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Pointeur pour l'alignement polaire

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Il s'agit du pointeur laser pour l'astrophotographie.

Ce pointeur laser peut être utilisé pour la prise de vue astro, agit comme un simple alignement polaire sans monture équatoriale.

#Amélioration en août 2020 #

Salut les amis,

Voyant que beaucoup d'entre vous aimeraient avoir un pointeur laser avec son laser aussi droit que possible, enfin, nous avons mis à niveau le pointeur laser vers une version réglable. Il est également plus petit que la version précédente.

Donc, si vous utilisez principalement des objectifs larges, cela fonctionne sans ajustement.

Si vous utilisez parfois un objectif à focale longue, vous pouvez alors régler le laser.
Voici les instructions pour le faire: https://www.moveshootmove.com/blogs/faqs-in-general/how-to-adjust-the-beam-of-the-adjustable-laser-pointer

Concernant la batterie pour le nouveau pointeur, c'est une batterie 14250 3,6V.
Une batterie est livrée avec le pointeur. Elle est rechargeable, vous pouvez donc également la recharger si vous le souhaitez.

Clear Skies,
Move Shoot Move team, 25/08/2020

# Amélioration en août 2019 #

Passeage aux nouvelles vis en plastique pour le support afin de protéger la surface de votre rotateur.


Produit laser, veuillez ne pas diriger le pointeur laser vers la tête ou les yeux d'une personne!


 Diamètre: 21 mm

Customer Reviews

Based on 121 reviews
Joseph E Christensen (Hayden, US)

Pointer for Polar Alignment

David Chandler (Durham, US)
Easy Polar Alignment

I used my new laser pointer for polar alignment and it was very quick and easy! Took about 2 minutes to get the alignment and saw no star tracks using the MSM. I had to calibrate the laser first, but that was quite easy

Cris Cowley (Salt Lake City, US)
Pointer for polar alignment

The pointer is well-made and durable. However, the metal piece that slides into the hot shoe is too small and allows the pointer to move 15° to either side. If this piece was the width of the hot shoe so that it would not be able to move side to side, it would be perfect.

Fabrizio Balestrieri (Milan, IT)
Greatly improved

I had the previous version of both the mount and the laser and I must admit they both have been improved! Laser is finally rechargeable and the mount is more useful, because can mount two pointers at the same time and can also be placed on the hot shoe of a camera.

Amit Srivastava (Delhi, IN)
Laser Pointer

Awesome product and amazing service by MSM team, during the original delivery schedule the laser pointer was missing , the team was helpful enough is getting the same delivered to my address in India

Geraint Rees (Bangor, GB)
MSM Laser Pointer

What a great pointer!
I did have another pointer I bought from eBay which was very disappointing and too dim for use (not even my cats were impressed!). The MSM laser pointer impressed me due to its extremely bright and wire thin light beam that was able to penetrate the night sky with ease. The beam could be followed to a chimney stack 500 yards away and there was hardly any divergence in the beam width. I would be very careful using this when there is aircraft in the sky - it is that powerful! Along with its mounting accessory you could mount this on a DSLR hot shoe or place it in the star adventurer polar scope recess to better guide your mount alignment. For visualising night sky targets and directing your imaging equipment onto them quickly then the MSM pointer is a very useful tool to have. The green coloured laser cuts through the murkiness of night with ease and I am very happy with it.

Don Goldman (Sacramento, US)

Works as advertised. Smartly designed. Very good manufacturing. One suggestion - add a bubble level to the top plate.

Bill Ruslink (Houston, US)
Good product

Received as Expected and on time

Jerry (Mapo-gu, KR)
Very helpful consultation

I had a problem with the laser pointer on the MSM set I bought last year because it didn't work properly.
So I contacted MSM and they sold me a new laser pointer at a very favorable price.

The only problem is that it is not compatible with the existing holder, i.e. it does not match the size of the existing holder, so I ended up mixing them.
MSM understands the consumer and provides a very beneficial solution.

Sung-Kyu Ha (Cheongju-si, KR)
배송은 느렸지만, 아주 좋았다.

당신과 물리적 거리가 있어서 배송을 받는데 시간은 걸렸지만, 제품 자체는 아주 훌륭하게 잘 도착했어요. 제품을 잘 배송해줘서 고마워요. 잘쓸께요.