New MSM Button Version Finally Released- 16.May.2019

Hi Friends,

Thanks for all your support to MSM SiFo Rotator. John is here.

I have news to share with you, as you may already know, since the first release of our Knob version back to July.2018, we have done one update in Oct.2018, we updated the Base and Rotator for better stability.  

But the defective rate is still too high, around 1% percent, although we offer a free replacement at our expense, but it still not friendly to you. Now it's time to do the second update:

The New MSM SiFo Button Version

Main updates:

  1. Change the knob to button controls, save more space from eliminating the knob also resolve the defective caused by the knob.
  2. Added 1/2 speed for star tracking, this helps new users shoot the Milkyway in one shot without stacking.

What's the same:

  1. Same size and weight.

After  5 days delay due to holiday reason, finally, the newest button version is available to send.

Please check the photo's below for your reference.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at

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Head of Customer Service