Most portable STAR TRACKER ever?

1st Generation

Move Shoot Move VS Others


So simple to use!

I purchased a Sky Watcher Star Adventurer awhile ago, and beside the weight, it was that complicated I just could not be bothered. Having received my MSM last week I went out with high hopes and it delivered. I did not purchase the polar scope or laser pointer, but used a couple of different apps on the phone and was able to take shots of more than 5 minutes with only small movement. Shots under 3 minutes were pin sharp.
Finally, the weight. So easy to just chuck it in the camera bag and take it anywhere. So glad I decided to purchase Move Shoot Move!!!”

David Dalton



"So easy!

I switched over from the Sky Watcher Star Adventurer Mini which worked well, but was so difficult to set up. The MSM is soooooo easy. I love it!!"

Douglas DeVore

California, United States


A delightful tool for beginner to advanced users! I have been using the Rotator with laser for wide field astro for the past 10 months and it's become my favorite tracker. I have a large iOptron tracker as well. But the Rotator is much faster to set up and use. Recently I wondered about adding the polar scope since I use a polar aligned iOptron for deep space objects with good success.

Jeffrey McPheeters

Illinois, United States


It’s a great unit. Once I got this, I sold my iOptron sky guider pro. The iOptron was way too heavy to lug around and difficult to align. MSM is considerably more portable and much easier to polar align. The payload is less than the iOptron but works with my Nikon D 850 and my Sigma Art lenses. I highly recommend the MSM tracker. I even bought a second one for backup just in case. Instructions for use were clear and concise.

Alan A.

Tacoma, Washington, United States


Excellent portable star tracker. I have been using a Ioptron Skyguider pro for my astrophotography the past couple of years. But, carrying it on a plane with my camera gear is just to much.
The MSM solution is a great answer for my travels. The wedges are also a great addition for keeping things lite.
The tracking works fine for my type of milkyway photos.
I use a battery pack for additional power during long, cold nights.
Happy with my decision.

Ron Mayberry

Exeter, England, United Kingdom


Very happy with this product and it will be my go-to for all my backpacking trips! I've used the Move Shoot Move tracker several times now, sometimes at the same time as my iOptron Skyguider Pro. For my Milky Way photography I can't tell the difference, and the MSM is so much easier to set up. Just a few seconds! I like using the MSM Alyn Wallace V bracket as a base and a ball head on top of that. I also got the Z-bracket but haven't but that to use yet.

Michal Mosdorf

Warsaw, Mazovia, Poland


Had iOptron Skyguider Pro, which for me (I am 2 meters tall) was almost impossible to polar align in Denmark.
With the MSM I easily do polar alignment.

Per Vindis

Vaerlose, Capital Region, Denmark


I’ve now used my MSM Star Tracker for a few times and love it for it’s portability and precision. Even using the star pointer laser versus the polar scope is spot on. I have the iOptron model too and prefer the MSM system because of it’s minimal size, laser pointer alignment, and tripod adaptability. A Hui Hou! -Jonny


Waipahu, Hawaii, United States


Easy to use, light enough to take backpacking. Have had a chance to try out the tracker a couple of times now. Love that it is so much lighter than our ioptron. Wanted a solution that we could take backpacking. Have taken it a couple of times and had success with wider angle lenses. Looking forward to getting out with it more!

lisa Kinnear

Coleman, Alberta, Canada

Designed by Astrophotographers

We are astrophotographers, we know well how laborious it is to setup and move around. So we want to change it, make it simple for all camera users.

Easy to set up

We've made the task of Polar Alignment as easy as just aiming the pointer at Polaris, making astrophotography an uncomplicated process. Just set your exposure and focus, and you're ready to go.

Grab and Go

Compared with other star trackers out there, you'll see Move Shoot Move takes up much less space.