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Pointer for  Polar Alignment
Pointer for  Polar Alignment
Pointer for  Polar Alignment
Pointer for  Polar Alignment
Pointer for  Polar Alignment
Pointer for  Polar Alignment
Pointer for  Polar Alignment
Pointer for  Polar Alignment
Pointer for  Polar Alignment
Pointer for  Polar Alignment
Pointer for  Polar Alignment
Pointer for  Polar Alignment
Pointer for  Polar Alignment
Pointer for  Polar Alignment
Pointer for  Polar Alignment

Pointer for Polar Alignment

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This is the Laser Pointer for Astrophotography.

This Laser Pointer can be used for Astro shooting, act as simple polar alignment without the equatorial mount.


#Upgraded in Aug. 2020#

Hi Friends,

Seeing that many of you would like to have a laser pointer with its laser as straight as possible, finally, we've upgraded the laser pointer to an adjustable version. It's also smaller than the previous version. 

So, if you mainly play with wide lenses, it works for your lenses without adjustment.

If you may use a long-focus lens sometimes, you can adjust the laser beam then.
Here's the instructions on how to do it:

Regarding the battery for the new pointer, it's a 14250 3.6V battery.
A battery comes with the pointer, put in it already, it's rechargeable, so you can also charge it if you want.

Clear Skies,
Move Shoot Move team, 2020.08.25


#Upgraded in Aug. 2019#
  • Switch to the newest plastic screw for the mount to protect your Rotator's surface from scratch.



Laser Product, please don't aim the laser pointer at a person's head or eye!


Diameter: 21mm

Customer Reviews

Based on 67 reviews
Scott Renyer (Iola, US)
Under the stars

I have been a photographer for over 45 years and had always wanted to try astrophotography yes I could do the high ISO shots of 20 second's but was not satisfied with the results too much noise and not enough details.
I have droold over the star tracker's on Amazon but couldn't afford the 400 dollars for one then I seen the move shoot move on Instagram and thought wow that's affordable.so I ordered it I've been out with the move shoot move a few times and I'm very impressed with it now I can take very long exposures at an ISO much lower love it definitely well worth the money

gerry allen allen (Spanaway, US)
Wow! Polar Alignment Just Got Easier!

Great and well made product! Simple and accurate! Couldn't ask for better customer service from you! Thanks!

rob plant (Carrigaline, IE)
Laser Pointer

Green laser pointer with hotshoe adapter: Bought this to assist with pointing DSLR/Telephoto lens combo at dso's (APS-C/150-600MM). It's easily visible in the sky and on the screen of dslr, where it can readily be centred. It saves a huge amount of time in lining up lens with target. It gets a bit dim if kept out in the cold too long (don't know if this is a battery or a laser thing) but this is easily solved by keeping it in pocket when not in active use. Only complaint Id have is that it's rechargeable but doesn't include option to buy recharger. This is an unusual battery and a charger wasn't easy to find. Otherwise it does exactly what it says on the tin!

Philip Jackson (Hull, GB)
Powerful Laser

I had trouble with the scope but the Polar Pointer makes this process so much easier.

A.K. (Victoria, CA)

Really neat tool to get polar alignment. So easy as long as you have as Z/V mount or a aligner thingy.

John Nardacci (Southwick, US)
Laser and Polar Scope mount

I love using the new scope and laser mount! It was nice to use the laser to use as a guide while I looked through the polar scope! Made alignment that much easier for me!

Jim V (Tewkesbury, GB)
Tip ofor charging battery...

I struggled to find a battery charger for this item, and I would recommend that MSM make such items available on their website - assuming they can source them in the first instance? Kind of off-putting that you buy this and can't charge it!
Nevertheless, if you nip onto eBay you can buy a similar charger for a 'longer' battery (same voltage etc.) and having found a donor socket of 'correct' size from your socket set, use that to fill the gap. Works for me :)

Francisco Gomez (Reus, ES)
Great after sale service

MSM people solved the problem I had with the not working laser pointer. They sent me back a new one in a very efficient way. Thanks a lot! Now I can again have fun shooting to stars

Chuck Pacer (Baldwinsville, US)
The laser makes alignment easy but ...

The laser pointer makes polar alignment very easy and it's good enough for 1 minute plus wider angle shots like 24 mm or wider, longer focal lengths are possible but sometimes it's a roll of the dice. I like the fact that the laser can be easily calibrated. The biggest drawback to this system though is the mounting bracket. Mine came with a 3 diameter stepped bore which was obviously a way to be able to accommodate different sized accessories. Each diameter only had one threaded hole for securing the accessory, in this case the laser. This made things less than optimal for setup repeatability as the accessory cam be locked down at slightly different angles during each setup. Luckily I have access to the machinery and the knowledge to make my own mounting adapter(s). I made 2, one for the laser and another for the polar scope each with it's own precision single diameter bore and threaded holes for three accessory capture screws. The laser works fine but the mounting system leaves a bit to be desired. The system came with one battery for the laser and there was no option when I ordered mine to purchase the needed battery charger. That and and a spare battery had to be ordered from another vendor.

seong young sim (Gangnam-gu, KR)