Updates of Polar Scope

Updates in Sep.2020:

Hi Friends,

Due to high demands for Polar Scope, we have to add more versions as back up supplies, otherwise, the polar scope will be out of stock frequently.

After 2 months' testing, we currently have 3 versions: 

Regarding the function, they are the Same. They all could achieve accurate polar alignment.

And, we will offer the illuminator for all of them for FREE.

So, in order to speed up the shipping, we will ship them randomly

Sorry for the confusion caused to you, please feel free to contact us anytime.

We are always here for you!

Move Shoot Move team  Sep 1. 2020


Updates in Sep. 2020:

Hi Friends, 

Due to excessive demand for polar scope, the July-15 batch has been sold out. New stock for CN warehouse is expected to arrive on July 21 and that for US warehouse on July 30.

Move Shoot Move team July 20. 2020




Updates in Dec. 2019:

Good News, 

Hi friends, the illuminator finally is ready, we will add it to all new orders from today.

It's included with the polar scope, no need to buy it separately.

For our purchased users before, please contact us to get the free illuminator, just pay the $6.95 shipping fee will be ok.


Move Shoot Move team