Happy Milky Way Core Season! 🎁🎉

cannocchiale polare con illuminatore
cannocchiale polare con illuminatore
cannocchiale polare con illuminatore
cannocchiale polare con illuminatore
cannocchiale polare con illuminatore
cannocchiale polare con illuminatore
cannocchiale polare con illuminatore
cannocchiale polare con illuminatore
cannocchiale polare con illuminatore
cannocchiale polare con illuminatore

cannocchiale polare con illuminatore

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Nota: l'illuminatore 3D Print viene fornito con il kit "Polar Scope + illuminatore" per impostazione predefinita.

Grazie per la vostra comprensione!

MSM Team 5 marzo 2021


Buone notizie,

ciao amici, il nuovo illuminatore per cannocchiale polare è pronto per l'ordine!

MSM Team 25 dicembre 2020

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Ciao amici,

a causa delle elevate richieste di cannocchiale polare, dobbiamo aggiungere più versioni come scorte di riserva, altrimenti il ​​cannocchiale polare sarà spesso esaurito.

Dopo 2 mesi di test, attualmente abbiamo 3 versioni: per

quanto riguarda la funzione, sono le stesse. Tutti potrebbero ottenere un allineamento polare accurato.

Inoltre, offriremo l'illuminatore GRATUITAMENTE per tutti.

Quindi, per velocizzare la spedizione, li spediremo a caso dal gruppo dei prodotti.

Ci scusiamo per la confusione causata, non esitare a contattarci in qualsiasi momento.

Siamo sempre qui per te!

MSM Team 7 settembre 2020

-------------------------------------------------- -----------------

Ciao amici,

a causa dell'eccessiva domanda di cannocchiale polare, il lotto del 15 luglio è stato esaurito. Il nuovo stock per il magazzino CN dovrebbe arrivare il 21 luglio e quello per il magazzino statunitense il 30 luglio. Il

team MSM il 20 luglio. 2020

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Customer Reviews

Based on 51 reviews
Darren Creighton
Polar Scope with illuminator - for use in Southern hemisphere

I ordered the polar scope to help align my tracker in remote NZ with no phone signal or internet connection.

The product is well made and communication throughout order/delivery process was excellent.

I have only used the scope under Bortle class 1 skies and it works very well. Compared to finding Polaris in the Northern hemisphere, Sigma Octantis is far fainter and not as easy to find, however with a bit of practice I have found I can now accurately align my tracker in under 5 minutes, on a clear night.

Note: I use the polar scope with the wedge to enable very small accurate adjustments.

Claudia (Hemau, DE)
Great products

I‘m very happy and satisfied with the great products

Mauro Cirigliano (Naples, IT)
Now it's perfect

The Polar scope with illuminator has finally arrived!
Now I can be even more accurate in aiming :D

The shoot move is already excellent in its "Kit B" configuration where the fast laser pointer is included, but with this scope I can get even better performance!!!

If you want to read my review and get a discount code check here:

Martí Vila (Sant Cugat del Vallès, ES)
Great tracker!! But...

The tracker works as expected. Better than expected if we lokk at it's price, but if you want to shoot with a telephoto, you'll need the polar scooe, and a great ball head or similar. Because it's very difficult to point to polaris.

As the rotator is lightweigth, the camera and telephoto are harder than the ballhead and it moves very easily.

Rick Aeschliman Aeschliman (Grass Valley, US)
Best rotator for the money!

Works great and can easily sight polaris for Milky Way shots using only the laser. Big bonus is that it is light enough to take backpacking.

Jay B (Seocho-gu, KR)

Polar scope with illuminator

Henry Bird (Bridgend, GB)
Excellent Polar Alignment!

Move Shoot Move have made Astro photography so much easier for me! With the polar scope I can make an even sharper image with pin point stars as it’s easy to set up and polar align!

Francesco Grieco (Naples, IT)
Polar Scope

Useful combined with laser pointer, especially if you want to reach higher focal lenght such as 200mm and longer exposure time.
Remember to calibrate it first!
And I suggest a prism to correct the upside down image..

Tomás Regueiro (Monterrey, MX)

It is very easy to use and helps you a lot to calibrate your rotor

Stephen Wilson (Chesterfield, GB)
Polar scope

The polar scope is a good piece of equipment, only problem is, it’s awkward to get down low enough to see through it correctly. I am 67 year old and getting down is a problem. A right angle viewer would be nice. It also does not fit into the bracket it was supplied with, well just. I know that there are several different types of scope, just a pity the bracket is the only one that is supplied.
Other than that it works a treat.