Video Tutorials for Move Shoot Move Star Tracker

Free Video Tutorials From our Ambassador Alex and Peter, enjoy!

Video Tutoriales en Español de Nuestro Embajadors Pedro y Javier, ¡disfrútelo! 


Video Tutorial from Hudson Henry

Hi Friends,

This is hanna from Move Shoot Move, Hope you are doing well. Today I would like to share a good news with you!

Our ambassador Hudson Henry has made a cool Milkyway tutorial with MSM! It is combined of 14 detailed videos. The course will cover many field topics,

How to choose optical ISO, exposure, and so on at night photography
 How to setup and capture Milkyway with MSM star tracker
 How to stack stars and reduce the noises
   And more...

How much is the cost of the full course? It only costs $54.99 ! And more,
 all our Move Shoot Move users can get special price at $49. Please use this ​code: MSMStarCourse

Check it out:

Hope you enjoy it, please let me know if you need any help.


Pro Video Tutorial from Peter Zelinka

Hi Friends,
Happy weekend, John is here, I wish you all healthy and, please stay safe, stay home!
Stay home is not a big issue for photographers, especially for us astrophotographers!🌌😜
Today, I have good news to share with you, we finally have tutorials.
Thanks to Peter Zelinka, he recently set up a FULL video course on Move Shoot Move Rotator, from basic to the ADVANCED post-processing. It has taken him for months to get all done. ALL aspects of astrophotography are covered in this course.
How to say, if Move Shoot Move Rotator opens the door to professional astrophotography, then Peter Zelinka’s course will tell all the treasures in that room, bring us to a completely new level in Astro.
How much does it cost to get the FULL course? His official price is $300, downloadable, or learning online anytime. $300 may be too high for our users, after discussing with Peter, we finally got a great offer from him.
Now All our move shoot move users could get the FULL course at $99!🎉🎉
Please take your copy here with code: moveshootmove
Hope you enjoy, please feel free to contact me anytime.
Please stay safe.