News for Olympus, Panasonic, Fujifilm, Pentax camera users!

Hi Friends, 

This is John from Move Shoot Move, and I have great news to share with you.

As you may know, we previously advertised that, for timelapse mode, our product did not support Olympus, Panasonic, Fujifilm, Pentax, and other cameras.

This is totally wrong. We made a mistake.

In fact, our rotators can support all cameras for timelapse function. (Inspired by David Maimó )

How does the Rotator perform the timelapse motion for your Fujifilm & Olympus cameras?
  • By default, the Rotator was controlled by Nikon, Canon camera's hot shoe for timelapse.
  • But for Fujifilm & Olympus, we need an external intervalometer to control the Rotator. (because Fujifilm & Olympus' hot shoe cannot do this job).
  • So, in short, the intervalometer acts as a hot-shoe port.
The timelapse setting for Fujifilm, Olympus cameras:
1. Connect your intervalometer with the Rotator.
2. Set your camera's parameter for timelapse (Delay time, exposure time, interval time).
3. Set your MSM's intervalometer:
  • Set your intervalometer's delay time to 0.
  • Set your intervalometer's exposure length to 0.
  • Set your intervalometer's interval time the same as your camera.
  • Set your intervalometer's number of shots the same as your camera.
4. Fire your MSM's intervalometer after your camera's first exposure, then let it go.

Helpful Tip Update!

There is a helpful tip contributed by MSM user @Matthew Sunkin  who use Olympus EM1 Mark III Camera with wireless Vello Shutter boss to use MSM timelapse mode.
Problem:  If I set the camera to take 500 shots - it will usually stop
around 115 shots. Is there a sync issue of some kind between the camera and the intervalometer?

Hopefully others can benefit from my troubleshooting. Here is my setup:
Olympus EM1 Mark III mounted on a Move Shoot Move Rotator.

I set up the on board camera Intervalometer to capture 500 shots with a delay time of 15 seconds and an interval length of *3* seconds. I connected my Vello Shutter Boss Remote switch directly to the MSM and set the following:

  • 500 shots,
  • Delay time "0"
  • Exposure time "0"
  • and interval time set to *7* (*after observing that the Vello intervalometer was counting down much faster than the camera*).

*The interval times I used is contrary to the MSM instructions, which says that the interval time on both camera and intervalometer should be the same *

- unfortunately for me, this caused some kind of sync problems and only about 1/3 of the shots were taken in rotation.

So in summary (at least for me) if the Camera interval is set to 3 and the intervalometer interval is set to 7 - I get 500 rotated shots!


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