3 Ways to do Polar Alignment

There are 3 ways to do a polar alignment, let's Rank them by accurate level:

  1. Most accurate: Polar Scope
  2. Mid accurate:  Laser Pointer
  3. Less Accurate: Emergency Hole

A- Polar Alignment with Laser Pointer.

Turn on the laser pointer, aim the beam at Polaris, try to align the laser beam with the Polaris. Once aligned, then you are ready to shoot.

B- MSM Polar Alignment with Polar Scope.

Firstly, with the help of the laser pointer you've almost aligned with the Polaris, then install the Polar scope onto the mount. (The same mount with Laser Pointer). With the help of the engraving marks on the scope lens, you can do an accurate alignment with the Polaris. 

Polar Scope is necessary for a lens with a long focal length.


How to use the engraving mark on the Polar Scope?

C. Polar Alignment without Laser Pointer /Polar Scope (Emergency Help Hole).

Thanks to Alyn Wallace's idea.

Use this hole for draft polar alignment once you forget your laser pointer or Polar Scope at home. 


  • Khufu Amon Ra

    You guys really need to find a better way for people in the South Hemisphere to polar aline.

  • Steve Miller

    That hole is also useful for rough alignment, to just get close.

    Then use the scope for a more precise alignment.

    Nice, simple modification. Thanks Alyn.

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