Worm Gear System
We innovatively work with the worm-gear system. The worm gear has a self-lock mechanism in its design. 
What's that meaning?  That means the worm and wheel will hold their position without consuming battery power.
The Big Advantage of Worm Gear:
  • Huge power saving in SIFO, that means most of the time the motor is not working. The device can work for a long time with little power.
  • No Shaking during the shooting in SIFO. Why? When shooting especially in tilt mode, the camera has the tendency to rotate down. The self-lock mechanism can provide enough force to keep the camera's position without turn on the motor.  
  • Below is the general gear system in some other brand motion control systems, the motor should work continuously to resist backward movement of the camera, in order to keep your camera's position. This can lead to potential camera shaking.