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Testa per un preciso allineamento polare
Testa per un preciso allineamento polare
Testa per un preciso allineamento polare
Testa per un preciso allineamento polare
Testa per un preciso allineamento polare

Testa per un preciso allineamento polare

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Ciao amici,

la Testa che stavate chiedendo è finalmente arrivata,

Dimensioni: 4,25 x 3,15 x 3,85 pollici (10,8 x 8,2 x 9,8 cm)

Peso articolo: 1,16 libbre (0,53 kg)

Materiale: lega di alluminio fresata

• stopper scorrevole sulla piastra come blocco di sicurezza

• Maniglia per bloccare la testa dopo la regolazione della posizione

Carico massimo: 11 libbre (5 kg)

Come si usa? 

1.Avvita il Wedge su un rig, chiamiamolo Rig 1.
2.Avvita la piastra QR su un altro rig, Rig 2.
3.Montare la piastra QR con Rig 2 su Wedge.
4.Effettua la panoramica e l'inclinazione del cuneo finché il rig non è rivolto nella direzione desiderata.
5.Bloccalo con la maniglia.

Ecco qua!

Per maggiori dettagli, controlla qui: https://www.moveshootmove.com/blogs/faqs-in- generale / come-usare-il-nuovo-cuneo

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Robert Turek (Norfolk, US)
The Wedge

I do really think the wedge is crucial to getting a good polar alignment. With my ball head, it was difficult to get an accurate alignment, and near impossible to get one that didn't change every time you touched the camera. The wedge has made it possible to get a quick, accurate alignment, and I don't have to realign every time I change the settings on my camera. I would give it five stars, but I found the horizontal adjustment to be bothersome, I had to adjust it to take up slack if I was changing directions. I did pull the plate off the mount and found that the two adjustment screws hit a vertical screw inside the mount, and the vertical screw was loose. I tightened it up and reassembled and it now works perfectly. I would highly recommend the wedge.

Andrew Wilkin (Bathurst, AU)
MSM Wedge - more precision when aligning

I received my MSM Wedge in the mail within a few days of ordering the product. I arrived on time and packed very well.
Only having 'tested' the Wedge in my backyard, it enable more precise polar alignment movements in a single direction at a time - than just a ball head which I find tends to 'flop' around, especially with a camera+lens mounted. Being small & lightweight my aim is to take it out with a conventional ball-head into the landscape to capture my images.
Another great lightweight product.

Antonio Sancho (Zaragoza, ES)

Todavía no he tenido ocasión de probarlo, pero estoy contento con el servicio. Este verano voy a sacarle todo el partido posible. Gracias.

Joshua Miles
Works great

I finally had a chance to try out my new MSM and the wedge, they both work outstandingly well especially considering both the size and price disparity when comparing with other star trackers on the market. I have not yet had an opportunity to put it to full use under dark skies but I am very excited to give it a go as soon as I am able to see how it all performs with optimal conditions. Customer service from this company is worth the five star rating by itself. When I contacted them with nothing more than a "at least I will know I tried to get the issue resolved" mentality considering all the "ship it and forget it" companies popping up everywhere in the last decade that would rather boil themselves in oil than acknowledge a customer service rewuest, I definitely didn't expect to be contacted within an hour of my email with a proposed solution to my issue and an open request to directly follow up to whether or not my I was satisfied with the solution and if not what they could do to fix it.

Elvis Tam (Cedar Knolls, US)
Nice Design

The tracker is really easy to use and able to work with the Wedge to support very fine polar alignment

Angie Purcell (Berwick, US)
Great to enhance detail without the noise

I’ve been impressed with this compact star tracker. It has been a help for gathering more light and detail for Milky Way images without introducing noise.

Micheal Sarnate (Lucena City, PH)

Polar alignment is a breeze with this wedge. Not only is the product amazing but also customer support is solid.

Camille Peters (Dundas, CA)
Works well!

I just recently received the Wedge. Yes, it is a precision tool. I am very happy about it. I was always tightening and loosening ball valves and never quite able to get the set-up exact. The Wedge allows me to move the polar alignment tools with precision. Thanks!

Glenn Nelson (Seattle, US)
A No-Brainer Solution

Anyone committed enough to night photography that has purchased MSM's inimitable Star Tracker will soon discover that the Wedge is the perfect solution for a challenge you might not have known you'd have in aligning your equipment. And of course the maker of the Star Tracker knows exactly what is needed to make it excel. Like a lot of photographers, I had extra ballheads to use for this purpose, but the Wedge just does everything better.

Robert Wydro (Kingston, US)
Great addition to the MSM

The wedge is a nice addition to the MSM. It allows easy and accurate polar alignment. I first start with laser alignment, then use the polar scope. The wedge makes it easy to get precise alignment.