Polhöhenwiege, für eine präzise Polausrichtung
Polhöhenwiege, für eine präzise Polausrichtung
Polhöhenwiege, für eine präzise Polausrichtung
Polhöhenwiege, für eine präzise Polausrichtung
Polhöhenwiege, für eine präzise Polausrichtung

Polhöhenwiege, für eine präzise Polausrichtung

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Hallo Freunde

Die Polhöhenwiege, nach der Sie schon lange gefragt haben, ist nun endlich da!

Abmessungen: 10,8 x 8,2 x 9,8 cm

Gewicht: 0,53 kg

Material: CNC-gefräste Aluminiumlegierung

•Mit Gleitstopper auf der Platte als Sicherheitsverriegelung
•Griff zum Verriegeln der Polhöhenwiege nach Positionseinstellung

Maximale Tragkraft: 5 kg

Zum korrekten Einsatz schauen Sie doch dieses Video: 

1.Schrauben Sie den Keil an einem Rig an, nennen wir ihn Rig 1.
2.Schrauben Sie die QR-Platte an ein anderes Rig, Rig 2.
3.Montieren Sie die QR-Platte mit Rig 2 am Keil.
4.Machen Sie die Keilwanne und kippen Sie, bis das Rig in die gewünschte Richtung zeigt.
5.Verriegeln Sie es mit dem Griff.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 51 reviews
Justin Emord (Van Nuys, US)

Wedge for precise polar alignment

Jim Cocci (Melbourne, US)
Works as advertised!

Now all I need is a clear sky!

Sam Katz (Stony Brook, US)
pretty good

Lots of slop in altitude screw, and the azimuth screws shipped too tight. They can be loosened with a tool but you need to disassemble it partway to access the screws easily. However it's a strong smooth mechanism and it's price competitive with any other base

Wedge for move shoot move

An awesome device. I tried an alternate brand and it did not do what I wanted. This device works perfectly every time. Well worth the investment 😁 now to get better and improve 😁

Philip Delisle (Saint Johns, US)
Worked the first time!

I am new to trackers and I used it only once so far and it worked great! I have gotten some of the recently released z brackets sold by MSM and they added better stability and easier alignment.

Bob Reeves (Westport, US)

I've only used it once so I don't have much to review

Kevin Elsby (Chipping Norton, GB)
MSM wedge for polar alignment

I bought this wedge to improve my accuracy for aligning my set up for star tracking, on Polaris. The wedge is light in weight and is constructed of high quality materials - it feels very sturdy. The knobs are both easy to use and give excellent alignment - I have been successful using the wedge with both a 16-35mm lens and a 100-400mm lens on a Sony body, using the laser on the MSM tracker to gain initial aim at Polaris. I am delighted with my results and have no hesitation recommending this relatively inexpensive but very useful device.

Bill Wright Wright

Very happy with my wedge, very good for fine polar alignment, would highly recommend.

Greg Erianne Erianne (South Burlington, US)
The Wedge is an excellent addition to the MSM tracker!

The Wedge will not only allow you to make a more precise polar alignment but will make the job easier as well. The controls operate smoothly, and the locks are sufficient to keep everything in place once you've completed your alignment. I recommend this addition to your MSM. It's very helpful.

Lubomír Hroudný (Brno, CZ)

Wedge for precise polar alignment