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A scope should be bought with the following rule in mind: The scope that gets used regularly is always a better scope than the one that rarely or never gets used.

Preorder 15.8° Super Wide View Angle Binocular 5x25
Preorder 15.8° Super Wide View Angle Binocular 5x25
Preorder 15.8° Super Wide View Angle Binocular 5x25
Preorder 15.8° Super Wide View Angle Binocular 5x25
Preorder 15.8° Super Wide View Angle Binocular 5x25
Preorder 15.8° Super Wide View Angle Binocular 5x25
Preorder 15.8° Super Wide View Angle Binocular 5x25
Preorder 15.8° Super Wide View Angle Binocular 5x25
Preorder 15.8° Super Wide View Angle Binocular 5x25

Preorder 15.8° Super Wide View Angle Binocular 5x25

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Preorder notice:
This super wide Binocular is out of stock due to excessive demand, the new stock should arrive around 10th December. Please feel free to contact if you have any questions. 
15.8° View Angle, 5x25, eye relief: 14.5mm, weight: 395 g.
Once you have binoculars you like, have fun — they'll provide you
with a lifetime of celestial exploring. And remember that for thousands of years astronomers used the 1x7 binoculars they were born with to see the sky — their eyes!

Why do we like this binoculars most?

  1. Perfect for staring at the skies. No jittering from your hands at this low magnification, but huge field of view and, of course the light gathering is enormous compared to normal eyesight.
  2. Anti-fog and Super wide angle to provide you an immersive experience.
  3. Nice for viewing wild life. Low power is better for steady and long time viewing for birds.
  4. Great for golf tournaments, car racing, you can track the object easily without any dizzy feeling. Also it's compact and light for long time viewing without fatigue.
  5. For kids, due to kid's hand is difficult to keep steady, they may easily feel dizzy and get lost. But with this low power and wide angle will make it easy for kids to play. We can make sure kids play it frequently.
  6. For elderly people, it's also difficult for us keep hands steady. This wide angle will make us feel good.
  7. All in all,
    1. if you are watching moving object, especially high speed moving, this is ideal.
    2. If you have difficulty keeping your gesture, this is a good solution for you.

More About this item

  • Super wide field of view - You can see incredibly wide scenery in your view at once than typical binocular( 15.8° vs 5°), ideal for taking to spectator sports for catching all the action or locating fast-moving wild birds.
  • Anti-glare design - Compared with other binoculars, our binocular has a threaded design on the inner barrels to block unexpected light such as flashes, so you won't be disturbed by them when viewing in dark situations.
  • Stable and user-friendly - Our 5x25 binoculars provide suitable magnification that brings you close to the calmer detail, because lower power means more image stability when you move your hands and body, and it's more friendly for you to find or follow objects because of the larger view field.
  • Sharp and bright image - Prism made of BAK-4 (which is considered to be the best type of prism material) brings higher brightness, superior clarity, and sharpness, especially in low light conditions when compared to binoculars with none BAK-4 prisms.
  • Compact and portable - Our binocular features compact frame and lightweight, which gives you fewer arms strain to handhold for extended periods, and is easy to carry for camping, birding, night performances, etc.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Unique, well made.

A most unusual Binocular. Yes, the outer field of view is not sharp .... But... This Binocular also has an extremely wide field of view, smooth accurate focusing and very good central sharpness. The view is quite pleasant and immersive as long as you don't need to wear glasses - the eye relief is too short.
Robust construction, quite large and heavy for a small aperture binocular. However, the combination of low power ( 5x ) and large frame provides a bright steady view and fits my hands very well.

Rare 5mm exit pupil + wide angle

Great product for its uncommon features. Price was good too. Just note the objective lenses and optical tubes are MUCH larger than typical 25mm binoculars. Probably had to do that to achieve the wide angle (like camera wide angle lenses).

Good Compact Package

So far so good. Having been using it for a week now - here is what i like so far
1. Pretty sharp and easy to focus.
2.Feels rugged at the same time it is relatively lightweight
3. Small footprint (its very compact). Fits in my camera bag easily.
4. Has really wide view so easy to trace moving objects.

R. Marino
Great optics!

The optics are great, no soft areas, no chromatic aberration. They are a bit heavy for the size, 1.26 lbs, I attribute that to the size of the internal prisms. These are my new go-to binoculars, over my Nikon compact and my heavy 7x50 astronomical Celestron. Wide field, great for sports games, I am very happy with this purchase.