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Perfect stacker

Small and light and tracks perfectly.

Star Pointer for Polar Alignment

The star pointer(2nd gen) really improved the speed of polar alignment. It came with an adapter for mounting to the body of the MSM rotator.
2 small items would make this perfect.
1. I noticed there were some play with the adapter when the laser was tighten down with the plastic screw. A piece of tape was all it needed to fix the issue.
2. It would be nice to have an option to buy a battery charger thru the MSM site along with the laser.

Excellent Product

Simple and fast to setup and use. Would definitely recommend

Ball head to connect camera

Rookie astro photographer

Just dipping my toes into the night shooting world. It is winter now and I have limited opportunities to try the tracker. The couple times I have gotten out have been great fun. The setup is so easy and the results are spectacular with a wide angle lens. I am already fired up to upgrade to the polar scope and up my game with a longer lens.

Excellent Wedge

The new polar alignment wedge is a robust device that makes fine adjustments in polar aligning the MSM much easier than the base model.

Compact and easy to use backpacking

Nice portable, lightweight and easy to take with you when backpacking! I love the laser pointer!

Perfect but Sometimes...

The Multi-Purpose Panoramic Mount works great but for 2 times the mechanism that allows you to tighten the camera plate got jammed and I had to force it. A good product but pay attention when you use it.

Sweet little device

Very pleased to get this little tracker. It really does do the job. Easy to set up, especially with the laser, I also like to fine tune with the reticule but mostly it isn't really necessary. For the money this is a cracking device, I fully recommend it.

Great little bag

I ordered a padded case for the MSM. It turned out I didn't need it, as my kit actually came with one, but now I have an extra case to hold the wedge, etc.

So easy

The setup and use of the MSM is so easy and straight forward. I want to have a clear sky every night to enjoy my MSM.

Amazing tracker!

For such a compact and lightweight tracker, the MSM does an incredible job, especially for wide angle astrophotography.

Msm Star Tracker

It’s perfect for milkyway landscape shots, star are perfectly rounded and still!! Lightweight and easily portable, it’s also resistant with a solid alluminium body.
So if you are using a wide angle lens (18-20-24-35mm) go safe for it.
But if you want to shot with a 135mm or 200mm or above, things are different. You need patience and several attempts before you get the right shot with no star trail.
Overall enjoy it, it’s versitile, compact, easy to use and gives you perfect rounded star with no star trails at first shot!

Move shoot move

This is a fantastic bit of kit, cannot fault it in any way.

Works Great!

Really great product and very portable. Worth the money!

La mejor montura del mercado con este tamaño

Tiene una portabilidad y un rendimiento excelente en un tamaño tan compacto.

highly recommended, but no manual

your app doesn't work to allow me to respond easily. the only short coming is the lack of a manual for the setup and usage of the MSM. the videos on YouTube are severely out of date. so you do disservice to a wonderful product that allows you to capture great photographs easy to carry out to locations, and once you know how to set it up. it's quick and easy VERY HAPPY with the move Shoot Move. and highly recommend it

The MSM makes shooting the night sky more fun!

After a bit of practice with the polar scope and reticle, my shots are tack-sharp. I highly recommend getting the wedge for the tripod, it will help dial in your alignment, and star trails will be a thing of the past. I love how compact the MSM is, and lightweight. Easy to setup and perfect for long exposure shots, or timelapse.

Great piece of kit - once you figure out how to use it

For the price a fine piece of kit. The instructions could be better, & they only sell direct which means trusting them. Customer service has been ok, luckily as I was sent a Laser that didn’t work & a replacement that also was dead. But they sorted that out with only minor prompting.

Adjustable Laser Pointer

This works very well. The adjustment screws did their job. When combined with the Polar scope and wedge, alignment is now very easy.

The perfect tracker for shooting nightscapes on the go.

Since I started to shoot nightscapes and astrophotography a few years ago I had been eyeing star trackers, but always was hesitant to take the plunge because I was worried the size, weight and complexity of setting up the trackers and the mounts would limit my ability to hike with my gear and end up hurting my experience shooting Astro. The Move-Shoot-Move addressed both of these concerns with a small, lightweight tracker that fits easily in my bag and can be polar aligned with the laser provided in their bundle. So I went for it and got the laser bundle and have been absolutely thrilled with the experience. In my experience I have been able to get 4 minute exposures at 20mm and 30 second exposures at 150 mm using the laser for alignment. It has been the most beneficial purchase I have made for shooting astrophotography. If you plan on shooting only DSOs this may not be the best tracker for you, but to me the lightweight system and ease of use makes it ideal for individuals who want to shoot nightscapes on the go and dabble in shooting DSOs. Love the product and their team.

Very Cool

For Astrophotography of The Milky Way you can do no better for the price and convenience

Don't cheap out on the wedge

I decided not to buy the wedge with the polar scope at first. I told myself I could align with a ballhead.. no you can't, just buy the wedge If you're going to use the polar scope for precision alignment. It's a must. 5 Stars thanks msm for the amazing customer service and help.

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Star Pointer

Found that it was the solution to getting sharp images of the stars and galaxy.