Lampada frontale a LED rossa
Lampada frontale a LED rossa
Lampada frontale a LED rossa
Lampada frontale a LED rossa

Lampada frontale a LED rossa

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Funzione Descrizione:

2 Pulsanti separati per ogni colore, ideali per la fotografia notturna. Il controllo sicuro dell'interruttore non si ti farà preoccupare di sentire le urlare di altri fotografi "Spegni la luce".

Pulsante 1 per: luce rossa

Pulsante 2 per: luce bianca


Peso leggero: 79 g

Luminosità: fino a 220 lumen

Batteria al litio incorporata: funziona 4 ore di illuminazione alla massima potenza, 30 ore alla potenza minima.

Tempo di ricarica: 6 ore

Perché luce rossa:

occorrono circa 20-30 minuti affinché i tuoi occhi si adattino completamente all'oscurità quando si fotografa di notte. La luce rossa non interferisce con quel processo. Se accendi la luce bianca devi ricominciare ad adattarti all'oscurità.

Perché il pulsante separato è la soluzione?

Di seguito è riportato ciò che dice il signor JimDoty: Dopo aver guidato dozzine di viaggi sul campo di fotografia notturna, ho deciso che una delle cose più frustranti che sono accadute è che qualcuno accenda accidentalmente la luce bianca e rovini l'adattamento al buio dell'intero gruppo. Il problema è che alcune lampade ti fanno scorrere tutte le impostazioni della luce bianca per arrivare al LED rosso. Questo è un design terribile per la fotografia notturna. Quindi la caratteristica più essenziale per una lampada frontale per fotografia notturna è un pulsante separato per accendere e spegnere il LED rosso. È ancora meglio se il pulsante LED rosso è separato dal pulsante LED bianco.

Citato da JimDoty

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Lorri Adams (Tauranga, NZ)
Brilliant - pardon the pun

this head torch is perfect for astro - plus, I've used it in some non photography situations - leaves both hands free to do whatever is needed, great little product. Very happy with it.

William Tsourtsoulas (Athens, GR)

The head torch is amazing. Battery lasts for a long time and the red light is very practical for night. The lamp can also tilt forward so you can point the ground without looking down. 5/5 for its price.

Tiago Silva (Maia, PT)
awesome headlamp

It arrived super fast and it is totally worth it! it can light up the surroundings at night and having the red light it's an amazing feature!
100% recommend

Joel Thomas (Granby, CA)
Red LED Headlight

The item was shipped Promptly. It was easy to follow shipped. It arrived in perfect conditions. Thanks.

Morten Dalhoff (Farum, DK)
Great with room for improvement

I love the MSM rotator. it's small easy to use and tracks very well once you get it aligned right. The battery life is a bit on the short side especially when used in colder environments. I usually get a battery warning after about an hour in the cold.

The green laser it come with for alignment has problem when it get cold. This is a know issue with most green lasers that they begin to emit UV when they get cold. This can be dangerous since propel can't see the UV laser but it can still do some serious damage.
Keeping the laser turned on for about a minute will heat it up enough to begin emitting green light again.

Mike Simcox (Exmouth, GB)
Head Torch with Red LED Light

White light during Astrophotography presents all sorts of problems so I purchased this because it has a red light.
It also has a white light for normal use.

This head torch is the best on the market for Quality, Functionality and Price.
I’m really pleased with how it fits, works perfectly and recharges with ease.

Iván Cárdenes Muñoz (Arucas, ES)
Nice and functional

Perfect for what I need

Dominik (Kirchham, AT)
Lightweight and very useful for astro

The headlamp is lightweight to carry and very useful for astrophotography. Especially the seperated red light makes it easy to operate a camera in the dark without disturbing night vision. The white light is bright enough for packing up and walking around, however for longer hikes I use a second other white only head lamp which is brighter and has a wider zoomable light cone. This one makes a bright center dot with a bit surrounding light.
The only thing I find a bit annoying is you have to press the button twice to switch the red light off as it first turns to blinking mode. I have no use for red strobe light.

Hunter Kilpatrick (Morro Bay, US)

Head Torches with red light for Astrophotography/Red LED Headlamp

HRB (Harrisburg, US)
Red & White lamps make it versatile

Never goes in the camera bag except on night shoots, where the red lamp doesn't ruin your night vision. The rest of the time it's on the night stand available for power outages where the white light is VERY helpful.

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