3 Ways to Setup Move Shoot Move Star Tracker

Tracker Configuration

Currently, there are three ways to install your camera onto the MSM Rotator.

Config1:  Just with the help of 2 Ball Heads. 

Please check the video tutorial here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1EgISkD7tcPaZQldMn2DuPobrE_C-9mwz/view?usp=sharing

Pros: Simple, Low Cost, No additional investment.

Cons: Pay more attention to balance, more patience on polar alignment with ball head.

Config 2: With the help of Pan & Tilt Head and L bracket.

Pros: Self-Balanced, Easy to accommodate a heavier camera, easy for tuning position.

Cos: Cost more on Pan  & Tilt Head + L bracket + Panorama Mount

Milky Way Photography Tutorail

Milky Way Photography Polar Alignment


Config 3: Taochy's configuration

Thanks to our user Mr. Taochy.

Pros: Leave more space for the camera.

Cons: Invest more in L bracket, Pan  & Tilt Head, and Panorama mount.

Move Shoot Move SiFo Milky Way Photography Setup

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