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Support pour téléphone pour l&
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Support pour téléphone pour l&
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Support pour téléphone pour l&
Support pour téléphone pour l&

Support pour téléphone pour l'alignement polaire -

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Salut les amis,

Merci à M. Steven qui a continué à nous pousser là-dessus, merci également à Stephen Dyer, il a suggéré cette monture de l'année dernière.

C’est enfin prêt !

Si vous êtes dans l'hémisphère sud, ce support pour téléphone est un incontournable.

N'hésitez pas à nous contacter à tout moment pour toute question.


Pourquoi en ai-je besoin?

En fait, il existe de nombreux cas où les pointeurs laser ou les lunettes polaires ne sont pas possibles sur le terrain, l'alignement polaire avec les applications téléphoniques est donc assez pratique de cet aspect et un support de téléphone est alors nécessaire.

Voici quelques situations courantes dans lesquelles vous souhaitez l'utiliser:

  • dans des pays comme l'Australie et la Suisse où les pointeurs laser sont principalement interdits
  • lorsque des bâtiments, des montagnes, etc. bloquent le ciel devant vous que vous ne pouvez pas pointer vers Polaris
  • dans des endroits tels que les aéroports et observatoires où les pointeurs laser ne sont pas autorisés

Pour l'alignement polaire avec les téléphones, le support de téléphone est réglable, facile à utiliser et léger, avec la partie du support de téléphone libre de tourner.

  • libre de faire pivoter la partie du support de téléphone
  • poignée extensible permettant d'ajuster la partie du support de téléphone à la taille de votre téléphone
  • rembourrage doux pour maintenir fermement votre appareil
  • adapté aux vis 3/8 "-16 et 1/4" -20


Large compatibilité: 62 mm-90 mm, 4,5 "-7,3"
Charge maximale: 2 kg
Poids de l'article: 0,352 lb (0,16 kg)
Matériel: alliage d'aluminium

Comment faire l'alignement polaire avec les téléphones?

1. Configurez bien votre rotateur et votre caméra.

2. Montez le support de téléphone sur le rotateur, votre téléphone sur le support de téléphone.

3. Ouvrez une application de planétarium et accédez à sa fonction réalité augmentée, recherchez le pôle Nord / Sud (dépendamment de l'hémisphère dans lequel vous vous trouvez) avec l'application.

    4. Ajustez le geste de votre configuration jusqu'à ce que votre téléphone soit aligné avec l’étoile polaire sur l'application.

      Et voilà, prêt à photographier!

      Comment le monter?

      1. Utilisez une vis 3/8 "ou 1/4" pour monter le support de téléphone sur le rotateur, le côté avec un niveau à bulle.

      2. Montez votre téléphone sur le support de téléphone et verrouillez-le bien en contrôlant les boutons.

      3. Alignez le bord de votre téléphone avec le bord du Rotator.

      4. Verrouillez la position en tournant le bouton à l'arrière.

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 42 reviews
        Wladyslaw Wojciechowski (Warsaw, PL)
        Phone mount ALMOST perfect

        Very nice and solid, however, aligning it parallel/perpendicular to the MSM is quite difficult if not impossible.

        Greenhalgh (Fujimi, JP)
        Exactly What I Needed

        Polar Alignement with the laser pointer has been something of a challenge due to a visual impairment so I had basically given up on getting decent pictures that matched my imagination. The phone holder has fixed that for sure, even if getting the position for PhotoPils to work properly is a bit fiddly.

        If I was being picky I would have preferred just the two phone positions, end on and “flat” to North since these are the only two alignments that really make sense with the apps, but that is a very minor quibble.

        Special shout out to Hanna from Customer Support who was very patient with keeping me up to date on expected shipping.

        Gary (Cheyenne, US)
        All's Well That Ends Well.

