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MSM Easy to use Star Tracker (Newest 2-in-1) - Holiday Sale is ON!
Max Kieslich (Bad Konigshofen im Grabfeld, DE)
Much easier than my Wooden Barndoor-Tracker ;)

The MSM is very easy to set up. Level the Ground -> Laser-Pointer to Polaris -> let's go.

I was able to get some 10-minute-exposures out of it with a 15mm Lens and 42MP Sensor, eventhough it's safer to get a few 5-minute-shots and (if needed) stack them later via Software. We all know, that night-time is precious so you maybe don't want to risk that 10 minutes didn't work out. ;)

Only downside I find is that it feels like the MSM has to run for 5-10 minutes with everything attached to it, before it get's accurate. My first shot was crap EVERYTIME, so better turn in on and wait a little, before you start taking photos.

Also the buttons feel a little cheap, I don't know how long they will last and I would have wished for some battery-indicator. I never know if the battery is full/mid/low, so I have to track in my head all the time, how much time I already used it, before recharging it. I'm not a fan of recharging batteries, even if they have plenty left.

Overall however, this is a great, little device!
Compact, light, perfect for me (don't have a car, just by foot or bicycle).

I highly recommend it (but better get 2 Z-Mounts or one Z- and one V-Mount for it as well, gives you much more comfort in handling it)!


Wszystko zgodnie z opisem
Jestem zadowolony 😉

Great Night Photography Tool - Poor Instruction Manual

The MSM is a great tool for anyone interested in photographing the night sky with any significant level of detail. After years of taking basic night images using the 500 rule, the MSM provides me with an ability to stretch out my exposure time, gather more light and detail, and finally capture what my eyes can see in the sky, and more. Since purchase I’ve been out a few times and captured some successful shots of the Milky Way, and tried my hand at some deep sky work (not as successful yet!) I was highly skeptical of the laser alignment system; but it actually works great with a little practice. The MSM is light weight and easy to carry to remote areas away from light pollution; set up is quick and simple with some practice! I would have to say the only fault is with the instructions. The written version is confusing and written very small so it’s hard to read, especially out in the field after sunset. I highly recommend searching YouTube for some great instructional videos - they really clarified the system for me and helped with the setup.

Nice tool, very strong, but too weak for DSLR and pano setup

I ordered them because I wanted a setup for milky way mosaic panoramas. Although very strong it's too weak and unstable (and too less precise vertically, specially with 50mm+ focal length) for my nikon d810a with a nikkor 14 24 2.8g. so I went for a benro b1 ball head (levelling) and leofoto vh30r and a nodal ninja rd10 instead. thats much more reliable and convenient.

Polar Scope and Accessories
Cologne (Rancho Santa Fe, US)
Best customer service

very attentive to customers after the sale.


I am so happy I purchased this, I have another star tracker but the setup was a tad daunting. The MSM has made it so simple and easy to toss in my camera bag. I can't wait to get out and shoot more with my MSM.

Pointer for Polar Alignment
Astrophotography Enthusiast (Toronto, CA)
Outstanding product

I got the latest version. I'm very happy with the purchase.
It is the easiest polar alignment tool on the market. Period.
1. very easy to calibrate
2. very easy to use
3. very fast polar alignment
that type of battery is expensive but because of its small size, the laser pointer is short and small
I tracked 50 mm lens (equivalent) for two minutes and i got sharp stars. Then i tried 90 mm equivalent for 60 seconds and again i got sharp stars. So i decided to try 150 mm equivalent for one minute and still got sharp stars. Then i tried equivalent of 300 mm f2.8 in horizontal position but it was already way over midnight, and the lens got foggy so i am not sure if it works with that lens. Partially my fault as i did not put hood on that lens to make it lighter and better balanced. Can't wait for clear sky to give it a try with 300 mm focal length (Andromeda).
MSM team provides outstanding service. The tracker arrived from Hong Kong in one week. They called before they showed up at the door. Very professional.
I highly recommend laser pointer even for experienced astrophotographers.

Right Angle Viewfinder for Polar Scope
Chuck Pacer (Baldwinsville, US)
An improvement over the laser and plain polar scope but...

