Red LED Headlamp
Red LED Headlamp
Red LED Headlamp
Red LED Headlamp

Red LED Headlamp

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Function Description:

2 Separate Buttons for each color, ideal for night photography. Solid switch control does not worry about yelled by other photographers "Turn off your light".

Button 1 for: Red Light

Button 2 for: White Light 


Light Weight: 79g

Brightness: Up to 220 lumens

Built-in Lithium Battery: Working 4 hrs lighting at Max power, 30 hrs at Min power.

Charging time: 6 hrs

Why Red-light:

It takes about 20-30 minutes for your eyes to fully dark adapt when doing photography at night. Red light does not mess with that process. Turn on the white light and you have to start dark adapting all over again.

Why Separated button is key?

Below is what Mr.JimDoty says: After leading dozens of night photography field trips, I have decided one of the most frustrating things to have happened is for someone to accidentally turn on white light and ruin the dark adaptation of the whole group. The problem is some headlamps make you cycle through all the white light settings to get to the red LED. That is a terrible design for night photography. So the most essential feature for a night photography headlamp is a separate button to turn the red LED on and off. It is even better if the red LED button is separated from the white LED button.

Quoted from JimDoty


Customer Reviews

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Red lite head lamp

I really liked the head lamps functionality and price.

Red Led headlamp

Arrived so quickly and pretty darn happy with my purchase and at a great price 😊


zoom out - zoom in ışık ayarı olsa daha iyi olur.

Little wonder for night photography

I love this wonderful lamp for two reasons: by one hand it is really nice for hiking at night because of its powerfull white light. On the other hand if you are taking pictures of astronomical objects, its red lamp is wonderful for your eyes because it doesn't spoil your night vision. Futhermore, the red light has another switch, so it's independent of white light.

Head Lamp

I love this headlamp! It's perfect for hiking at night and the red lights are great for setting up at night. I highly recommend it!

Long lasting usage time

So far the runtime with the red lights on is pretty lasting.

Red LED headlamp

I really enjoy using this bit of kit. The red lamp is perfect for outdoor night use when photographing and the 3 stage white light is very bright with a good spread

Compact light weight dream machine!

I Love my MSM for how easy it is to take with me to remote shooting locations. Set up is easy and for my Olympus EM-1iii tracking is very steady. I've just added the Red LED head lamp and polar scope to my set up and find the quality to be top notch. Having USB charging off wall or power pack is just what I was looking for. Thanks MSM!

have'nt been able to get out.

Yes I have'nt had the opportunity to get out because of the virus lockdown but it seems file on short term inspection.

Little wonder of a tracker

I recently tried with fuji system with xt30 and a 18-55 lens... It gave grt result and very easy to setup with the laser and i hv been able to track 4min and 82 mm equivalent FF focal Length. Will try this tracker in my upcoming workshops.