

Emm.. MSM star tracker is what you are looking for, with it, the star will be relatively still with your camera!

Then you can do a long exposure at ease.

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Designed by Astrophotographers

We are astrophotographers, we painfully know how laborious it is to move equipment around different locations to find the best perspective.

Compact and easy to carry these are the essential starting-points of our design. These facilitate easy repositioning and recomposition.

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Easy and Quick to set up

We've made the Polar Alignment as easy as just aiming the pointer at the Polaris will be ok.

If you know what exposure is, then you are ready to go.

PS: Newest button version is 15% smaller than the 1st knob generation.

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Compared with other star trackers out there, and you'll see MSM just takes up a little portion space as them. 

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Alyn Wallace's Review

Take a closer look at the MSM rotator with Alyn Wallace - The landscape astrophotography genius:

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Support All Cameras

It's just as simple as installing ball head to your tripod, pointing the star pointer's beam to the Polaris, and then you are ready to shoot.

New update: Now it can support all cameras for star tracker and timelapse.

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Work as Time-lapse Mount

It can be used as a professional time-lapse mount.

It workes in shoot move shoot manner under timelapse mode - rotation of MSM occurs only after every shot, thus eliminating shake during exposure and the consequent problem of image blurring.

By default, Timelapse mode supports: Canon, Nikon, Sony cameras.

Other brands need one extra intervalometer for timelapse mode.

News for Olympus, Panasonic, Fujifilm!

Self-Locking Gear

MSM employs an innovative worm gear system that locks into place after every movement, requiring no power to remain in place!

This results in:

- Avoidance of gear and motor shake that might otherwise affect image clarity during photo exposure.

- A super-extended battery life. Expect up to 3000 shots between charges.

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Just One Cable for Time-lapse

This cable is used for the time-lapse purpose. For star tracker, this cable is not needed.

In Timelapse Mode:

Connecting the camera’s flash ‘hot shoe’ port with the Rotator, Then the Rotator will work as SLAVE of your camera.

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1 Year Replacement Warranty

If it happens to malfunction in 1 year, don’t worry, we will send a new replacement to you at our expense. Up until now, the defective rate is within 1%.

30 days full refund guarantee.

If you do not want to buy it anymore within 30 days, return to us, and you will get a full refund.

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