Easy Focus - Star Focus Filter  - Precise focus on the stars is Easy with it
Easy Focus - Star Focus Filter  - Precise focus on the stars is Easy with it
Easy Focus - Star Focus Filter  - Precise focus on the stars is Easy with it
Easy Focus - Star Focus Filter  - Precise focus on the stars is Easy with it
Easy Focus - Star Focus Filter  - Precise focus on the stars is Easy with it

Easy Focus - Star Focus Filter - Precise focus on the stars is Easy with it

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Q 1:  What is the shortest, (widest) focal length this will work with? 14 MM, 20MM, 35MM, 50MM?

A: Yes, this focus filter can work well with all the wide lenses mentioned above, it will perform better on zoom lenses. The longer the focal length, the better the performance.

Q2 : I have a Nikon 24-70 that has an 82mm thread for filters. Does the 82mm have a thread to fit my lens?

A: Yes, the filter has the thread to fit into the lenses.


Star Focus Filter is used to work with cameras to achieve precise focus on the stars,
Focusing a camera lens in the dark is always a difficult thing in astrophotography. Through the Bahtinov Mask on the filter, Star Focus Filter can help the camera get an accurate focus on stars.

Does it work with zoom lens?

Yes, it's ok for zoom lens. The longer the focus length the better the performance.
Below video is tested with indoor red led, Canon 600D, Canon EF-S 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 @18mm

How to Choose a Suitable Adapter ?


How to Use Star Focus Filter(video)?

Method 1

  1. Mount the Star Focus Filter onto your camera.
  1. Turn on the live view mode, adjust the ISO to the biggest (ISO 1600 or above), and set the shutter speed to 10s or more.
  1. Adjust the frame and make sure the bright star or light source is in the middle of the frame. It is recommended that you look for a bright star of magnitude 1 to focus on.
  1. Magnify the frame and adjust the focusing rings at the same time until three fine spike lines show out in the frame.
  1. Rotate the focusing ring to make the three spikes intersect at one point. This the when the precise focus is achieved.

Method 2

If you can't find a brighter star or the lens aperture is too small, you can take several testing pictures to get the focus.
  1. Mount the Star Focus Filter onto your camera.
  1. Adjust the focus rings to get an infinity focus
  1. Set the high ISO and short exposure (several seconds), and take one testing shot
  1. Check the three spike lines in the frame, if the central spike is closing to the left, screw the focus ring to the right. If the central spike is closing to the right, screw the focus ring to the left.
  1. Take a second testing shot, and repeat step 4 until three spikes intersect at one point. Then a precise focus is achieved.
 Note: Hand holding the filter, then it can work with the lens without the adapter 


  1. It will need to position the bright star in the middle of the frame, choosing the bright star of magnitude 1 or close to the magnitude 1
  1. For the wide lenses, please turn the aperture to the biggest
  1. The filter is not wear-resistant, please store it in a filter case after use. If there is dust or oil, please use an air blower and neutral detergent to remove them
  1. Do not place it in high temperature environment
Recommended Apertures with different focal lengths
Focal Length (MM)
28-600 or longer
Aperture (F)
1.2-5.6 or lower


Compatible lens
Camera Adapter Rings
without adapter ring 20g 
with adapter ring 30.3g


For the Option" star focus filter +all adapters below" , it will come with one 82mm focus filter and 8 adapters- 49mm+52mm+ 55mm +58mm + 62mm + 67mm  +72mm + 77mm.

Note: Star Focus Filter can work with other lenses with the help of camera adapter rings

Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
José Manuel González Martin (Madrid, ES)


Jose Castellano Castellano

Very easy

Luis Lopez (Lawrence, US)
Great Helper!

Easy to use and stars are focused from test shoots to final capture.

Matt Simmons (Phoenix, US)
Good quality

Overall it’s a good quality tool. Because of the small apertures you are working with, use a very bright star so you can see the spikes. Also, get some step up/down rings so you can thread it to your lens, otherwise you are holding it in one hand, focusing with the other.

Dave Ferrito (Brisbane, AU)
Focus on Stars with Precision

Tried out Focus Star Filter from MSM and its certainly a Filter to carry in your camera bag , Once you attach Filter too your Lens its certainly easy to focus with, once you align the star with the cross hatch, focus is completed , Well with the price.

Ujjwal Datta (Perth Amboy, US)
Focusing on stars

Ordered the Bahtinov mask package for my astrophotography and the different size masks and adapters to accommodate various lens size is very convenient. No need to buy separate masks. Just by 1 and get the adaptor package and you’ll be seeing stars in no time —in focus too. Lol

Wan (Namhae-gun, KR)
You Can Focus when It dark

It’s Pretty work well in Good Sky Condition with No Dust in the air and Twingkle Skars. Just like Introductions.
However, If you use “Slower” Lens over F2.8 You barely find stars with this Filter and Hard to judge it’s Focused. And Wider Lens is more difficult to use this Filter to find stars.
So If you use Wide Lens with Slow Apature in heavy Light pollution (and with more filters!), borrow it from your neighbor and test it works before Click order.

Bruce Hart (Seattle, US)
Star Focus Filter is awesome

I had been struggling to get good focus with my camera lenses, the Bahtinov mask for my telescopes wasn't working as the plastic was too thick. This filter works with each lens I've tried it with on including 15-35mm, 24-105mm, and 70-210mm. It's a little tricky with the wide angle if your camera doesn't magnify enough but mine does and I get perfect focus every time.

Tim Hill Hill (Southlake, US)
Magnetic mount would be better...

I like the Easy Focus filter a lot, however because it is a screw in filter I have had to apply gaffer's tape to the focus ring to ensure focus doesn't move when removing the filter. If the ring was magnetic and the filter attached to it, there would be less chance of knocking focu off during removal.

Martin Hunt (Manchester, GB)
Bhatnikov filter - focussing aid

After a number of attempts at 3D printing my own filter, the filter purchased from MSM should have been my first choice in the first place! The filter and reducing adapter to fit my prime lens works perfectly - the fringes are easy to see, thus making adjustments to focus equally easy.