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Review of msm rotater

The device came to me on the scheduled date, but the front where the lights are was scratched. I lack a laser support screw to adjust it better. The quality is regular. The price is fine but I would bet on another more expensive one. The motor issue is very sensitive. When you load some weight without getting to the maximum... give in. I'm not too happy with him. I think they're riding them fast and badly.

Wedge for precise polar alignment
Ahilleas Tranoulidis (Athens, GR)
Polar wedge

Quality fine machined item

Super Service

Hi folks,
everything went fine with delivery.
Ii's a lot if fun with your products

Nice tool for night time landscape

Astrophotography isn't my main pursuit, but I do enjoy making nighttime landscapes when the opportunity allows. The MSM device was a reasonably priced tool that allows me to take long exposure night time sky images that can be blended with a landscape image captured at the same time. The one improvement I would make is to have the manual in larger print (make it a larger PDF on line) and provide a bit more detail on how to set the system up. I tried watching the videos, but actually found some other photographers tutorials easier to understand.


This tracker is incredible for its size, very easy to use, tracks amazing at 20mm and 50mm I have tested it even at 200mm (it is not made for this focal length) and it done an amazing job! 100% would recommend!

Fantastic product.

Excellent plate really does a fantastic job.

Just what I needed

This changed the game for my astro shots of the Milky Way. I love how light it is, I love how easy it is to set up. I can get polar aligned, take my shots, and I can go to a new spot for more shooting. Incredibly easy. Once I watched a few tutorial videos a few times, I was able to get it. Peter and Alex do a fantastic job answering my questions with setup, use, and expectations. I know have the Z platform and the 'wedge for precise polar alignment'. Fantastic equipment. Looking forward to seeing what else I can do with this.

Move Shoot Move

What an amazing little piece of kit. So small and compact it never leaves my camera bag. And the MSM team are fantastic to work with, with great customer service.

Love the idea but accuracy is well off

Loved the idea and it’s applications. But the markings are way off on both the Z & V platforms and when I reached out to customer service not only did the lady know that the markings were inaccurate but I was also told - and not very politely - to live with it. When one is shooting at night one depends on the accuracy of the individual components to get the best photos unfortunately this isn’t the case here. Wonder if Alyn is aware or if he got samples which were accurate.

Perfect for my application

I primarily shoot wide angle Astro shots. The MSM is perfect size and easy to use. I have no problem taking with me wherever I plan to shoot.

Z/V Platform

The Z/V platform designed by Alan Wallace is a game changer if you love to shoot milky way panoramas using a star guider. The wedge is also great to help condense space in your gear bag and not have to pack around a traditional bulky wedge to align your star tracker. Craftsmanship of the wedge is top notch and you can tell it has been very thought out in its design.

Multi-purpose panoramic mount
Gary (Rock Springs, US)
Pano rotator revew

I found the rotator to be well made and have two of them, one on my astrophotography rig and the other on my light travel tripod. They are probably a little less well made as one I’m using on my normally used tripod, but that one was quite a lot more expensive. These are very good though, especially considering the price point.

Red & White lamps make it versatile

Never goes in the camera bag except on night shoots, where the red lamp doesn't ruin your night vision. The rest of the time it's on the night stand available for power outages where the white light is VERY helpful.

New screws with stopper
Sai Shankar (Christchurch, NZ)
Great little star tracker

Portable and easy to use. Longer exposures mean less noise, deeper colour and fainter objects can be captured. MSM opens up a new level of astrophotography, which can be taken anywhere.

Very Well Made

I have the V Platform and it performs very well. Locks down solid and hold the camera and ball head very secure.

Makes Camera Setup straight forward (and reliable).

I have bought a few cheaper Z plates in the past - the first one fell apart before I used it and the others could not take any weight. I have replaced them all with two MSM Z plates and a V plate - very happy.

MSM Easy to use Star Tracker (Newest 2-in-1)- Holiday Sale is ON!🎁🎉

Easy to use MSM

The set up is really easy, just level the tripod, alignment with Polaris using either the laser pointer or the polar scope (everything in minutes) and you are ready to take a lot of great pictures. You can use either the wedges, or ball heads or even better the Z or V accessories. All of them are great !!!

Fantastic Tracker

I took the Move Shoot Move out to the Canadian prairies where there is nothing but black skies. The tracker worked brilliantly and gave me some awesome skies.

This is so much smaller and lighter than my other tracker, so it will come with me more often. I shoot with a mirrorless camera, so the load is very light on the device with no strain.

Phone Mount for Polar Alignment
R Kerr (Chester-le-Street, GB)
Phone Mount Works Very Well

Mount is easy to set up, which I then aligned using the Night AR function in the Photopills app. I managed to track for 90 seconds at 24mm with pinpoint stars..
I'm confident of longer when I get the chance to use it in the longer nights in the UK.
Haven't yet tried the laser, but it's quicker than using the Polar Scope

A beginners review

I bought the Move Shoot Move star tracker not knowing if I would be able to figure it out. This last weekend, I was out in Arizona, and it very easy to setup. I just pointed the laser at the North Star and I was set. Unfortunately, some clouds and dust rolled in and made my night a bust. Either way I am happy on how easy this was to setup. The great part is that it takes up little room in my camera bag. I would recommend buying this if you’re curious about astrophotography, but don’t want to spend the big bucks.

They work perfectly

I have already used them several times and the truth is that they are a pretty good invention and work well and without problems, I recommend them 100%.

It's very easy to use, polar alignment using the laser can easily track up to 2 - 3 minutes for wide angle lens. It's also portable and lightweight to carry around. I'll try using a longer focal length with polar scope in the future but for wide angle lens, it is working great.

Polar Scope and Accessories
Izak Kapilevich (San Jose, US)
Good portable tracker, user manual is poor and accessories are OK but do not match the shown use ...

I used this tracker for wide field photography and was very happy with my results but when I tried a longer focal length lens I could not get it to work right with the green laser pointer as there is too much wiggle room and the laser setting is not very fixed. I then realized I need to buy the polar alignment scope. which works better for longer focal length photography. I love that its all small and portable but I do not like that the user manual is horrible and leaves too much unanswered. I had to use U Tube and watch multiple videos but I still dont know the best recommended way to use it.