Newest Update on Move Shoot Move _ 05.Dec.2019


New Update in Move Shoot Move Rotator!

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Hi Friends,

Thank you for your support to us, after months developing and testing, we finally get a new update on the Rotator.

  • HardWare Part
  1. Upgrade to a more powerful motor to give a significant improvement in reliability. Now the defective rate is less than 1%.
  2. New USB charger for pointer battery, So you can charge it through the USB port.
    Star Pointer Charger for MSM GAUDA SIFO Star tracker
    • NEW Polar Scope illuminator.
    • NEW 3/8 screws with stopper.
    • New Plastic screws (the white screw) for the laser/scope bracket.
    Polar Alignment Polarscope and it's mount
    • Packing Part
    1. New logo as "MSM" to replace GAUDA to make it easy to pronounce.
    2. Newest Paper User Manual.
      • User Group 
      1. We just created a group of our paid customers. You can share pictures and your new tricks in astrophotography
      • Below is the new packing of the Complete Kit

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