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Amazing piece of gear. So I've always been interested in night sky photography, but finding the right gear was always a guessing game. Until I I saw an ad for the Move-Shoot-Move. With its relatively inexpensive price tag, I decided to give it a try. I was not disappointed at all. It is solidly constructed, and very easy to align and use in Star tracking mode. It arrived quickly, in time for a camping trip to a dark sky area. I was very impressed with the results. If you are in the market for a start tracker, you will not be disappointed with the Move-Shoot-Move.. Easy setup, user friendly, and most of all, it just works! I will be recommending it to all my friends who are interested in night sky photography. My dream of getting sharp, images of the Milky-Way have come true, and the Move-Shoot-Move made it possible. No complicated image stacking needed. Able to shoot long exposures at very low iso. I love this piece of gear, and you will too!

Joe U.

Sun Valley, California, United States


Very Successful First Time Use. I've had only one opportunity when the weather and my schedule allowed me to go out for a Milky Way shoot. That one event was extremely successful and much better with the MSM tracker than static images and image stacking. I found the MSM easy to setup and easy to use. My kit included Nikon Z6 with 14-30 mm f/4 Z-mount Nikon S lens and an intervalometer. My exposure settings were f/5.6, 3 minutes, and ISO 100.

I'm looking very much forward to my next outing with the MSM.

George Austin

Silver City, New Mexico, United States


I've been using the MSM with the Laser Alignment for about 2 months now and all I can say is wow! This little device is a must have for astrophotography! I've taken it out on multiple occasions and no longer have to struggle with technical rules or the stacking post-processing technique. It's extremely easy to set up, there are plenty of tutorials out there, and the community is welcoming and willing to assist. Definitely glad I purchased and I cannot wait to see what other incredible add-ons MSM comes out with!

Matthew Barroner

Riverview, Florida, United States


Perfect for Traveling, super easy to use tracker for traveling.
perfect for a beginner to get first good results with a single shot without stacking.
You get what You pay for and it's worth the money. I love this little thing :-)

Hans-Jörg Asche

Essen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany


Works pretty great! this is a very, very good product and it's so much less expensive than the competition. The results I've gotten with the Move Shoot Move have been phenomenal, much better than I used to get with stacking and a million times better than a single shot. . It's easy to use and very affordable. Portability is also impressive. I've been recommending it to all my friends.

Nickolas Warner

San José, Provincia de San Jose, Costa Rica


Move Shoot Move is the perfect star tracker. That said, I've never used anything else. I had originally purchased a Star Guider Pro. And while it was in transit, I read some reviews and watched some videos about the MSM and was sold. Quickly ordered the MSM with the laser pointer and returned the Star Guider Pro once it arrived. From my first night using it, I was shocked at how good my results were. Now I just gotta figure out the whole stacking thing. Next up for me and my MSM ...NEOWISE comet.
For the money and ease of use....there is nothing better on the market. Think I'm lying? Buy one and tell me I'm wrong.

Mark Miller

Winchester, Tennessee, United States


After watching Erik Kuna's course on Kelbyone on stacking and tracking I decided to buy the MSM. I finally had a chance to try it and I was amazed how easy it was to do the polar alignment and how sharp the stars stayed - no trails on a 30 second exposure. Note I found it more stable by mounting the plate to the back instead of the bottom.

Bruce Murray

Oakville, Ontario, Canada


I am technically challenged and if I could use this and put it together by myself than anyone could. Before the tracker I used stacking and my maximum exposure was 20 seconds
This light and portable tracker goes on and 180 s later the amazing colors of Milky Way and clusters come alive !
Polar alignment is very easy to do with this tracker. I have a polarscope and a laser . Overall great tracker.


Waialua, Hawaii, United States


The MSM tracker has worked well for me. I like that it is small and lightweight so hiking with it into a remote location is possible. I do wide angle shots of the night sky and Milky Way with lenses from 14mm to 50mm which is what this tracker is designed to do. I have aligned using the iPhone/PhotoPills, the laser and the polar scope. The laser and the iPhone seem to be the easiest to use. I have used the laser and then adjusted for the offset using the Polar Scope and that has worked well, but is more involved. I have been so happy with my 90 second exposures at f4/ISO 800-1600 I personally see no reason for stacking. I would like to see the bracket that holds the Polar scope improved as it does not fit deep into the bracket and is somewhat wobbly. I have used the MSM wedge and that works well, but I have also used my Acratech Long Lens Head which works almost as well as the wedge so hiking I don't take the wedge to save weight. I have the V and Z plates and prefer the V plate as it makes leveling the ballhead and camera easier. Of course in windy conditions such as constant 20mph winds with gusts to 40mph its hard to keep the unit from shaking. I had a problem with the wedge adjustment bolt and MSM responded and sent me a new bolt so customer service is a plus with the MSM team.


Olympia, Washington, United States


Tired of trails and noise?

Do you want to expose for more than 60 seconds? Well... MSM is what you are looking for. It moves your camera in the opposite direction but at the same speed as the earth to eliminate the stars from trailing in your image, so you can do a long exposure with ease.

Designed by Astrophotographers

We are astrophotographers, we know well how laborious it is to setup and move around. So we want to change it, make it simple for all camera users.

Easy to set up

We've made the task of Polar Alignment as easy as just aiming the pointer at Polaris, making astrophotography an uncomplicated process. Just set your exposure and focus, and you're ready to go.

Grab and Go

Compared with other star trackers out there, you'll see Move Shoot Move takes up much less space. 

Great Company

Very light weight and easy to use for Milkyway shots. I like the fact that this company keep improving their product unlike iOptron or any other star tracker companies.

- Keiko Yamasaki, Temecula, California, United States