FAQ on Aug.22

1) Where is the item shipped from (asking due to duty and taxes)?
  • It's shipped from China.  And, it's free of duty and taxes with our free shipping method.
2) The tracker powers itself via the camera hotshoe correct?
  • No, for star tracker mode, it rotates automatically to sync with our earth's self-rotation.
  • Camera's hotshoe is only used for timelapse photography, if you do not play with timelapse, then there is no need to connect the camera hotshoe.
3) How does the tracker attach to a tripod? Is it arca swiss compatible?
  • It can be attached to a tripod by screw it onto a 3/8 thread.
  • There is on 1/4 -3/8 adaptor, which we can install a quick release plate onto it, then it will be arca swiss compatible.
4) What is its maximum load (weight of attached camera equipment)?
  • The maximum load is 3Kg. 
5) Do you have to program the tracking device (I assume different regions of the globe require different settings, I am correct)?
  • No need program.  There are 2 selections:  Northern Hemisphere, Southern Hemisphere.
  • Just choose Northern Hemisphere or Southern Hemisphere will be ok, it will track the star accordingly.
6) Do you ship to the republic of Malta (EU) and how much does it cost.
  • Yes, we can ship to the Republic of Malta, it's free shipping with our default shipping method.
  • If you want DHL, there will be an extra $15, and it will have import taxes for DHL.