LED d’éclaire rouge
LED d’éclaire rouge
LED d’éclaire rouge
LED d’éclaire rouge

LED d’éclaire rouge

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Type de batterie
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Description de la fonction:

2 boutons séparés pour chaque couleur, idéal pour la photographie de nuit. Commande de commutateur solide ne vous inquiétez plus des demandes des autres astrophotographes à côté de vous qui vous demande “Eteignez les lumières !”

Bouton 1 pour: Lumière rouge

Bouton 2 pour: Lumière blanche


Léger: 79g

Luminosité: Jusqu'à 220 lumens

Batterie au lithium intégrée: 4 heures d'éclairage à puissance maximale, 30 heures à puissance minimale.

Temps de charge: 6 heures

Pourquoi la lumière rouge:

Il faut environ 20 à 30 minutes pour que vos yeux complètement sombres s'adaptent lors de la photographie de nuit. La lumière rouge ne gâche pas ce processus. Allumez la lumière blanche et vous devez recommencer à vous adapter à l'obscurité.

Pourquoi le bouton séparé est-il meilleur ?

Voici ce que Jim Doty dit : Après avoir dirigé des dizaines de voyages sur le terrain en photographie nocturne, j'ai décidé que l'une des choses les plus frustrantes qui se soit produite est que quelqu'un allume accidentellement la lumière blanche et ruine l'adaptation sombre de tout le groupe. Le problème est que certaines lampes frontales vous font parcourir tous les réglages de lumière blanche pour atteindre la LED rouge. C'est une conception terrible pour la photographie de nuit. Ainsi, la caractéristique la plus essentielle pour une lampe frontale de photographie de nuit est un bouton séparé pour allumer et éteindre la LED rouge. C'est encore mieux si le bouton LED rouge est séparé du bouton LED blanc.

Cité par JimDoty

Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews
Jon Melendy
MSM Head Torch with red light

After using head torches from two other companies I ordered a pair of MSM head torches. The features I found to be superior are:
1) Separate switches for red and white light.
2) Long rechargeable battery life.
3) Comfort and fit.
Thank-you, for distributing this product.

Ralf Gysbers (Osnabrück, DE)
Good headlight

I received the lamp in time and really was surprided his good it is ! The best Thing is that you can switch Red and White Light separatly

Grateful Frog
Great little piece of kit

This headlamp works as it should. Never need to use the white light. MSM responded well to my requests and shipped it quickly. No complaints, Strongly recommende

Roger Boulanger (Santa Rosa, US)
Great Headlamp

The headlamp allows a choice of either white light or red light. I’ve been using only the red light function for astrophotography and it works very well.
It is powered by a rechargeable battery that seems to last for several hours. The only little inconvenience is that the charging cable is different from that of the NOMAD and the laser pointer charger but that’s not really a big deal. It come with the proper cable.
All in all I’m very happy with this purchase.

Jerome R (Victoria, CA)
Nice headlamp

I like the 2 separate buttons for the white and red lights. The white light is angled lower than the red light. It should be the other way around. The white light used for walking, hiking etc and the red light used more for looking down at the camera to adjust settings etc.

Jules back (Victoria, CA)

Arrived in a timely manor , the lights themselves seem to work as advertised but the rubber covering the button is hard to press in the cold.
For the price I think they are a worthwhile item.

William Dishong (Alachua, US)
Finally! the red light is available on its own!

Very nice headlight! Great to have the red light available on its own!

Rick O (Marietta, US)
Must have item

If you want to shoot astral, you already know to use a red light (ideally) as necessary for setup / setting changes once it's dark. But it's near impossible to hold a red flashlight while setting or changing mount alignment, camera or intervalometer controls, etc. Hands-free is the way to be!

The best thing about this particular headband mounted light is that it's rechargeable. Another nice feature: a separate button for white light, handy when you're all done (and not interfering with anyone else's work!), for lugging your gear back to the car without tripping on something!

On the negative side, the red light could be situated better within its housing. Ideally, it would point more downward - I find I'm tilting my head down and looking more up with my eyes to see what I'm doing. The white light is fine as-is.

Also, I'm not sure the second click on the red light making it a flasher is really important to most astral photographers - doubt I'll ever use it.

Those minor complaints aside, well worth the price and a must-have item!

Daren Homewood (Trowbridge, GB)
Red led headlight

This does exactly what I bought if for, and I love the ability to have independent switched for both red and white lights. The red light could be a fraction brighter but is adequate for my needs, and the white light is super bright when on full power, great for the trek out.

James Kelly (Dublin, IE)
Head torch with red light

The MSM head torch with red light for astrophotography is a fantastic piece of kit.
I charged it up with the supplied USB cable, and even though I have used it a lot it has not needed charging again yet. Super powerful white light beam and separate switch for the red light is a very nice touch. The angle of the head torch can be adjusted easily. All in all it has surpassed my expectations. I would recommend this to anyone.

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