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Right Angle Viewfinder for Polar Scope
Right Angle Viewfinder for Polar Scope
Right Angle Viewfinder for Polar Scope
Right Angle Viewfinder for Polar Scope

Right Angle Viewfinder for Polar Scope

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    A thank you note

    Hi friends! Thanks to Gerry Mulligan, an MSM tracker user, who shared his story in Move Shoot Move Facebook group about the inconvenience of polar alignment, which is especially true for night sky veterans, we were able to hear such a great idea and work on it. Thank you, Gerry!

    It may need more polishing along the way, but we can't wait to see how it can help people polar align their trackers. So we are bringing it online for pre-order today!

    -MSM Team, Jun 2, 2021



    This Right Angle Viewfinder for polar scope allows a more ergonomic way to view the scope. The eyepiece is at 90 degrees to the polar scope and can be turned 360 degree about the polar scope axis. Just attach it to your polar scope, take your time and do the alignment right and thoroughly.


    • Individual eyesight adjustment with built-in diopter
    • 1x and 2x switchable magnification
    • Multiple click-stop eyepiece positions to provide a variety of viewing angles


      • MSM Polar Scope A
      • MSM Polar Scope B
      • Any Polar Scope with an eyepiece of a contour of a cylinder which has 
        • a height greater than 22mm
        • a diameter between 27.3 and 30.3mm

      Package Content

      Right Angle Viewfinder + Adapter

      • Right angle viewfinder
      • Right angle viewfinder adapter


      • Adapter

      Right Angle Viewfinder

      • Right angle viewfinder

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 12 reviews
      RIZVAN TALHA KAYNAK Kaynak (Istanbul, TR)

      Right Angle Viewfinder for Polar Scope

      Luis Maia (Setúbal, PT)
      Great for what it was designed for

      The MSM is great if one use it in the way that it was designed for (wide angle astrophotography). You can get outstanding results when used like that.
      Pros: Lightweight, compact, easy and fast assembly, user friendly.
      Cons: The Laser and Polar Scope need to be calibrated by the costumer (a relatively easy process, but that shouldn't have to be done when you buy something new. It's the only reason why I don't give it 5 stars).

      Chuck Pacer (Baldwinsville, US)
      An improvement over the laser and plain polar scope but...

      Newbies beware: If you're using a double ball head set up this thing is an absolute nightmare since the view is flipped: up is down, down is up, left is right and right is left. Get a geared tripod head and the polar alignment will be immensely easier once you get the hang of it. I would highly recommend laser aligning to get close then using this as fine tuning. As for the hardware: The polar scope itself is adequate for use on the MSM but the unit that mounts the scope to the rotator is poorly designed as it is only possible to lock the scope down into one of the 3 different diameter bores with one small plastic screw. This can cause minor variations in the mounting angle which can throw the polar alignment off slightly. I was able to overcome this engineering flaw (I'd be willing to bet the engineers were overridden by the accountants that wanted the old one unit will sort of work for all) by making my own mounting bracket in a machine shop using one precision size bore and 3 threaded holes for the locking screws thus improving repeatability. I also made one for my laser pointer. Not everyone has that luxury. The plastic adapter that connects the polar scope to the right angle viewfinder necessarily covers the reticle focus ring so if you are not in focus prior to assembly you have to take the adapter off and focus the reticle. This really isn't much of a problem but it sure would have been nice if that focus ring also had a locking ring to prevent losing focus, maybe I'll make one of those also.
      All in all this is an OK product that could be easily improved without much effort on MSM's part: stock mounts with single bores in three sizes. Hopefully they will take heed. I purchased it to eliminate the awkward positions required to align with a polar scope on a setup that is relatively low to the ground which I prefer given the improvement in overall stability in the lowest possible mount position. In that respect it has proven to be helpful.

      Roy Ang (San Diego, US)
      Beats cranking my neck!

      Very useful so I don’t have to crank my neck to view. I don’t have a egrets neck.

      Steven B (Bradford, GB)
      A great addition to my MSM

      Well made, arrived quickly and makes setup much easier.

      TSMS (Las Vegas, US)
      Right-Angle Finder

      The right-angle finder is a great addition to the MSM system. It makes it much more convenient to use the polar scope, and not hurt your back.

      John Scott (Castle Douglas, GB)
      Right Angle

      Excellent wee bit of kit

      Cheryl Abram (Springville, US)
      Great adapter

      Nice accessory for the polar scope. Fits great, helps make the polar scope easier to use.

      Moshe Cohen (Tel Aviv, IL)
      Phone Mount for Polar Alignment

      It help to align even I can see Polaris.

      Sean Davis (Calgary, CA)
      Right angle adapter

      Works well, has plenty of adapters to connect to various camera brands. The adapter to connect the polar scope to the right angle is solid and holds firmly. The right angle itself does feel light but does seem to hold up and holds focus, for its intended purpose I believe it's fine however I would recommend handling with care. Seems fairly priced compared to other competitors.