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All that Magic in such a wee little box...

"Seriously, remember what Astrophotography alignment (Star Tracking devices) were like just a few short years ago? Huge! Heavy! And you needed a PHD and your own personal IT support to assist with setup. And the alignment! Required WAY too much fiddling and calculation.

Now the Move Shoot Move comes along! So small, but durable and able to support a suprisingly heavy camera/lens combo. And with the Laser Pointer, Polar alignment is a piece of cake. Usually a 5 minute job to set up everything. And if you need to get more 'precise' to do deep space object captures, they have you covered with the Polar Scope. If you are new to Astrophotography you can be confident that you will be producing amazing captures in your first session.

Don't forget: the MSM is a dandy Timelapse rotator as well. Time Lapse shots and Motion Timelapse shots are now easy to setup and capture quality images on your first attempt.

But the real icing on the cake, the 'killer feature' of the Move Shoot Move 2 in 1 Star Tracker? The support! From the folks at the company reaching out and assuring that you are happy with your device and that you are adequately supported during the learning curve, or the fantastic fellow users at the MSM Facebook group being SO patient with folks new to Astrophotography and to new users of the MSM. They literally go out and make easy to follow, well shot videos on every use for the MSM. And Step by Step guides to doing almost everything with the MSM. Plus, they are enthusiastic and encouraging of new shooters, sharing constructive critisism along with helpful suggestions on how you can improve the images you share with group. So very cool to have a resource as great as that!

What are you waiting for? Buy it! Did I mention it is below 1/4 of the price of some of the similar devices on the market? The ones I talked about being heavy, bulky and difficult to use? Yeah, way less expensive....

-Tom Benson (NC, US)

All of the shots below are from our users, more will be added later, enjoy!

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