Housse en nylon pour Rotator et plaque de réglage multi angles (Wedge)
Housse en nylon pour Rotator et plaque de réglage multi angles (Wedge)
Housse en nylon pour Rotator et plaque de réglage multi angles (Wedge)
Housse en nylon pour Rotator et plaque de réglage multi angles (Wedge)
Housse en nylon pour Rotator et plaque de réglage multi angles (Wedge)
Housse en nylon pour Rotator et plaque de réglage multi angles (Wedge)

Housse en nylon pour Rotator et plaque de réglage multi angles (Wedge)

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Salut les amis,

Le coin que vous demandez vient enfin,

Dimension: 4,25 x 3,15 x 3,85 pouces (10,8 x 8,2 x 9,8 cm)

Poids de l'article: 1,16 livres (0,53 Kg)

Matériau: alliage d'aluminium fraisé CNC

Butée coulissante sur la plaque comme verrou de sécurité

Poignée pour verrouiller le coin après le réglage de la position

Charge maximale: 11 lb (5 kg)

Comment L'Utiliser

Matériau: alliage d'aluminium décolleté par CNC

Plateau coulissant avec verrou de sécurité

Poignée pour verrouiller La plaque de réglage multi angles (Wedge) après le réglage de la position
Charge maximale: 5 kg

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Customer Reviews

Based on 90 reviews
Richard Flapper (Amsterdam, NL)
Love it

Makes polar alignment a breeze!!

Scott Stetzer (Lake Forest, US)
A bit disappointed

Seems solid but... Sorry, really disappointed.
The latitude lock does not lock. The azimuth is just wonky, why do we have to loosen one knob while tightening the other. Should be one knob, like latitude knob, to adjust left-to-right alignment (with a lock that works).

Double Tap Gaming (St Louis, US)
Not made very well

Once everything is locked down it doesn't move, so it is solid but the geared elevation axis has a lot of play in it. I mean a lot... For something this price I expected better quality.

Great and compact wedge

Coming from a bulkier wedge I really appreciate the smaller size that doesn't compromise the stability. Love it!


Recibido en tiempo

Peter Aldoretta (Denver, US)
Great little wedge!

So glad MSM came out with this polar wedge. I do most of my night shooting by hiking to my desired shooting location, and weight and bulk are paramount…the reason I got an MSM tracker in the first place. This wedge is light and compact, like the tracker, and provides a solid, easily adjustable base for my rig.

Wedge is a game changer!

I've had great results with my MSM mounted to pan/tilt head with arca swiss plate. Achieving accurate alignment with laser is easy. As I tried a bit longer lenses, Rokinon 135mm, it became clear that my set up wasn't effective. After watching several YouTube videos, I decided to try the MSM wedge. I'm a bit disappointed in the overall quality of the wedge. The latitude drifts despite being tightened as much as possible. The azimuth adjustment knobs could be smoother. They are a bit glitchy. Being able to mount the Polar Scope +/- Laser is a challenge as there is only a minute amt of space between the knobs and alignment devices. That said, I think the wedge makes a huge difference to the effectiness and ease of alignment.

kim mong lim
Wedge for precise polar alignment

Was using a ball head. However, was trying to move to longer focal length and attempting to increase the exposure time. The wedge make the polar alignment easier and less time is spent on alignment. Was able to achieve longer exposure time too.

Daehyun Lee (Seoul, KR)
Time-saver for polar aligning

Make polar alignment much easier than using ballhead or 3-way head. Such a smooth movement!

Chris Bowden (Llanelli, GB)
Solar imaging with MSM Wedge

I purchased an MSM Wedge to cut down on some weight when travelling to image total solar eclipses to replace a bulkier geared head. Unfortunately the initial wedge I was sent would not stay in the set vertical position, despite tightening down very hard on the locking lever, so I requested a replacement unit which was sent within a few days. Sadly the second unit also slipped in the same way and so I looked into the build of the unit and found the issue. It seems that during transit some of the internal grease had made its way onto the nylon washers that the locking lever utilizes to secure the altitude position causing it to slip. Removing this grease cured the problem and I was then able to use it as intended to take an image of the Sun using a small light weight 70mm refractor fitted with a suitable solar filter and a CMOS astronomy camera. The unit is convenient for travel, but will need to be checked for such problems when travelling overseas by air in case the same thing happens again in transit. Maybe the design can be modified to prevent this particular issue happening in future?