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Wedge for precise polar alignment
Andrea Heinzová (Prague, CZ)

Skvělá komunikace, rychlé dodání.

A budget friendly and great star tracker to carry along

If your idea of astrophotography is capturing the MilkyWay in all its glory and magnificence, then the MSM star tracker does the job perfectly . It’s fairy to use , and as long as you get your polar alignment right , you’re well on your way capturing trail free and sharp MilkyWay shots .

Being small and light, it’s the perfect addition to your camera gear .

It’s the ideal stepping stone star tracker to use to really learn star tracking before going to the next level with advanced star trackers for deep sky photography.

MAM Quick Polar Finder for Skywatcher Star Adventurer 2i

I recommend the Quick Polar Finder for Skywatcher Star Adventurer 2i. The laser pointer system is much quicker and easire to use than the optical polar scope included with the Skywatcher Star Adventurer 2i. You can easily align precisely in just a few minutes - and do not need the clumsy Skywatcher illuminator that requires emoving tthe payload to attach. The MSM Quick Polar Finder is well made and can accept recargeable batteries.

Great customer Service

Once again, MSM comes through with their speedy shipping and great customer service in getting me the parts I forgot to order.

Always a pleasure doing business with them!

MSM Rotator

Purchasing the Move Shoot Move has been the best thing I have done to improve my astrophotography. It is simple to set up and use and helps me to take better cleaner images. A great purchase for anyone wanting to improve their nightscape photography.

z mount.

Perfect for the setup i use. Easy to use and compact, what else can i say.

Universal Mount For Polar Scope and Pointer
nicola lamascese (Padova, IT)

To be able to use the MSM in the best possible way you absolutely need this accessory. Improved compared to the previous one, easier to use. In short, it cannot be missing in the astrophotography kit

Star focuser

It's a great little device, does help me to focus my camera, excellent bit of kit 👍

Small and comfortable to use

It's a small device that will help me to take great pictures of the night sky. By tracking the stars, I can reduce the ISO value on my camera and get a better detail as a final result.
The device is really compact and I've found it very hardy and well built. There are no gaps or movements between the body and the rotary plate. Once the Polar alignment has been set, it's possible to shot the sky even with 70mm of focal lenght. I have tried it with good ressults, and I will keep improving the technique.
I think that's a good star tracker to start wit, and easy to use.

It works :-) ... except the battery (as usual) - very hard to find spares

I have no issues with the laser itself - but, it will work for "rough pointing" of the Adventurer 2i to the destination star. The exact alignment - still must depend on visual sighting with the polar scope. But for wide angle photography (24mm and wider) - where accurate alignment is not that necessary - it works.

Getting spare batteries and a charger is more problematic - not easy to find.

Very convenient and low price for the quality !

Very convenient and full of application possibilities. Thank you Alyn and well done.

Spectacular tracker

The small size and light weight of the MSM tracker makes it the best for my needs.

Gets the job done

Useful tool. My only complaint is the use of non-stainless steel screws to hold it together. The 5 screws that mount the camera plate are already rusting, and it has never been used in a wet environment. This is a pricey bit of kit. A single dollar or two spent on better hardware would have given you 5 stars.


Having used my star tracker for the past two months, I feel I can now give a worthwhile review.

I can honestly say that the MSM rotator has completely changed my astro photography and I’m now achieving the images I always wanted.

The kit is light and compact, easy to operate, and when used with the Benro 3-way geared head and the MSM laser pointer, polar alignment takes just a few seconds. Battery life is also very good, allowing longer sessions in the field. I've exposed images up to 2 minutes without any problems.

In short, the MSM star tracker is a game changer for me. A great piece of kit and real value for money.

Ready to Go

Since I have purchased the MSM I have been catching up on how it is used, having handled the item to practice assembling for use I can see it is of excellent build quality and easy to use.
Can’t wait now to get out now and use it.

Polar Scope and Accessories
nicola lamascese (Padova, IT)
Very good Polar scope

I bought the polar scxope and its light as a replacement for a previous model. I found myself very well and the light illuminates the reticule very well. I can only recommend the product.

Star Focus Filter - Available for Pre Order
Dénes Terebesi (Budapest, HU)
Everything was fine

The product arrived quickly

Pointer for Polar Alignment
James Arundell (Aylesford, GB)

MSM is truly the most portable star tracker on the market. Coupled with a decent battery life and easy USB charging I really can't fault it.

Nice equipment!

Very very easy to trasport, very easy to use and, above all... stunning price/quality ratio!

A fantastic, light-weight and easy to use tool for wide-field astrophotography!

I purchased MSM after reading some ravishing reviews by respected astrophotographers and nightscapers. I was looking for a light-weight star tracker that worked well with short focal length lenses for nightscape photography. A tracker I could carry comfortably in my backpack, easy to mount and align and precise enough for exposures up to 1 or 2 minutes. And that is exactly what I received (the shipping was very fast, too!). The Polar alignment is very easy. I use the laser, but the day I tried MSM for the first time, I simply aligned it looking at Polaris through the pinhole, and it worked fine (for me at least) with a 15 mm lens and 1 min exposure. I have used MSM almost diary during a month, and I have fond the MSM performance satisfactory even with a 135 mm focal length lens and 90 s exposure time. The in-built battery lasts up to three consecutive nights. It is great that MSM can operate connected to a portable power-bank. Very convenient! Definitively, MSM is great value for the money!

Phone Mount for Polar Alignment & Milkyway Photography

My Move Shoot Move

I started off withj my Move Shoot Move after looking at some tutorials on how to use it and after a bit of trial and error i finally got to where my milky way core shots were getting better and better and now i would not go out without it it has improved my photography so much i wish i had this a long time ago and in summing up i would recommend this to anyone who wants to inmprove their milky way photography it is a great product to have and is awarded 10 out of 10 by me.

MSM magnífico

Muy contento con el MSM, lo he probado y es genial. Muchas gracias.

So easy to use!!

MSM rotator is so simple to use and quick to set up, readjust if necessary and to carry too. While it definitely is more limited than for example a star adventurer, it is more than adequate for Milky Way and wide field astrophotography.
I used to have a star adventurer and sold it as I wasn’t using it enough, found that polar aligning was quite difficult to get really good tracking accuracy with despite being well balanced. When it worked it was a great piece of kit, but so far every tie I’ve got the MSM out it’s been quick to setup and no problems aligning using the laser, even getting up to 4 minute exposures on a 14mm lens. What more could you ask for. Well worth the investment. This winter I plan to try and capture some wide field astro targets like Barnard’s loop. For context, photo attached was taken on a 80% moon (setting behind the windmill), in a bortle 4 area).

Good choice

MAK 90 is a good choice for beginner in terms of the quality and price of the product. Easy and simple to set up. One suggestion is to improve the packing of the product.