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Works great!

I wasn’t sure about this product, but I love it. It enabled me to finally use my telescope and also show my kid what we are looking at

Right Angle Viewfinder with my Skyguider Pro

I've been using my Skyguider Pro star tracker for a while. I hated the alignment process as it's difficult for me to bend over to get Polaris positioned just right in the reticle. I recently saw the Right Angle Viewfinder online and decided to give it a try. This has made it far more pleasant for me to do that alignment as I can now do it standing. I'm now getting 4+ minute exposures with my camera and lens, and with much better result! Here is a link to my recent Milky Way image that resulted from this revised setup:

Great improvement over the original MSM

Even smaller and seems more accurate than the original. Great mount options for the laser, polarscope, and phone for polar alignment.Love the new mounting method for the ball head or z plate. The lock screw is a very welcome addition.

Great viewfinder for the polarscope. Just be sure to get the metal adapter...

I absolutely love the right angle viewfinder for the polarscope. I use it on both the Nomad and on the SkyWatcher StarAdventurer 2i. One issue I found with this was the plastic adapter that attaches it to a polarscope. I broke two of them (both where the viewfinder attaches to the adapter) after accidentally dropping the backsaver on the ground on two different occasions. Only then did I find the metal version of the adapter on the website. Get the metal version of the adapter. It is worth every penny.

Excellent !

Bonjour, une petite review en français ! Un super produit. Testé et adopté. Vous pouvez voir mes vidéos sur la photo d'astro sur ma chaîne YouTube : soyonsobjectifs !

MSM never disappoints 🌟⭐️🌟⭐️🌟

Always love putting an order into MSM as love some of there gadgets and always deliver on time, never had an issue with late or lost parcels.
Always very helpful, great company very friendly, great value right across there Products from the star trackers to a light Painting stick 10 out of 10 🌟⭐️🌟⭐️🌟

Great build quality.

I was extremely impressed with the build quality of the Nomad. The size and simplicity is a game changer. I can see this taking off as people realise just how easy it can be to take things to the next level and adding start star tracking to their repertoire.

Very neat, just the build quality could be higher

I really enjoy taking photos with this thing. Just the threads for the laser pointer were so tight that I needed tools and some cutting oil the first time I wanted to screw in the laser pointer. With this the threads got cut in a little deeper and now it’s usable. Still very hard to turn by hand but usable.

Makes polar alignment a piece of cake (provided you are in the countryside)

Provided the regulations of were you stay allow to point a laser to the sky for 3 minutes, this device allows to target Polaris very quickly and then fine tune with the polar scope of the Star Adventurer 2i to position Polaris precisely so that your mount is well aligned (refer to the 2i manual for this).

Just perfect

The perfect tool for great pictures!

dedicated service

Hana answered me very quickly and helped me with many things while I was able to receive the goods, although I cannot currently experience the products, in the rainy season in the country, I will continue to buy the products, which are Wedge and Flex. Tilt & Pan Head - Z&V.

NOMAD star tracker for Beginner and Experienced Astrophotographers- The best gift for you and your loved ones 🎁

Love the Nomad

I've been using the Nomad tracker for quite a while and absolutely love it. Small and lightweight, easy to polar align in the Southern Hemisphere. I totally recommend this product. YouTube video placeholder
Tridaptor--As Useful As Represented

After receiving the Tridaptor, it developed a minor mechanical issue. I notified MCM thinking a part might need replacement. MCM immediately responded by sending me a new unit. No need to engage in a long discussion or whether or not a part replacement might be adequate. The new unit performed just as described. It is a very steady unit and can be moved on the tripod without need for extensive adjustments. MCM is a responsible company and that is worth a lot.

Nomad star tracker

Update Moves shoot move star tracker
Used with polar scope and laser guide good polar alignment and tracking for single and panorama night photography

Move Shoot Move Nomad

This is a great little Star tracker, accurate and easy to use as well as being light and portable, I would recommend this to anyone interested in Astro photography.

John Nardacci (Southwick, US)

The verdict is in, it is awesome! I have been using the first generation 2-1 tracker for three years and while I am a fan of it I think the upgrades to the Nomad gives users more piece of mind. The new lock ring give more piece of mind when mounting the camera on it and eliminating the fear of over torquing the gear when mounting your ball head. It’s smaller over all and having the laser attached gave me more confidence in my alignment. The Swiss archa plate being built in to the base of the tracker now is nice you don’t have to worry about it loosening up. The rig completed in the field with camera mounted felt very sturdy, alignment was a breeze and I went for 4 min shots at 35mm right off the bat and was super please to see the results! Can’t wait to get out there and use it again!

Nomad is excellent

I’m really happy with the nomad and laser for polar alignment. Does the trick and easy. I do have an issue with the polar scope. The reticle is just too small for me to see it.

I'm very happy with Msm Nomad

All is ok

Espectacular performance

After collimating the laser and the polar scope, the Nomad performs way better than I expected, really happy with it.

The perfect partner for night photography

Everything was súper easy from the purchase, delivery and tech service.
Very easy to align with the laser I have used 2 nights, and great results. I strongly recomend it

MSM Nomad

Recieved the complete unit a just a few weeks ago, follwed various you tube videos, set up was easy once I understood each detail and Polar alignment with the laser (check for airtraffic first) was a breeze. Not ised polar. Scope yet.
After first attempt with a Nikon dslr and 14-24mm lens soon realised I needed the V plate (RIP Alyn) to give further room to manoeuvre the camera, I ordered and that quicky arrived within 7days
This setup is much better. I've had 2 minutes exposure with a 14mm and 35mm lens and quite impressed with the tracking. Yet to shoot Milkyway but hopefully soon.
I would encourage msm to improve the threaded plug for the laser fitting hole, its very small and thin, out in the wild this could easily get lost if dropped. along with the cap on the laser pointer, just a bit fiddly
But overall its a sound peoduct and well made👍

MSM Nomade

Fantastica montura para trackear Vías Lácteas.
Mi recomendación es que se comprase con la cuña ecuatorial alineación, facilita mucho las cosas.

Strong, accurate, well-engineered

As to be expected on something that carries Alyn Wallace’s name, these brackets are perfect for mounting to start trackers and for other astro work, and are engineered to a fine tolerance from quality materials.

Wedge for precise polar alignment
Richard Flapper (Amsterdam, NL)
Love it

Makes polar alignment a breeze!!