Pointer for  Polar Alignment
Pointer for  Polar Alignment
Pointer for  Polar Alignment
Pointer for  Polar Alignment
Pointer for  Polar Alignment
Pointer for  Polar Alignment
Pointer for  Polar Alignment
Pointer for  Polar Alignment
Pointer for  Polar Alignment
Pointer for  Polar Alignment
Pointer for  Polar Alignment
Pointer for  Polar Alignment
Pointer for  Polar Alignment
Pointer for  Polar Alignment

Pointer for Polar Alignment

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This is the Laser Pointer for Astrophotography.

This Laser Pointer can be used for Astro shooting, act as simple polar alignment without the equatorial mount.


#Upgraded in Aug. 2020#

Hi Friends,

Seeing that many of you would like to have a laser pointer with its laser as straight as possible, finally, we've upgraded the laser pointer to an adjustable version. It's also smaller than the previous version. 

So, if you mainly play with wide lenses, it works for your lenses without adjustment.

If you may use a long-focus lens sometimes, you can adjust the laser beam then.
Here's the instructions on how to do it:

Regarding the battery for the new pointer, it's a 14250 3.6V battery.
A battery comes with the pointer, put in it already, it's rechargeable, so you can also charge it if you want.

Clear Skies,
Move Shoot Move team, 2020.08.25


#Upgraded in Aug. 2019#
  • Switch to the newest plastic screw for the mount to protect your Rotator's surface from scratch.



Laser Product, please don't aim the laser pointer at a person's head or eye!


Diameter: 21mm

Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
A Compact and Easy to Use Star Tracker

A star tracker that you can slip in your pocket is a rarity but add ease of use and the MSM is a great little product. Polar aligning with the laser is quick and simple so this product is ideal for beginners or astrophotographers on the move.

The MSM also has a great community for help and support.

Easy Polar Alignment for wide angles

This works extremely well when using focal lengths of 50mm or wider and you don't push shutterspeeds above 60s or so.
My favourite focal length for Milky Way astroscapes is 35mm as it produces shots with lovely details of the Milky Way and there i regularly use 90s as my exposure time together with an aperture of f2.8, for sharpness and less vignetting, on relatively low ISOs for astroscapes (below ISO1000).

Holder for polar scope

ordered a second holder for the polar scope instead of having to switch out the laser, very useful and saves a lot of time having to change the items around


Pointer for Polar Alignment

Laserpointer bracket

Very easy to use, perfect item. Does not scratch / damage your skytracker because of nylon screws. Good seller, good communication and fast international shipping.

Adjustable Green Laser Pointer

I had been using a laser pointer purchased on Ebay for my polar alignment on another brand tracking device, and noticed that the beam was not projecting parallel to the laser pointer's body. My rough alignment would be way off depending on which way the pointer was oriented to my tracking mount.

This adjustable laser pointed solved my problem. After following the simple beam calibration instructions provided on the MSM website, the green laser beam accurately points toward Polaris regardless of the body's rotational orientation on the mount. Highly recommended.

Works great. Very helpful customer service

Laser works great. It is good visible and works without any problems in a very low temperatures. Polar alignment takes literally seconds now 👍In the begging there was a small problem with holder for the laser, but customer service was very helpful and they sent me a new one.

Very Pleased With Device

I've used this with wide angle lens in doing Milk Way and landscape photography. I've been very pleased with its portability, easy of use and tracking accuracy for up to 136 sec with a 24-70 mm lens at 30 mm. The attached photo is a composite. One shot of the Milky Way (tracking with MSM) at F 3.2, 30mm, 136 sec, ISO 400. Polar alignment with the optical scope. The 2nd was the landscape (same place) F 3.2, 30 mm, 136 sec, ISO 320 (no tracking). Camera Sony A9 II

Second Laser Pointer

I ordered a second laser pointer with the hot shoe connection to use to help get my camera aligned with DSO. Works great!

Pointer for Polar Alignment

The pointer(2nd gen) really improved the speed of polar alignment. It came with an adapter for mounting to the body of the MSM rotator.
2 small items would make this perfect.
1. I noticed there were some play with the adapter when the laser was tighten down with the plastic screw. A piece of tape was all it needed to fix the issue.
2. It would be nice to have an option to buy a battery charger thru the MSM site along with the laser.