How to use the polar scope B

First of all, the polar scope has a focus ring. So if the lens of the scope is out of focus (looks like fog inside), please twist the ring to refocus.


Below are instructions for the Northern and Southern Hemisphere.

For the orders placed before the middle of 2022, this is the illuminator for polar scope.


Please mount it at the end of polar scope as below,

For the orders placd in 2023, this white tube is the fluorescent light for polar scope.

Please mount it at the end of the polar scope, and shine it with a light source like a headlamp or phone light, it will glow in dark. (Please test it in a dark room or dark environment).






Northern Hemisphere:


 1. Download and open the app “Polar Scope Align Pro”(for iOS) or  "PolarFinder Pro"  (for android) or other apps to find the Polaris position today, refer to the photo below. (The picture is for example)


Polar Scope Align Pro                                  PolarFinder Pro


Tip: The Polaris sign in the app is indicating that you should place the Polaris at the edge of the inner reticle. The white point is the position of the Polaris.


2. Adjust your Rotator's gesture until Polaris drops onto the circle of your polar scope's reticle.


3. Make sure the Polaris sits in the same position as "Polar Scope Align Pro / PolarFinder Pro" shows.


Note: Please keep the reticle upright, like the photo below. 0 on the top, 6 on the below. 3 and 9 are horizontal.


Southern Hemisphere:


1. First, find out the Octants in the sky with a planetarium app(its AR feature).


2. Adjust your setup's gesture, until the "Octants" icon in the scope matches its actual orientation in the sky.