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Nouvelles Vis 3/8 Avec Bouchon
Nouvelles Vis 3/8 Avec Bouchon
Nouvelles Vis 3/8 Avec Bouchon

Nouvelles Vis 3/8 Avec Bouchon

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nouvelles vis 3/8 avec bouchon sont prêtes pour tous les utilisateurs.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Sai Shankar (Christchurch, NZ)
Great little star tracker

Portable and easy to use. Longer exposures mean less noise, deeper colour and fainter objects can be captured. MSM opens up a new level of astrophotography, which can be taken anywhere.

Oliver Whone (Hobart, AU)
Very happy with this tracker

This is my first star tracker and I'm really quite impressed with the result. Living in the southern hemisphere I use the phone mount to polar align and it works surprisingly well! Definitely a key addition to my astro-photography kit.

jesper hauritz (Helsinki, FI)
Perfect delivery and service

Perfect delivery and a very cool Move Shoot Move

david skop (Chesaning, US)
MSM Unit

Works great. No problems and easy to use.

Steve Sharp (Bristol, GB)
The best affordable star tracker on the planet.

Open your eyes to the stars above you, see galaxies and nebulas with your camera .The Move shoot move lets you capture amazing images.
It's light compact and fits in your bag.
Astronomy has never been so accessible.
Plus an online community is always there to help you in your journey.

Trevor Treloar (Perth, AU)

Really like the new screw with stoppers, makes getting a firm fit without the screw going to far into the base.

Michael (Newport, GB)
Perfect stacker

Small and light and tracks perfectly.

Dana Brune (Valley Park, US)
Compact effective astrophotography tool.

Great product that provides a compact effect means of addressing several astrophotography needs. Plus many accessories to support further needs.

Motty Henoch (Erlangen, DE)
Tracking made fun

Great value!

Emmanuel Viale (Antibes, FR)
Simple, yet very useful tracker

I have used it so far several times in a location (balcony) where polar alignment was not possible with the laser or the scope. I used an app on the phone to do a 'blind' alignment and I was surprised with the results: I was able to do 5 minute exposures with no trailing on different lenses up to 35mm. I also used it on a second occasion with the same set up, and I was able to do 2min-3min exposures zwith a 135mm lens with no trailing.

Overall worth every single euro I put into this. It is limited in terms of weight (I put a D800 with a Nikon 105mm lens and I don't think I would put anything bigger on the tracker) but excellent at what it does!