Will MSM Phone Mount work with the Move Shoot Move or is it only for polar alignment purposes

Q: Will your MSM phone mount work with the Move Shoot Move or only for polar alignment in astrophotography?

MSM: The MSM phone mount is multiple functional. It could be used as you like, what it does is just to hold your phone.

Yeah, its main function is for polar alignment in astrophotography. With the MSM phone mount, you could attach your phone with the MSM tracker. Then you could do the polar alignment with your phone. This function makes it really popular among the users in the Southern hemisphere.

Second, yes it could be used for move shoot move/timelapse. Attach your phone to the MSM tracker, choose the speed you like, then you could use your phone to do the move shoot move.

If you are interested, please check the MoveShootMove Phone Mount here.