Easy Focus - Star Focus Filter  - for Stars and Planetary Photography!  - The best gift for you and your loved ones 🎁
Easy Focus - Star Focus Filter  - for Stars and Planetary Photography!  - The best gift for you and your loved ones 🎁
Easy Focus - Star Focus Filter  - for Stars and Planetary Photography!  - The best gift for you and your loved ones 🎁
Easy Focus - Star Focus Filter  - for Stars and Planetary Photography!  - The best gift for you and your loved ones 🎁
Easy Focus - Star Focus Filter  - for Stars and Planetary Photography!  - The best gift for you and your loved ones 🎁

Easy Focus - Star Focus Filter - for Stars and Planetary Photography! - The best gift for you and your loved ones 🎁

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Q 1:  What is the shortest, (widest) focal length this will work with? 14 MM, 20MM, 35MM, 50MM?

A: Yes, this focus filter can work well with all the wide lenses mentioned above, it will perform better on zoom lenses. The longer the focal length, the better the performance.

Q2 : I have a Nikon 24-70 that has an 82mm thread for filters. Does the 82mm have a thread to fit my lens?

A: Yes, the filter has the thread to fit into the lenses.


Star Focus Filter is used to work with cameras to achieve precise focus on the stars,
Focusing a camera lens in the dark is always a difficult thing in astrophotography. Through the Bahtinov Mask on the filter, Star Focus Filter can help the camera get an accurate focus on stars.

Does it work with zoom lens?

Yes, it's ok for zoom lens. The longer the focus length the better the performance.
Below video is tested with indoor red led, Canon 600D, Canon EF-S 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 @18mm

How to Choose a Suitable Adapter ?


How to Use Star Focus Filter(video)?

Method 1

  1. Mount the Star Focus Filter onto your camera.
  1. Turn on the live view mode, adjust the ISO to the biggest (ISO 1600 or above), and set the shutter speed to 10s or more.
  1. Adjust the frame and make sure the bright star or light source is in the middle of the frame. It is recommended that you look for a bright star of magnitude 1 to focus on.
  1. Magnify the frame and adjust the focusing rings at the same time until three fine spike lines show out in the frame.
  1. Rotate the focusing ring to make the three spikes intersect at one point. This the when the precise focus is achieved.

Method 2

If you can't find a brighter star or the lens aperture is too small, you can take several testing pictures to get the focus.
  1. Mount the Star Focus Filter onto your camera.
  1. Adjust the focus rings to get an infinity focus
  1. Set the high ISO and short exposure (several seconds), and take one testing shot
  1. Check the three spike lines in the frame, if the central spike is closing to the left, screw the focus ring to the right. If the central spike is closing to the right, screw the focus ring to the left.
  1. Take a second testing shot, and repeat step 4 until three spikes intersect at one point. Then a precise focus is achieved.
 Note: Hand holding the filter, then it can work with the lens without the adapter 


  1. It will need to position the bright star in the middle of the frame, choosing the bright star of magnitude 1 or close to the magnitude 1
  1. For the wide lenses, please turn the aperture to the biggest
  1. The filter is not wear-resistant, please store it in a filter case after use. If there is dust or oil, please use an air blower and neutral detergent to remove them
  1. Do not place it in high temperature environment
Recommended Apertures with different focal lengths
Focal Length (MM)
28-600 or longer
Aperture (F)
1.2-5.6 or lower


Compatible lens
Camera Adapter Rings
without adapter ring 20g 
with adapter ring 30.3g


For the Option" star focus filter +all adapters below" , it will come with one 82mm focus filter and 8 adapters- 49mm+52mm+ 55mm +58mm + 62mm + 67mm  +72mm + 77mm.

Note: Star Focus Filter can work with other lenses with the help of camera adapter rings

Customer Reviews

Based on 61 reviews
Focusing at night time is now easier

I always have the problem of focusing at night with my APS-C camera and with my aging vision. I can hardly find that sweet spot of tiny star on my focus. With the aid of Easy Focus - Star Focus Filter I can easily find that spot. Thanks MSM.

Ken Brent (Mountain View, US)
MSM Accessories

While I do not own the MSM rotator due tot the weight of my gear, I have purchase the MSM polar scope laser attachment for my iOptron rotator. It fit my device perfectly and is of high quality. I have also purchased the Bahtinov mask set for my DSLR which is also of very high quality and works well.

Richard Flapper (Amsterdam, NL)
Excellent filter

Having had issues with getting stars correctly in focus and having bought other bathinov masks that were primarily made for telescopes I decided to give this filter a try. And it works like a charm. One thing though. It’s best not to screw on the filter during focusing. When unscrewing the filter it generally unfocuses the image. I just hold it before the lens and then focus the image. Works like a charm!

Jacco de Weger (Utrecht, NL)
Great tool for focusing!

Works great. Reasonably fast delivery

Ted Hill (Murrieta, US)
Easy Focusing on Stars!

I used to struggle getting fine focus on stars but not anymore. The MSM Star Focus Filter is easy to use and nails focus every time, I highly recommend it!!

Massimo Bernardi (Novara, IT)
Very good

More focusing precision respect "eye on screen". I use its on my 135 - 200 and 300 lens. Very good stuff.

Mike Forster (Perth, AU)
Great way to focus in astrophotography

I’m blown away how simple this makes focusing at night!

Olivier Brunelliere (Paris, FR)
That’s a star(t)

I really enjoy my first long pause photographs with sms. Very easy to use. The hard part is keeping the north White looking for a new target. Please create a device (adaptatif téléobjectif / laser) to ease the seach !

Mike O'Connor
Easy Focus - Star Focus Filter lives up to its name

I have used many Bhatinov masks over the years on a variety of scopes and lenses, but none have been as easy to use as this one. Simply screw it into place and highly precise and accurate focusing is a snap. The only suggestion for improvement I could make would be to magnetize the filter mount to make it even more convenient to add and remove from the front of the lens. That slight modification aside, the Easy Focus - Star Focus Filter rocks and is highly recommended.

Daniel Chartrand (Mirabel, CA)
Star Focus at last

The star focus work great, I found it working well through all my lenses (on canon crop) 11 mm - 50 mm - 135 mm up to 600 mm. Drawback is you have to be careful to not move your focus (or zoom!) when you screw it off (a magnet focus ring would best). Usually needs to zoom the view to 10x to get a really clean view of the pattern. About being out of focus after alignement: I didn't have this issue, but be aware that if you measure in cold environment you need to wait for your gear to reach a constant temperature, I seen my focus being off after a while and need readjustment mid session because I didn't let it stabilize..