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Star Pointer for  Polar Alignment
Star Pointer for  Polar Alignment
Star Pointer for  Polar Alignment
Star Pointer for  Polar Alignment
Star Pointer for  Polar Alignment
Star Pointer for  Polar Alignment

Star Pointer for Polar Alignment

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This is Star Pointer for Astrophotography.

This Star Pointer can be used for Astro shooting, act as simple polar alignment without the equatorial mount.

Upgraded in Aug.2019,

  • we just upgraded to a newest USB charger for star pointer's battery. So, you can charge your star pointer anywhere with your power bank or PC.
  • Switch to the newest plastic screw for the mount to protect your Rotator's surface from scratch.



1, Laser Product, please don't aim the laser pointer at person's head and eye!

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Very Good Star Pointer

The Move-Shoot-Move Star Pointer is a very good laser pointer, green light wich is the best to view at night. I'm very glad with the equipment.


Very small light and portable

MSM SIFO Star Tracker

This tracker is powerful but compact. I mainly use it to take on long backpacking trips where I want to get great shots of the stars but need to keep weight down.

I have both the laser pointer and polar scope which both work very well. The only draw back is you have to keep the laser pointer battery warm on cold nights, otherwise it will not produce any light. I usually put it in my pocket or stuff it in my sock. Even if I forget a few seconds warming it up on my hands generally does the trick.

I cannot comment on the Move Shoot Move functionality because I cannot seem to get my camera to work with it. Wish it did though!

Overall I’m very satisfied with this product and would recommend it to anyone.

Great for Astro tracking

I’ve been using this for all of my Milky Way tracking shots. It handles 3-4 mins continuous exposures easily. Maybe more but I haven’t given it a go.

Perfect Low Cost Alternative

Well built product and super portable! I love my Polarie Startracker but since picking up the MSM SiFo I find myself leaving it out of my AstroKit. I have to mention the excellent customer service as well, within 24hrs of emailing I received a reply. The only complaint would be the GUI of the app could be improved, but it works well as is, so I can’t justify knocking the product down a star.

Great and compact

I'm a newbie user. I was inspired to purchase this product on youtube made by Alyn Wallace . He demonstrated how easy it was to use and portable it was. So far I love it and now have a better understanding of how to take astro photography pictures. I had no problem using it the very first time. It's just hard to find dark skies to practice more.

Pro: Light, rechargeable, reasonable prices, and fun to use, and GREAT web+email support

Neg: It didn't have any instructions. They had revised it and it was on their website. Their website prices aren't coordinated. It said it was on sale but had the regular price in the cart (annoying). They gave me a code to get the price which is great. But still didn't fix prices for their website. I still need to learn how to use LR or something equivalent to add pizzazz to the photo.

Wish: A accurate battery indicator

Wish I could find a better case to contain unit with laser pointer.

I love

I've only used it once, it cost me a bit to set it up and take the trick but then I took a fabulous photo of the milky way.

very good, laser can be better

very good and enduring on long cold nights! love how practical and quick to use it is, especially if I am driving from location to location to avoid cloud cover.

I think the laser and its charger is a good idea, however I had it on full charge the other week, then took it out with me and it was producing very weak levels of light, or non at all.

All in all though, a very handy device for my photography.

Great little wide field tracker

I wanted a small light weight tracker for wide field that just fits in my standard kit and that is exactly what this little tracker does. I shoot with a 5div with a 16-35 mkiii lens with a manfrotto 498 RC2 attached to the tracker. Below the tracker I have a Benro 3 way geared head which makes alignment with the laser super easy. Great little tracker.