Housse en nylon pour Rotator et plaque de réglage multi angles (Wedge)
Housse en nylon pour Rotator et plaque de réglage multi angles (Wedge)
Housse en nylon pour Rotator et plaque de réglage multi angles (Wedge)
Housse en nylon pour Rotator et plaque de réglage multi angles (Wedge)
Housse en nylon pour Rotator et plaque de réglage multi angles (Wedge)

Housse en nylon pour Rotator et plaque de réglage multi angles (Wedge)

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Salut les amis,

Le coin que vous demandez vient enfin,

Dimension: 4,25 x 3,15 x 3,85 pouces (10,8 x 8,2 x 9,8 cm)

Poids de l'article: 1,16 livres (0,53 Kg)

Matériau: alliage d'aluminium fraisé CNC

Butée coulissante sur la plaque comme verrou de sécurité

Poignée pour verrouiller le coin après le réglage de la position

Charge maximale: 11 lb (5 kg)

Comment L'Utiliser

Matériau: alliage d'aluminium décolleté par CNC

Plateau coulissant avec verrou de sécurité

Poignée pour verrouiller La plaque de réglage multi angles (Wedge) après le réglage de la position
Charge maximale: 5 kg

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Customer Reviews

Based on 66 reviews
Guillaume Izaure (Courbevoie, FR)
A new toy

Very happy with my kit. Started this summer and the results are already night and day compared to shooting without the MSM. Very happy and can’t wait to use it next summer !

Tony Dalton (Falkirk, GB)
MSM Wedge

Recently purchased the MSM Rotator Wedge along with the new version of the laser pointer, game changer for me. No more trying to perform a balancing act using a free floating ball head. The wedge gives me the ability for precious movement in both directions, super accurate laser alignments is a breeze. Great bit of kit and very well built.

Pam T (Seattle, US)
Versatile Wedge

As a skyscape beginner, I found the wedge super helpful for a more precise polar alignment especially as I try different focal lengths. It also made my vertical pano shots much more simplistic. I’m thoroughly enjoying my MSM and accessories. Now for clear skies!

yang wongyu (Dong-gu, KR)
good quality fast delivery good

Wedge for precise polar alignment
So good
Quality has improved a lot
highly recommended

Andrea Heinzová (Prague, CZ)

Skvělá komunikace, rychlé dodání.

Tim G (instagram.com/gibsonetal) (Fairfax, US)
Awesome little start tracker, get the phone mount, use PhotoPills app to polar align

I bought the MSM to replace a Vixen Polarie tracker. The MSM is superior to the Vixen in every category (weight, price, size, ease of setup) except payload. However, the MSM is excellent for any camera with a prime lens up to around 100mm. It's certainly perfect for wide angle star field shots using 12mm to 50mm (full frame) lenses.

The phone mount makes polar alignment a snap, especially using the MSM V plate. The best video for how to do this is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p7NcaBQxfDk (if the URL doesn't work, search for the video named "Follow up to my Move Shoot Move phone mount video. How to get the best results with MSM phone mount!" on the "Chasing Luminance" channel.

I recommend getting a 1/4" inch to 3/8" brass spigot to attach the phone mount to the MSM. These are available in any camera store; they're in the lighting section because they are normally used with light stands.

For ease of assembly in the field with a V plate, I put an Arca-Swiss plate on the bottom of the V mount so I can attach it directly to my tripod head, an Arca Swiss clamp on the V plate's top section, and another Arca-Swiss plate on the bottom of the MSM. To assemble the system in the dark, the V plate just snaps onto your tripod head, and then the MSM (with the Arca-Swiss plate on its bottom) clamps directly to the V plate's top section. No fiddling around with screws in the dark.

Three photos are attached. One shows the Milky Way taken using full spectrum camera with an H-Alpha filter and the MSM; this was my first MSM outing. The other two show the MSM on a V plate with my recommended setup using 2 Arca-Swiss plates, one Arca-Swiss clamp, and the brass spigot for the phone mount.

The reflective tape (on the MSM) and reflective ribon (on the phone mount) are helpful in the dark for finding equipment in the dark (also for not losing stuff!). Enjoy!

Judge.me YouTube video placeholder
Ruel Pahang (Abu Dhabi, AE)
MSM Wedge

MSM wedge provides me an accurate way of aligning my tracker with polaris. It is smooth and very responsive.

Iulian Oprisescu (Bucharest, RO)
Best at what it does

The MSM is the cornerstone of my lightweight wide field setup. As it transforms an ordinary camera/tripod setup into an astrophotography setup.
Really enjoy the MSM

Mathew Taylor (Phoenix, US)
Wedge for precise polar alignment

As is typical of all MSM products, this wedge is crafted of high quality materials and precisely machined. The altitide adjustment is very precise and easy to use. The azimuth adjustment is some what more limited. It allows precise positioning withis a somewhat narrow range - but you may need a tripod that allows column rotation or a small rotation table if you cannot position your tripod close enough to north to be within this limited range of adjustment. The altitudde lockdown clamp works - but the spring holding the screw may interfere with tightening. And the clamp level may need to be rotated to avoid physical confilcts with your other equipment. Overall a very well made high quality wedge. RECOMMENDED

giga Tskhvaradze (Tbilisi, GE)

amzing product