Product Manuals --part6

How to Do Timelapse with GAUDA Rotator?


  • For Timelapse, GAUDA button version only supports Nikon, Canon, Sony cameras.
  • Connect the Hot Shoe cable to your camera, another side with GAUDA. 

1. Take off your tripod’s base, install GAUDA Rotator on your tripod.  Turn the Base side down, and check the level bubble to make it horizontal.

2. Install the panoramic base / Ball head  onto the Rotator

3. Install your camera onto the Panoramic base or the ball head.

4. Connect the Camera’s hot-shoe to GAUDA Rotator’s sync port with the Hot Shoe sync cable.

5. Camera setting up: 
  • Turn OFF “Silence Shutter”
  • If your camera has a built-in time-lapse app, turn OFF its “Silence shutter”
  • Turn ON camera’s flash.
  • Turn OFF “Real-time display” for Canon and Nikon cameras.
6. Rotator setting up:
  • Hold and press N/S button to turn ON/OFF the Rotator.
  • Press the Mode button to switch between different mode.
  • Press the N/S button to switch between N and S
7. Connect the timer shutter release with your camera to set the shutter speed, the interval time, total shots.
8. The Rotator will move once after each shot.