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Objektiv-Heizband für Astrofotografie
Objektiv-Heizband für Astrofotografie
Objektiv-Heizband für Astrofotografie

Objektiv-Heizband für Astrofotografie

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Hallo Freunde,

Das Objektiv-Heizband ist erhältlich!

Es wird verwendet um zu verhindern, dass das Kameraobjektiv beschlägt.

Lasst mich diese Heizung unter drei Gesichtspunkten vorstellen:

Das Material:

Das Hauptgewebe des Heizbandes besteht aus Neopren. Es kein gewöhnlicher Kleidungsstoff.

Weitere Einführung zu diesem Stoff:

Neopren ist wasserbeständig, weist eine gute chemische Stabilität auf und behält seine Flexibilität bei, wenn es einem weiten Temperaturbereich ausgesetzt wird. Aufgrund seiner unglaublichen Haltbarkeit wird Neopren zur Herstellung von Laptoptaschen, orthopädischen Zahnspangen, Badebekleidung, Neoprenanzügen, Kamerataschen usw. verwendet.

Nach dem Vergleich mit anderen Heizbändern haben wir festgestellt, dass dieses Material die Wärme gut im Inneren hält, das heißt, es ist energieeffizienter.


Hoch: 7,5 W

Mittel: 3,75 W

Niedrig: 1,85 W

Kompatibel mit den meisten Power Banks, 5 V.

Sie können es mit Ihrer Power Bank mit einem 5-V-Ausgang und einem USB-A-Anschluss betreiben.


Es gibt 3 Temperaturbereichstufen.

Hoher Temperaturbereich: 61 ° C-75 ° C / 141,8 ° F-167 ° F

Mittlerer Temperaturbereich: 50 ° C-60 ° C / 122 ° F-140 ° F

Niedriger Temperaturbereich: 40 ° C-49 ° C / 104 ° F-120 ° F

Getestet mit einer Power Bank (Ausgang: 5 V, 2A) bei 24 ° C-25 ° C / 75,2 ° F-77 ° F

Wir hoffen, dass es Dir gefällt. Falls nicht Sag uns einfach was du willst, lass es uns für dich tun.

Und noch etwas:

Wir haben gehört, dass viele so etwas wie ein Heizkissen oder andere Heizsysteme für Astrofotografie benötigen. Teile uns deine Bedürfnisse mit, wir werden es entwickeln.





Stromversorgung: 5 V

Anschluss: USB-A

Material: Neopren (Tauchanzugmaterial)

Länge: 42,5 cm

Breite: 3,4 cm

Heizdbandurchmesser: 9 cm

Maximaler Durchmesser: 13,5 cm / 5,31 Zoll

USB-Netzkabellänge: 153 cm / 60,23 Zoll

Temperaturreglerkabellänge: 166 cm / 60,35 Zoll

Heizbereich: 40 ° C-75 ° C

1. Geeignet für alle Arten von Linsen

2. Verhindert die Bildung von Tau an Teleskopen.

3. Das USB-Ladekabel gewährleistet einen einfachen Anschluss an eine Stromquelle.

4. Der Klettbandverschluss erleichtert das Anbringen oder Entfernen.

5. Gefertigt aus Tauchanzugmaterial, hält lange warm.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Not tested yet but a nice voltage

I purchased the “Australia” MSM bundle that included the dew heater. The dew heater runs off a usb cable and can be powered with a USB power brick. I have not used the heater but look forward to testing it in Hawaii in several months.

Awesome experience, thank you so much for your help!!!

Fantastic service, very helpful staff, highly recommended!!!

Dew Heater Band for astrophotography

Used it twice, with some effects.

MSM and Fuji GFX works well together.

I picked up the full MSM unit with laser and polar scope for backpacking. The last few months I have been giving it a go in preparation for backpacking season. I am impressed that it can handle a Fuji GFX100 and lens without issue, even in strong winds. I have only three very very small gripes. The padded case that comes with the Unit cannot fit all the other little bits like the laser, polar scope and mount etc. The laser should have caps to prevent accidental triggering when not in use and the little light for the polar scope can easily be turned on when not in use due to the position of the on/off button. Over all a great little unit for those tight on space.

Works well.

Longer than the one I was previously using, which lets it work with bigger lenses. The included controller is nice to be able to run it on low to stop dew and turn it up to keep frost off.

Tracker is good, laser fails when it is cold

The tracker has worked well for me (so far just with wide-ish lenses in the 28-50 mm range, I haven't tried it with anything long really), but the laser stops working whenever it is cold (below freezing) out. It'll work indoors, or if I keep it in my pocket for a while to warm it up, it'll work for a minute or so, but if I leave it installed on the tracker and let it cool off to ambient for ten minutes and then ty turn it on verify that my alignment is still correct, it won't power up.


Great product, juste what i was waiting fort

Works great

I have now taken hours of photos with the dew heater and absolutely no dew on the lens at all and it’s super easy to use and works perfect with a power bank.

Amazing little tracker and rotator

I was one of the first to order a MSM rotator from India. The first batch of rotators came with rotary switches for selecting the various options. Even during the initial stages MSM were very prompt with their service support and advice. Every time I have looked for some guidance, MSM are responsive and supportive. I have mainly used the MSM rotator as a rotator for shooting timelapses but I have used it sometimes as a travker to shoot the milkyway and deep sky objects like the Orion. The MSM rotator has performed flawlessly in every condition. Now I own two - the original one and a new version and they are both always in my bag where ever I travel. The next improvement I am looking for is longer lasting batteries although I agree 5 hour battery time is usually enough but it would be nice to use it over 2 - 3 days without having to charge it but if that means a heavier rotator then I will have to be satisfied with the present one. One of the best things about this rotator is the very handy weight !!! So if you are timelapse photographer, a milkyway chaser or a deep sky object shooter - the MSM rotator is a must have in your camera bag !!

Must have Item

If you ever experienced a well prepared trip, setup everything, ready to shoot and then the Dust is so intense, that you have to clean your Lens after every shot, you will never miss this item again. It works perfectly with a Power Bank and gives your Lens a Perfect Temperature to stay clean for a good shooting night!