Polar Alignment Tutorial For Southern Hemisphere with MSM Star Tracker

Polar Alignment with SiFo Star Tracker -by Gilles Taochy. 2019.2.13

1 - The first thing to do and check the weather and then choose the location of the shooting.

2 - With an application like Stellarium / Photopills / PlanIt, check the orientation of the Milky Way and the position of the CSP (South Celestial Pole) with a virtual projection if possible to approximately determine the position of the CSP

3 - In the Southern Hemisphere, aim the laser pointer near the Octant (yellow). To find this point, look for the Southern Cross (in red)

 How-to-polar-align-in-the-southern-hemisphere  polar align SiFo Star Tracker

4 - Once found, extend the line of the Southern Cross to the level of half of the Octant (blue and white line) Imagine then a line (in magenta) from the middle of the Octant to the end of the line. The CSP is at the center of this line

Polar Alignment Tutorial for Landscape Astrophotography

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