How to choose the best scope?

One of the rewards of amateur astronomy: sharing the universe with others through your scope — and you're never too old to start!

As we all know, there are two ways to get into observational astronomy.

  • One is astrophotography. That's where our star tracker is helping out.

  • Another way is, visual astronomy.  More and more users come to us asking for suggestions on visual observing.  They usually buy for themselves, friends or their kids.  

After testing most of the solutions in the market, we think maybe it's time we can do something for our users.  We want to make some essential observing devices that can be used frequently instead of being left on the shelf to collect dust.

That's the logic behind the MAK 90 whose supply has not caught up with demand until lately.

There is a saying in the astronomy world, the “best” scope is the one you use most often. If you heed our advice, you will end up with just such an instrument — one that you’ll be eager to use every clear night.

To be honest, MAK90's success gives us extra pressure, so we have to take extra caution for future releases.  Now, after 6 months of testing and comparison, we can finally release 4 new products.

NO.1  The 80 x 400 Refractor for Serious Starters


What's special about it?

  1. "Aperture is king." If we can start from 80mm, why 70mm?
  1. Made by the same factory as the MAK90. Same optical quality is due here.
  1. We added a compact and sturdy aluminum tripod to it. The best telescope in the world is useless unless it's on a stable, smoothly-working mount that enables you to aim the scope. Low-quality mounts are by far the most common problem with budget telescopes. That can make observing painful at best and impossible at worst.
  1. We designed some beautiful stickers for the young minds as an extra inspiration. By the way, what could create a sense of ownership better than putting stickers on your possessions? A sense of ownership serves for kids to take care of and spend more time on the telescope as well.
  1. So, if you want to buy for your child, this is an ideal choice. If you buy for yourself, don't forget to share the sticker with your child to intrigue their curiosity to play with you.

NO.2 15.8° Super Wide View Angle Binocular

Once you have binoculars you like, have fun — they'll provide you with a lifetime of celestial exploring. And remember that for thousands of years astronomers used the 1x7 binoculars they were born with to see the sky — their eyes!

What do we like most about them?

  1. Perfect for staring at the skies. No jittering from your hands at this low magnification, but a huge field of view and, of course, the light gathering is enormous compared to normal eyesight.
  2. Anti-fog and Super wide angle to provide you an immersive experience.
  3. Nice for viewing wild life. Low power is better for steady and long time viewing for birds.
  4. Great for golf tournaments, car racing, etc. You can track moving targets easily without any dizzy feeling. Also it's compact and light for long time holding without fatigue.
  1. Great for kids. It's more difficult for kids to keep their hands steady than adults and they may get dizzy a lot quicker than us when looking through binos. Being low power and wide-angle makes them easier for kids to use. Rest assured that your kids are going to love them as we found true with our own little ones.
  1. For elderly people, it's also difficult for us keep hands steady. This wide angle will make us feel good.
  2. All in all,
  • If you are watching moving objects, especially high speed ones, look no further.
  • If you have difficulty keeping your gesture steady, look no further.

NO.3 For magnification pursuer,

If you are keen on high power, or if you are keen on looking at the sky through both eyes, then, you can choose these.

These are complementary products for the wide view angle binoculars, high power but narrow view angle.

  1. 15x70mm, weight 1.4kg.

  1. 20x80mm, weight 2.3kg

  1. 12~36 x 70mm Zoom binocular, weight 1.5kg

  1. 15~45 x 80mm Zoom binocular, weight 2.1kg

NO.4 True Waterproof binoculars,

What's special?

  1. Water Proof. Water immersion for 30 minutes at a depth of 1.5 meter.
  2. BAK4 Prism.
  3. Fog-Proof, nitrogen-filled.