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Benro 3-Way Geared Head  (GD3WH)
Benro 3-Way Geared Head  (GD3WH)
Benro 3-Way Geared Head  (GD3WH)

Benro 3-Way Geared Head (GD3WH)

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Hi Friends,

This is the Benro - GD3WH, I saw many users ask if we can provide this. 

We hesitated a lot, as it's not designed by us.  But at last, I persuade our boss.

If we can make it easier for our users, then we should help.


What's the difference between GD3WH and MSM Wedge?

GD3WH can be used to replace the MSM Wedge:

Its advantage is it can be controlled in 3 axes, and its high load capacity (6Kg).

Its disadvantage is, it's heavy.  It weighs 740 grams.


The GD3WH will be ideal for landscape, microphotography, and astrophotography which require higher accuracy. So it is a reliable platform that can be shared between different gears! Including MSM Rotator.

I hope it helps, please let me know if you need any help on gears!


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Specification Part:


Benro 3-Way Geared Head  (GD3WH)

Color: Black

Brand: Benro

Compatible Devices: Camera

Dimensions LxWxH: 7.76 x 7.94 x 8.12 inches

Weight: 1.9 LBS

Max load: 13.2 LBS (6KG)

Key features:

1.  Independent Movement in 3 Axes - Allows precise positioning.

2.  Individual Release Controls - Allows larger camera movement for approximate positioning

3.  Individual Rotating Control Knobs - Allows complete precision with camera positioning

4.  Arca-Swiss Compatible QR Plate - Compatible with all kinds of cameras

5.  3 Bubble Levels - Assists in accurate leveling for precision positioning

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Peter Willemse (Amsterdam, NL)
Great geared head

An eye-opener. I love the Benro 3-way geared head. Great to use in all kinds of photography: macro, astrophotography, landscape. Very easy to micro adjust!

David Asplund (Palm Desert, US)
Benro Gear Head

The Benro 3-way gear head makes it a breeze to polar align the MSM. A very worthwhile and time saving investment.

Carl Reid (Perth, AU)
Benro Geared Head

I bought this to replace the Wedge, and it's great for aligning to the CSP using the phone and PhotoPills, not only that it's great for landscape photography to get your compositions so precise, I'm so happy with this purchase.

stephen bugeja (Ghaxaq, MT)
3 way head

A brilliant piece of kit for
Both astro and Pano photography.
Ease of use and precise movement.

Moshe Cohen (Tel Aviv, IL)
Benro 3-Way Geared Head

I bought this product. This is not a recommendation, this is a must. This is what solved me a very big problem to calibrate the facility to Polaris in a very very very accurate way. The facility is very stable. It's worth every penny.
10 stars.

Nigel Robinson (Manchester, GB)
Benro 3 way geared head

Best head ever owned
A must for astrophotography
Highly recommended

Jaap Buwalda (Groningen, NL)
Still have to learn

I bougth the MSM hoping to shoot pictures of the MilkyWay in april Due to evening curfew that was not possible.
Did use it a few times, possitioning withe te laser is easy on the also deleverd geared head from Benro.

Haven't used it for timelapse yet.

Bob de Bruin (Amsterdam, NL)
Benro 3-Way Geared Head

I really love to use the Benro 3-way geared head with the MSM since it is very accurate and it now also serves as my to go to landscape tripod head as well. What is not offered by MSM is the extention accessory which will clear the 3-way geared head if you have a large tripod plate. Without hte extention the rotation knob will hit the plate and the head can not be mounted. I would be nice if this could be ordered directly from MSM since the pricing is very attractive.

Michael Abbott (Liverpool, AU)
A very precise tripod head

Beautifully engineered, precise and a joy to use

David Berndt (Buffalo, US)
Best tripod head I’ve used

This tripod head is fantastic for making small adjustments to a composition when using a long focal length lens. I bought this in conjunction with the MSM rotator so that I could perfectly align the tracker with Polaris and it makes it very easy. Will never go back to another ballhead for Astro.