        I'm probably in the minority here as I don't currently own a MSM start tracker rotator. A very nice Fornax tracker was gifted to me and I've had problems with the polarscope provided. I made a crude device to use my phone with it and it worked reasonably well, but was bulky. When I saw MSM's phone mount alignment tool advertised I decided to take a chance and buy it but thought it would need modifications to use on my non-MSM rotator, but as it turned out, it works like a champ. I also ordered a head torch and a couple of lens warmers that look nice, but I haven't used them yet (It's been really cold out here in Wyoming). I did have a few problems with the shipping as I received a shipment order that tracked the package as far as Salt Lake City and there it sat for a number of weeks so I contacted MSM and received a nice reply from Hanna who then tried to help locate and get the package moving. Unfortunately, the package was lost, but through Hanna, MSM promptly packaged and sent a duplicate order which arrived in good condition. I appreciate the service provided. I would recommend Move-Shoot-Move.

        David Munoz (Philadelphia, US)
        Very helpful tool

        I've found the phone Mount easy to use and extremely helpful. It exceeds my expectations.

        Sandiway Fong (Tucson, US)
        No Polaris setup is great

        I bought this as a gift for a friend. Very compact and solid indeed. I did test it before giving it to my friend. I really liked the cellphone attachment. With the Photo Pils app, I was able to quickly polar align without having to have Polaris in view.

        Dean Wampler (Chicago, US)
        Very compact and portable star tracker

        This is a great entry-level star tracker that even experienced users will enjoy having, because it's small enough you can take it with you when you wouldn't consider a larger alternative. It performs well, although it takes some practice to set it up correctly and to polar align it. Highly recommended for people new to astrophotography who want to try star tracking.

        Carlos Aragon

        Phone Mount for Polar Alignment & Milkyway Photography

        Jill Johnson Johnson (Arvada, US)
        iPhone polar alignment.... it's great for the visually impaired

        It it weren't for 'autofocus' and LED screen magnification, my photography hobby/career would be in real trouble. I'm not blind, but I have visual impairment due to macular degeneration and viewing things through a view finder or telescope is challenging. Now, thanks to iPhone polar alignment with PhotoPills, I can actually do some astrophotography of the Milky Way. Using the bracket to attach my iPhone to the MoveShootMove rotator, I can polar align on the phone screen, even if I can't see Polaris due to clouds, trees, houses, mountains, or bad eyes.

        On three different attempts I've been able to get good enough polar alignment to shoot using a 20mm lens with exposures of 1-2 minutes to get nice pinpoint stars. I have not tried longer lenses yet or longer exposure times, so I can't speak to ultimate limitations, but for me, it's been wonderful.

        I actually bought the polarscope and laser pointer along with the iPhone bracket so I have all the options, but it's possible I'll never even bother with those other two methods, at least not for Milky Way and big sky photography.

        Alvaro Navea (Ovalle, CL)
        Gratamente sorprendido

        Muy buena la compra, me sorprendió los buenos resultados que he obtenido con la MSM. Totalmente recomendable

        Stuart Buckingham (Hull, GB)
        Brilliant piece of kit!

        So I have spent ages faffing around with the laser, trying to get it calibrated properly only to find on the cold winter nights it's deader than tank tops before I've been able to finish setting up. 'Try the polarscope' I thought, only to find that it isn't that easy to find Polaris under a Bortle 7 sky, and it's awkward to peer through, although the right-angled attachment makes this easier - but if you have trees or buildings in the way it becomes impossible. Step forward the mobile phone holder - it's easy to ensure it's parallel with the MSM, and with an AI app like Photopills the alignment is really straightforward, even if Polaris cannot be seen. I watched some of the videos on YouTube and was set up within a few minutes. It's also great for finding the various celestial targets - again with Photopills (other AI apps are available!!!). The holder is well-constructed and very easy to attach parallel to the MSM, and if you're in the southern hemisphere the phone holder is utterly essential.
        I'm now just debating whether to give the MAK telescope a go...