Dew Heater Band for astrophotography
Dew Heater Band for astrophotography
Dew Heater Band for astrophotography

Dew Heater Band for astrophotography

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Hi friends,

The Dew Heater finally comes!

Use it to prevent our camera lens from fogging up, Keep our lens dry. 


Let me introduce this heater from 3 aspects:

The material:

This Dew Heater main fabric is made of Neoprene. It's different from general cloth. 

More introduction about this fabric:

Neoprene is water-resistant, exhibits good chemical stability, and maintains flexibility when subject to a wide range of temperatures. ... Given its incredible durability, neoprene is used in the creation of laptop sleeves, orthopedic braces, swimwear, wetsuits, camera bags..etc.

After comparing it with other Dew bands, we found such material is good at keeping the heat inside, that's to say, it will be more power-efficient for us. 

The Power

High: 7.5W

Medium: 3.75W

Low: 1.85W

Compatible with most power banks, 5V.

You can power it with your general power bank with a 5V output, USB-A connector.


Temperature Control

It has 3 levels of output

High Temp range:        61°C-75°C  /  141.8°F-167° F

Medium Temp range:  50°C-60°C  /  122° F-140 ° F

Low Temp range:         40°C-49°C  /  104° F-120 ° F

Testing with a Power Bank (output: 5V, 2A) at 24°C-25°C / 75.2° F-77° F

Do hope you like it, if not? Just tell us what you want, let's do it for you.

And one more thing, 

We heard that many of you want something like heater pads to sit on, or other such heating systems for Astro, just tell us your need, we will design for you.






Power supply: 5V

Connection: USB-A

Material: Neoprene (Diving Suit Material)

Length: 42.5 cm / 16.73 inch

Width:   3.4 cm 1.33 inch

Heating diameter:  9 cm / 3.54 inch

Maxium diameter: 13.5 cm / 5.31 inch

USB Power cable length: 153 cm / 60.23 inch

Temperature regulator cable length: 166 cm / 60.35 inch

Heating range: 40° C-75°C / 104° F-167° F

1.  Suitable to all kinds of lenses

2.  Prevents dew buildup on telescopes

3.  USB charging cable ensures easy connection to a power source

4.  The adhesive strap fastener makes it easy to be attached or removed

5.  Made from diving suit material, keep the heater warm for a long time.

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