Newbies beware: If you're using a double ball head set up this thing is an absolute nightmare since the view is flipped: up is down, down is up, left is right and right is left. Get a geared tripod head and the polar alignment will be immensely easier once you get the hang of it. I would highly recommend laser aligning to get close then using this as fine tuning. As for the hardware: The polar scope itself is adequate for use on the MSM but the unit that mounts the scope to the rotator is poorly designed as it is only possible to lock the scope down into one of the 3 different diameter bores with one small plastic screw. This can cause minor variations in the mounting angle which can throw the polar alignment off slightly. I was able to overcome this engineering flaw (I'd be willing to bet the engineers were overridden by the accountants that wanted the old one unit will sort of work for all) by making my own mounting bracket in a machine shop using one precision size bore and 3 threaded holes for the locking screws thus improving repeatability. I also made one for my laser pointer. Not everyone has that luxury. The plastic adapter that connects the polar scope to the right angle viewfinder necessarily covers the reticle focus ring so if you are not in focus prior to assembly you have to take the adapter off and focus the reticle. This really isn't much of a problem but it sure would have been nice if that focus ring also had a locking ring to prevent losing focus, maybe I'll make one of those also.
All in all this is an OK product that could be easily improved without much effort on MSM's part: stock mounts with single bores in three sizes. Hopefully they will take heed. I purchased it to eliminate the awkward positions required to align with a polar scope on a setup that is relatively low to the ground which I prefer given the improvement in overall stability in the lowest possible mount position. In that respect it has proven to be helpful.

Astro Tracking just got better!

Having recently purchased a tracking mount for astrophotography I was looking for a mount to help with composition. Enter the Z/V platform that gives me complete flexibility to adjust composition once aligned! It's also very handy for landscapes too!

Great tool!

This is an excellent tool for starting with astrophotography! Small, compact, light, it's perfect for landscape astrophoto and good up to typically 150mm focal length.

MSM Easy to use Star Tracker (Newest 2-in-1) - Holiday Sale is ON!

Hanna is very response to customer questions/comments.

i have received great communication. great product bundles. All good.

Beats cranking my neck!

Very useful so I don’t have to crank my neck to view. I don’t have a egrets neck.

Easy and Accurate way to eliminate star trails

Needed only one shake down cruise to get proficient with set-up which is especially important in the dark of night. Use my own ball head mounted directly to the MSM box. Very stable with no range of motion issues. My shooting buddy decided he needed one as well and also loves it. Great piece of equipment.

Fantastico prodotto

Cercavo un astroinseguitore compatto che fosse adatto ai viaggi e che fosse in grado di tracciare perfettamente le stelle senza problemi. Questo prodotto soddisfa perfettamente tutte le caratteristiche di cui avevo bisogno.

Great company to deal with!

Pointer for Polar Alignment
seong young sim (Gangnam-gu, KR)


Lens Warmer/Dew Heater Band

I ordered and received the lens warmer/dew heater band. I absolutely love it! The band has kept dew off the lens so I am able to shoot without the lens clouding up. I don't have to think about continually checking to make sure the lens is clear. This is a great accessory to have for astrophotographers.

Z/V plates are a must for versatility

The built is just as advertised. Strong, robust and light.
I love to have them for an easy installation of my Startracker but also a great addition to my camera bag for versatility when I need to take product pictures or when I want to do multi shots panos. A lot more stable on these plates than solely with my ball head.
I don’t regret the purchase one bit.

Small but mighty star tracker!

Only had a couple of cloudless nights shooting with it, but already a big fan of my new MSM!

Laser alignment with the wedge was super easy in the Northern hemisphere. The laser also provides a really handy way to double check alignment once the camera and composition is all set up, because setting up the camera undoubtedly nudges your alignment off slightly so you can check again before triggering the shutter.

Love the Alyn Wallace V & Z mounts too, really solid manufacturing!

Very pleasantly surprised that I was able to achieve over 2 minute exposures with the MSM on a lightweight travel tripod and the tank-like Sigma 20mm f1.4 Art lens on my Sony a7iii, which is a heavy setup for this little tracker, but resulted in a great final Milky Way image that I'm really happy with!

Would highly recommend Move Shoot Move to any astrophotographers looking for the smallest, easiest to use tracker or even their accessories - all of fantastic quality, good delivery times and customer service.

Can't wait for more clear skies!

Customer Support

MSM has been one of the best companies where support is concerned. They quickly review and respond to your question or concern an typically respond the same or the next day at the latest.

Nice multifunctional tripod accessory

I bought both the Z and V platform. They are such high quality light weight compact solutions for a wedge, or platform for the MSM. I like the ease of rotating the V/Z for lining up composition. They also keep their position without drifting with my Canon R + Rf lenses up to 70-200. I’ve used for many functions on and off tripod. I’m a small person who needs compact equipment when traveling or hiking to locations. Thank you MSM and Alyn Wallace!

Takes the Sting Out of Tracking

I finally stumbled upon this after using various trackers with much frustration. Polar alignment is such a breeze I don't understand why the other trackers make it so difficult. Thank you for creating such a marvelous product.

Benro 3-Way Geared Head (GD3WH)
Carl Reid (Perth, AU)
Benro Geared Head

I bought this to replace the Wedge, and it's great for aligning to the CSP using the phone and PhotoPills, not only that it's great for landscape photography to get your compositions so precise, I'm so happy with this purchase.

Z/V Platform

The product is very well made, quite solid, unfortunately I have not yet had the opportunity to test it well in the field. Hope to find cleaner skies at night