Stirmlampe mit roten LED
Stirmlampe mit roten LED
Stirmlampe mit roten LED
Stirmlampe mit roten LED

Stirmlampe mit roten LED

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2 Separat Knöpfe, einer pro Lichtfarbe, ideal für Nachtaufnahmen. Robuste Ausführung, damit Sie keine Angst haben müssen, dass andere Fotografen "Schalten Sie Ihr Licht aus!" schreien.

Taste 1 für: Rotlicht

Taste 2 für: Weißlicht


Gewicht: 79 g

Maximale Helligkeit: 220 Lumen

Einsatzdauer der Lithiumbatterie: 4 Stunden Beleuchtung bei maximaler Leistung, 30 Stunden bei minimaler Leistung.

Ladezeit: 6 Stunden

Warum Rotlicht:

Es dauert ungefähr 20 bis 30 Minuten, bis sich Ihre Augen vollständig an die Dunkelheit adaptiert haben, wenn Sie nachts fotografieren. Rotes Licht stört diesen Prozess nicht. Beim Einsatz von weißem Licht, müssen sich Ihre Augen wieder an die Dunkelheit anpassen.

Warum sind die separaten Einschaltknöpfe so wichtig?

Das sagt Mr.Jim Doty: Nachdem ich Dutzende von Nachtfotografie-Exkursionen geleitet habe kam ich zum Schluss, dass eines der frustrierendsten Ereignisse darin besteht, dass jemand versehentlich weißes Licht einschaltet und die Dunkeladaption der gesamten Gruppe ruiniert. Das Problem ist, dass bei einigen Stirnlampen zuerst alle Einstellungen für weißes Licht durchgeschaltet werden müssen, um zum Rotlicht zu gelangen. Das ist schlechtes Design für die Nachtfotografie. Das wichtigste Merkmal einer Stirnlampe für die Astrofotografie, ist daher eine separate Taste zum Ein- und Ausschalten der roten LED.

Zitiert von JimDoty

Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Daren Homewood (Trowbridge, GB)
Red led headlight

This does exactly what I bought if for, and I love the ability to have independent switched for both red and white lights. The red light could be a fraction brighter but is adequate for my needs, and the white light is super bright when on full power, great for the trek out.

James Kelly (Dublin, IE)
Head torch with red light

The MSM head torch with red light for astrophotography is a fantastic piece of kit.
I charged it up with the supplied USB cable, and even though I have used it a lot it has not needed charging again yet. Super powerful white light beam and separate switch for the red light is a very nice touch. The angle of the head torch can be adjusted easily. All in all it has surpassed my expectations. I would recommend this to anyone.

Lewis Kemper (Sacramento, US)
Great headlamp for astro work

I like this headlamp so much I bought two of them! This is a great headlamp for astro work. The red LEDs are perfect for night photography and the white light is powerful enough to guide me out of my locations. I keep one in my camera bag and one in my car,

허태술 TAE SOOL (Hwaseong-si, KR)

네. 아주 편리합니다. 감사합니다.

Ali F (Dartford, GB)
Great little head torch!

What I love about this product aside from its price, is the fact that it has separate controls for RED and WHITE light - no fiddling around in the dark and inadvertently ending up with a bright white light! Ideal would be to get rid of the flashing option.

david skop (Boyne Falls, US)

Works great. Charged it a few weeks ago, still going strong.

Al Marek (Richmond, US)
Astro Photography - LED Red Head Lamp

Excellent head lamp with separate controls for Red LED's and White LED's that make using the equipment straight forward. Adjustable tilt angle also makes using it easy.

Robin Karpan (Saskatoon, CA)
Astrophotography/Red LED Headlamp

These are handy headlamps for astrophotography, as well as for general use. I especially like the separate switches for the red and white lights. Being able to charge via USB eliminates having to buy batteries which is another plus. My only complaint is that when you turn off the light it cycles through different modes including an annoying flashing mode. I would have preferred that it come without the flashing mode. Other than that, a good product at a reasonable price.

Joel Ferretti (San Luis Obispo, US)

Head Torches with red light for Astrophotography/Red LED Headlamp

Gailen Marshall (Mount Olive, US)
Head torch

Until you actually yse one of theses, you may not realize how valuable it is for a nighttime viewing or photography session. It takes me ( I am 72) about 20 min for my eyes to fully adapt to the dark but this red light torch provides plenty of light to keep me from fumbling around in the fark for telescope set up and adjustment. Plus it frees both hands . The band is snug but very comfortable. I can wear it directly on my forehead or over a cap - it is very adjustable. I am extremely pleased with this product!

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