Price Increase Alert for Move Shoot Move


Hi Friends,

Hanna is here. Thank you for all your support! 

This time I have a good news and a bad news to share with you. 

Bad news for support:  We will be on holiday from Oct.01 to Oct.05. So our support will be not that timely as usual days.

Good news for you: I heard your voice, and finally persuaded boss agree to delay the price rising by Oct.05, for the lack of support during these days. Do hope you like it.

So you can keep placing order to lock current price for you, all orders will be processed from Oct.06 by ordering sequence.

Price will be raised on Oct.06, paid orders will not be affected by the raising. 

Please leave your message to us anytime, we will reply once we get access to the internet.

Sorry for the possible inconvenience caused.





Hi friends,

Thank you for your support to Move Shoot Move. Hanna is here.

I've always tried to be quiet. Just do not want to disturb you.

But today, there is something special, you have the previlege to know FIRST. 

The truth is we will have to increase the price by 5~15% from Sep.30.

This year, we face the most serious challenge ever since covid-19:

  1. The Aluminum price has increased by more than 200%.
  2. The shipping cost has increased by more than 350%.
  3. And more carbon neutral policies have gone into effect, production cost has increased a lot.
We can not afford this anymore. In order to keep our service level, we have to make this hard decision. 😭

So, the current price will be kept for 5 more days before rising on 9/30.
Please catch the best price now, if you have anything on your wish list.  Click Here to the Shop


Thank you for your understaning. Please feel free to contact me any time.